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Published: Friday, June 28 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

Taysom was amazing to watch as a running QB.
He had Riley's grit but more speed.
Combine that speed with an improved passing game could be difficult for teams to defend.
Looking forward to see what BYU does against a much improved schedule.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


The state of Utah football program is this:

5 years removed from an undefeated season, last time to beat Alabama in a bowl game, a BCS win, top 2 final ranking.

EARNED invite to the Prestigious Pac 12 Conference of Champions. There are dozens of school NOT in power conferences. Out of all the choices(including BYU), the Pac 12 WANTED Utah(due largely to our BCS success and proven track record)

We have won 4 out of last 5 against our former rival.

We have won the recruiting battle the last 3 years between Utah, USU, and BYU. This "win" can be in terms of average star rating OR number of guys with offers from all 3 and who picked Utah.
Either metric, we win.

We have had a tough time in the Pac 12, as we knew we would.

But the money, prestige, and rose bowl within our grasp every year is WELL WORTH IT!

Todd Christiansen's Thesaurus
Ogden, UT

Good luck to Taysom and the cougars this year. Hoping for big things. Also I have it on good authority that Mr. B is taking the discussions and with that, he's seen the light and will soon renounce his devotion to the "prestigious" PAC10.2 and become a BYU Cougar booster.

Lincoln City, OR

8, that's the number of years that Utah has had a better win loss record than BYU over the last 41 years (that's right, only 8 seasons out of the last 41 seasons has the BCS Utes had a better record than BYU)and they played in the same conference for 39 of those years... I suspect that Taysom will make it 42 seasons with the same number #8 for the Utes...

9 of 15 is the record that BYU has over the past 6 years against members of the PAC12 (a 60% win ratio)... I'm certain that Taysom will make that 10 of 16 over 7 years this season.

5 of 17 is the record that Utah has against members of the PAC12 just over the past 2 years (a 29% win ratio)... Their 6 year record against these opponents is slightly better, it jumps up to 8 of 23 games (a 35% win ratio)... That's right folks, BYU has more total wins against PAC10 members than Utah who has played in that conference for 2 years and has played the opponents 8 more times...

I predict it will only get worse for the little brothers on the hill.

pocatello, ID

Next great quarterback?
Some prediction, rather it's lowering standards at LES. Got to keep the Coug fans excited!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I believe the expectations of Cougar fans are along the line of at least 8 or 9 wins this year. Hill's injury last year was the result of a coaching mental lapse. I don't think that will happen again if Anae learned anything since he was at BYU last time. I can't speak for others but I believe Anae will be a big improvement for BYU's offense for one reason: It's my opinion that he will have more control over the offense and who plays than Bronco had last year. Doman had to constantly look over his shoulder because of the man crush Bronco had on Riley Nelson. Anae won't care about such issues. He will be in charge of the offense as much as Doman wanted to be.

I hope Ms. B is not taking any kind of "discussions" because Cougar Nation does not want her, no matter how repentant she becomes.

Omaha, NE

"I predict it will only get worse for the little brothers on the hill."

It already is. Pre-ranked just above Colorado, no QB to trust, a much improved PAC (although it seems half are under sanctions of the NCAA), etc.

BYU has a NFL-producing WR coach, top WR, top defense, and top 25 offensive coordinator returning. BYU is on top of the hill right now.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Like Mike Tyson once said: "everyone has plans until they get hit."

Taysom....meet Trevor.

Gonna be a long season for a slow byu squad.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for the template:

"(T)He(y)must be so pumped to continue t(he) recent Utah tradition of " having a losing season and sitting home for the holidays.

0 good win, 4-5 losses against good teams.

1 game that Utah fans only care about

That pretty much sums up Utah's season, last year, this year.

Silver Maned Cougar
American Fork, UT

We do indeed have a young offensive line, loaded with freshmen and sophomores. On the other hand, we will have senior Houston Reynolds back. If we hadn't lost him early last season I think it would have been a difference maker in several games. And who wouldn't be excited about Brayden Kearsley? I'm especially excited to see the development of Ryker Matthews from my home town of American Fork. He started all year last year as freshman, and was ranked as the 11th best offensive lineman candidate last year nationally. All of these guys were recruited by programs like Notre Dame, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon, even Utah. And the abundance of young talent might mean the OL can play even harder without wearing down. I like the new guys, and I like Anae's motto, of playing faster and harder. Go Cougars!

CO Ute

I think Hill has the potential to be a good QB is he develops this year and can keep from being injured. Many of the Y posters make some good comments and no argument from me but a few need to get a grip.

Hill is not, at this point, a GREAT QB. His only win against a reasonably good team was last year over the Aggies in a game where the offense scored 6 points. The Y defense won that game.

BYU has improved their schedule but it is far from a 'BCS caliber' schedule. Yes, about 1/2 the teams are good competition but you still have MTSU, Houston, Idaho State, Nevada, and USU. While Nevada and USU have had an occasional good year; they are not BCS caliber at this point. Nearly half the schedule is not 'BCS caliber'.

You want to compare records against PAC 12 teams, use a reasonable parameter. Arbitrarily comparing the Y's record since 2005 to the U's record in the past 2 years is ridiculous.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B

"He must be so pumped to continue to recent BYU tradition of winning .200 of games against top 25 teams, .200 record against rival Utah last 5 years."

He's obviously extremely pumped to be the starting QB of BYU's perennial Top 25, Quarterback Factory, a program that's finished in the Top 25 five of the last seven seasons.

Unlike that wannabe program on the hill that only has five AP Top 25 finishes, in their entire history.

btw, did you bother figuring out Utah's winning percentage versus Top 25 teams last season?

It's considerably lower that 20%. In fact, the ONLY Top 25 team that the Utes have beaten since 2008, is ur/#25 BYU.

Meanwhile, BYU has wins over #18/#18 Utah and #16/#17 Utah State.

Utah's lifetime winning percentage versus Top 25 teams - 16%; 1-8(11%) since 2008.

Draper, UT


Awesome to have a genuine question instead of the constant barrage of criticism that flies both ways. I'm not sure about having Coach Anae back yet. He seems to have learned quite a bit from Rich Rodriguez and that he may add multiple formations and be less predictable. But, we'll have to wait and see. Taysom Hill running the ball is fine as long as he is smart about it. He's bigger, much faster and has a better arm than Nelson. Steve Young did both well and Taysom seems to be cut from that athletic mold. Again, we'll see. Every team is good in August.

I think an 8 win season is a reasonable expectation.

Would love to see the offense more flexible, more formations, more reads & audibles like the good teams of the past. Having coached myself for years, it's easier to keep defenses off balance with multiple formation looks and audibles.

I'm sure I'm not the typical BYU fan, but have a lot of respect for Coach Whit. I know him personally and he's a good man and a good coach. What is your honest take on the Utes?

Eagle Mountain, UT

I'm a die-hard BYU fan, but I'm sick of talking about potential year after year for the past 3 years. The offense has screwed the pooch the past 2 years with only having 2 plays, the QB Draw/Sweep, and the shovel pass. Will this year be different? Absolutely. Anae brings back grit. If anyone watched his son Famika Anae play last year for a couple of games you would see that he was plain nasty. He learned that from his father. Anae was largely criticized before he left before because he had a nasty attitude. Well, he's back and you could see that attitude as he ripped apart fans and media (sorry Jason Franchuk). That's what he brings to Provo this year, and I look forward to a gritty attitude from the offense. The O-line recruits they have coming in, especially some JUCO recruits, will bring nasty back (oh yeah, I just went there). BYU beats Utah this year, loses too good teams ND, Texas, and Wisconsin, beats the rest.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Sandy, UT

Ute fan here, and I just want to have a civil discussion about football. I'm curious to know

1. what expectations are for BYU fans heading into this year as the schedule is much more difficult than in years past?

A. Even with a tougher schedule, our (my) expectation is to do better than we did last year. So many games, one more touchdown would have won it. We have better expectations for line play, running game, qb production and offensive scheme. Any ONE of those could have got us one more touchdown.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Sandy, UT

a civil discussion continued.

2. Are you happy to have Anae back?

A. It seems obvious that, although somewhat predictable, we didn't know how good we had it the first time. Fortunately, the "awkward" way that Bronco handled the situation left the door open. I think most of us prepared to "wait and see.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Sandy, UT

a civil discussion continued.

3. Will you be comfortable with Hill running the ball like he did last year even though it led to an injury?

A. We (I) would prefer BYU to NEVER run the ball with the quarterback the way we did last year, ever again. But if Hill plays more like Steve Young, I think most of us would be pleased.

Thanks for the reasonable exchange of questions and answers. You are welcome by our fire any time.

Omaha, NE

BYU bad a bad offensive coordinator who was clueless. To have an experience OC, with a great defense, this team will be quite good this year.

Kaysville, UT

Everyone is still going after BYU for its schedule since they apparently still have some patsies on their schedule. I have news for you folks, even the mighty Alabama puts patsies on its schedule every year, and you wanna know why? because no team in the country wants to face a top 25 team every week in and out. that is the fastest way to get yourself out of the top 25. BYU is facing 7-8 preseason top 25 teams. that is an excellent percentage, and they fill the rest of the schedule with easier games to lighten the load. Every top program does this on purpose!
Even the Utes. Alabama plays a D-2 team almost every year! so enough with the scedule bashing. it is an amazing schedule and I cannot wait to watch this season!

Go Cougs!

Lindon, UT

People, stop saying Go Cougars and Go Utes in the same post! Choose a side and stick to it. If you cheer for both sides, you really shouldn't be a sports fan.

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