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Published: Thursday, June 27 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Tokyo, Japan

i think they will go all young this year...why?...next year's draft features talent that can be superstars in this league....think about it...add a guy like Jabari Parker or Wiggins in to this team...and you get a young up and coming team that will be good in 2-3years...a change in coach may take them over the top...but...i dont want to bank on that one...but i have faith with Dennis...and i'm sure he'll do a good job....

Provo, UT

With Sloan as an advisor, I doubt the Jazz go young. They will probably have too many so-so vets that will take too much playing time as Corbin, looking to save his job, will try to eek out as many wins as possible. Burke seems like a steal though he did heave up a lot of shots. But I think he could be a really good NBA player. The French guy is a project and if he can turn into a poor man's Mark Eaton (with more offensive skills but certainly not defensively), that would help the Jazz.

I don't know what to think about Jimmer. A lot of people are down on him. I think in a good system he could be valuable though I doubt he'll be a center piece at this point. But I think he will be a better player than many people think on these blogs when it's all said and done.

Tokyo, Japan


i agree with you...watching the interviews...i think they will bring in vets...and...i think Ty would play the vets more...so another stumped growth for the young guys this year...

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