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Published: Thursday, June 27 2013 10:40 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, Utah

He'll probably make a decent career playing ball in Europe.
Good luck....

River Falls, WI

Bummer, had really hoped he'd go late. Good luck as a free agent.

Ogden, Utah

7 players drafted from the PAC-12, 4 from the MWC, 1 from the WCC and 1 from the WAC.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Knew it.

WCC players aren't in too high of demand

Arlington, VA

Good point Chris B. How many Utes were drafted this year?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Maybe Davies and Jimmer can go and dominate the all European mission league.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Hey why did Sacrament draft a shooting guard in the first round?!

Don't they know the best player to play at byu in 30 years is there, and HE'S a shooting guard?


silly question. Every program has down years. Let's look at our programs the past 20, 30 years.

Height of byu's program?

A single sweet 16 appearance.

Best player in 30 years at byu couldn't even get an overall winning record in the dance!


Many sweet 16 appearances, title game appearance, several NBA players who actually played for many years


Arlington, VA

@Chris B, a down year? It's starting to look like a down decade, dude. What have you done for me lately?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


yes, a down decade agreed.

Congratulations on your best decade ever, which you've just left.

It ended with a single sweet 16 trip!

And the player of the year riding the bench


How embarrassing.

We all have down years/decades.

The difference is how high you get on your good years/decades.

Utah? Final fours

byu Sweet 16 - once.


Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT



As one considers the legacy of BYU b-ball the question may be asked.... what have you done for me.... ever?

One elite eight... ever.... phhhhht.

springville, UT

How pathetic are these ute fans and their desperate need to bash these young men for their hard work and dreams, simply to make their pathetic adult life seem better?

Arlington, VA

Wow, you guys are hilarious. Everybody understands how awesome the Utes were in the 1990s. But to talk trash about that now, I mean, come on, really? Your team stinks, and has, for several years. Call us when you can win a few more games, m'kay?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Yeah... because Cougar Nation would never dream of bashing Ute players for their hard work and dreams.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


We're bashing not the young men, we're making fun of the fans who believe their teams are good programs!


I rarely make fun of Utah State because they know their place. They have decent teams in both football and basketball and ocassionally a good team. Never a great team. A great team is a team in serious contention for a national championship.

At its peak, byu has good teams
At its peak, usu has good teams
At its peak, Utah has GREAT teams(see final fours, BCS Games, undefeated seasons,...)

Try having an attitude more like Aggies, since you're just like them.

We're above you.

The sooner you learn it the better.

Rexburg, ID

Chris B and Howard S

I was greatly amused at your comments, in fact most of us LOL. Your PAC-thetic Utes are near or at the bottom in overall sports and yet you are so delusional you post as if your PAC-thetics are at the top.

Reality is the Utes have done nothing in the PAC and will do nothing in the PAC for the foreseeable future. The PAC-thetic Utes are so far at the bottom one would need a backhoe to dig them out of the basement.

Say hi to the wizard the next time you see him, which I surmise from your comments, is on a rather regular basis.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Of course BYU would do much better against PAC12 competition on week in week out basis...

Even though BYU has proven themselves to be Mid-major monsters (winning an impressive 80%).... but BCS busts with a lackluster 46% record.

Play a BCS schedule week in and week out before mocking another teams record against a steady diet of 1st tier competition.

Omaha, NE

Brandon did his whole career the right way. Proud of him and wish him success no matter where he ends up.


Riverton, UT

Agree with Wookie. Brandon had a great career at the Y and hopefully he can get a chance to have some success at the next level. No reason to root against him now that he doesn't play the Utes.

West Point , UT

Chris B:
"A great team is a team in serious contention for a national championship".

At it's peak BYU won a national championship.
At it's peak Utah didn't.

BYU has GREAT teams (see All Americans, Heisman Trophies, Doak Walkers, Davey Obriens, Naismith POY, national championships, 23 conference championships, top 25 finishes, legacy dynasties....)
Utah had 2 good teams (2 BCS games, but they look real nice in a bridesmaid dress lol).

BYU is above Utah in any relevant historical discussion, but your delusional insistence otherwise is certainly entertaining.
P.S. stop saying "we're" above you, and "we" did this or that. YOU did nothing and were no part of it.

"Even though BYU has proven themselves to be Mid-major monsters (winning an impressive 80%)"

While Utah has proven themselves to be midmajor pee wees playing the same schedule through the years with nothing even remotely close to BYUs successes. 2 WAC championships? Must be embarrassing to have so little success regardless of your SOS.

Springville, UT

almost forgot what the article was about as i read through all the off topic comments above. Success to Brandon.

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