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Published: Friday, June 28 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

No comment from Chris B or the rest of the BYU haters!!! I think I might die from shock!!! LOL
I am really looking forward to see how this team performs this year!!! A better O-line and a Great QB!!! Glad they got the deal with Bronko done!!! The team needs to stay healthy, play hard and win!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!

West Point , UT

This guy is a stud, and if he can stay healthy it could be a great year for him and BYU offensively. The way he plays reminds me so much of Tim Tebow, and as a Georgia fan it pains me to say that. I think he is faster than Tebow, but his mechanics are similar which means Anae and Beck will need to help him with his low release point and quicken his release, instead of the half wind up he does. I'm excited to watch what he can do in this "go fast, go hard" offense.

McCammon, Idaho

I watched Taysom play almost every game in high school. I know you can't always equate that with college ball, but he is such a tremendous talent that if he stays healthy he should be one of the greats at the Y; he is that good.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

He must be so pumped to continue to recent byu tradition of winning .200 of games against top 25 teams, .200 record against rival Utah last 5 years.

1 good win, 4-5 losses against good teams.

2-3 games that only Mormon byu fans care about

That pretty much sums up byu's season, year after year.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what he thinks when he sees his former Stanford teammates going to prestigious BCS games, beating teams like Oregon, beating their rival Cal, top 5 rankings...

and now

his teams BCS hopes end after game 2-3, goes 1-5 every year against only decent teams they play, are at risk of having graduating class go 0-4 against rival, and not be ranked.

He wont say it, but he regrets that decision.

Big time

Hyrum, UT

Based off of past experience, I can almost guarantee the trolls will be soon be showing up. In fact, it's inevitable with a BYU article.

I don't remember ever looking forward to a BYU - Utah rivalry game as much as I am the one on September 21st. All the chips are in place to swing the last few years around and send the trolls scrambling for something else to tout about. But until then, the past never seems to get old with them... even if it does with the rest of us. However, the future counts much more than the past. And BYU is set up for an extra good one.
It's going to be a challenging year, with the extra tough schedule, but I truly believe BYU will win their share and qualify for a bowl game. The magic is in the air.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

Trolls are distracted by the NBA Draft/Brandon Davies Article.....Someone could write an article about the manure at BYU's dairy farm and would jump into that as well.

I am very optomistic that this will be a good year for football. Coach Mendenhall has proven he knows how to put a good defense on the field week after week. I expect a much more cohesive offensive unit this year with Anae. The fact that Alabama and LSU are raising a stink about no huddle offenses suggests that there is validity to BYU being able to running that type of an offense successfully against other division 1 programs.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Hill will be lining up behind 2-3 o-linemen who have never taken a snap at the d-1evel.

They will prepared to run a new offense with an o- line coach who has never coached at the D-1 level.

Hill will hand off to RBs who are coached by a lawyer who has never coached.

On top of that Hill is still inexperienced and recovering from injury... he hasn't faced live action since the injury and no one knows how he will respond to live DEs attempting to sack him.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong under these circumstances...

Hyrum, UT

Wow. Now Chris B did show up and has even expanded to not even talking for the U players, but also now for BYU players. Unbelievable. Are there truly no ends to ways you find to try touting??
Here's a novel idea. How about letting the players speak for themselves. We'll get much better idea of how they really feel... even if it isn't in line with how you wish they would.

After last season, I wonder how many U players are regretting their choice of school. Some of them may never know what it feels like to play in a bowl game. Rather sad.

Arlington, VA

But of course, Chris B says nothing about the state of the Utah football program and its PAC 12 glory.

West Point , UT

Does anyone have a fly swatter? Lol

Hyrum, UT

One other question, Chris B:

If it's only Mormon BYU fans that care about those games, then why is it you write about them multiple times a week? Obviously, you care very much.

You won't say it, but you regret that decision of not becoming a big-time BYU Booster.

Big time.

Korea, AE

Chris B

Now your clairvoyant? Nice try

I wonder hat all the other teams in the Pack 11 think about when they see utah pulling down their conference, listening to utah fans pound their chests and and talk about their greatness...

Oh wait, I already know. They think it's pathetic.

They won't say it, but they regret that decision.

Big time.

Idaho Falls, ID

It was a shame that the coaches left him in the game or least didn't have him take a knee last year. As much as I want the Aggies to thump the Y I hate to see needless injuries. Looking forward to a great game between the Y and the Aggies on our turf this year. If Ty can watch a truly great qb run an offense he might learn a few things this year. Go Chuckie, Go Aggies.

Sandy, UT

Ute fan here, and I just want to have a civil discussion about football. I'm curious to know what expectations are for BYU fans heading into this year as the schedule is much more difficult than in years past. Are you happy to have Anae back? Will you be comfortable with Hill running the ball like he did last year even though it led to an injury? Personally I think it's great that BYU and Utah are both going into very tough schedules this year. Plenty of opportunities for the state of Utah to represent and make a statement against some elite teams this year.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

And now Chris B is even speaking for Taysom Hill! LOL

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

Taysom Hill already knows he made a great decision by picking BYU. He gets to play on national Television every week, He gets to play against quality teams from across the country. He has skilled coaches that support him. He is getting a quality eduction. He is surrouned by great students and is cheered by quality fans. As the quarterback he plays a major role in determining the wins and loses. If BYU wins all their games they get to play for all the marbles. If they don't, he isn't going to wish he was playing somewhere else. Chances are, he dosn't pay much attention to what everyone else is doing because when it comes to his life, the choices other people have made about where to play football don't matter very much.

Lincoln City, OR

8, that's the number of years that Utah has had a better win loss record than BYU over the last 41 years (that's right, only 8 seasons out of the last 41 seasons has the BCS Utes had a better record than BYU and they played in the same conference for 3 of those years... I suspect that Taysom will make it 42 seasons with the same number #8 for the Utes...

9 of 15 is the record that BYU has over the past 6 years against members of the PAC12 (a 60% win ratio)... Iam certain that Taysom will make that 10 of 16 over 7 years this season.

5 of 17 is the record tha Utah has against members of the PAC12 just over the past 2 years (a 29% win ratio)... Their 6 year record agaist these opponents is slightly better, it jumps up to 8 of 23 games (a 35% win ratio)... That's right folks, BYU has more total wins against PAC10 memers than Utah who has played in that conference for 2 years and has played the oponents 8 more times...

I predict it will only get worse for the little brothers on the hill.

Lincoln City, OR

The odds makers in Vegas know what Hill, Hoffman, Appo, Kaufusi, Hadley, Sorenson, and Van Noy bring to the Cougs and that is why they are not only picked to beat Utah this year at an 8 to 5 ratio but also picked to win 8 or more games on a BCS quality schedule... Once they see Taysom play, and see the numbers he and his teammates put up I fully suspect that 8 to 5 ratio to jump to 3 to 1...

These same odds makers predict a 3-9 finish for the Utes... I personally don't think that they will do that well... In fact, I am betting the under on them. I think that it will be a 1-11 year for them and they will continue to be at or near the botom of the conference... The DN will help them out however, and describe how they wll "snag tenth or eleventh place"... Unfortunately, I'm thinking dead last is more probable...

The U just doesn't have the talent of Taysom Hill... Sad but true.

Scottsdale, AZ

"The magic is in the air."

I think I've read this once or twice before.

I can't quite remember when or where. Oh yes, I have read this quote or a variation thereof every year for as long as I can remember from fans in the bubble. My favorite was the lead up to Heap's sophomore season when the band o' lil' bros was thinking Hypes was a Heisman candidate and a perfect season was in the works. Then Hypes started playing........

As for Hill, he seemed like he was a decent enough talent until the Cougar coaching staff put him in harm's way with the nonsensical coaching in the USU game.

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