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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 7:35 p.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

So that's how they spell the MTC in Spanish, CCM, Centro de Capacitacion Misional. Training translates as capacitation, which is defined, to make fit, to make qualified, or to make capable. Awesome!

While we are at it, LDS translates to SUD, and CTR translates to HLJ!


Good news and the only negative is the additional cost to fly missionaries from North America to Mexico City and back (if they serve other than Mexico City, Central or South America).

St.George, Utah

Hope all will be safe in this location.
Mexico City is a scary place for tourists these days.

Cowboy Dude

Does the newsroom know that Mexico City is in "North America"?

LIFE School
Cedar City, UT

This is GREAT News!
In the past, many young men (and maybe we, as parents) thought that a large part of missionary training could wait until they entered the Missionary Training Center. This was truly never the case, but is more obvious today than ever. Perhaps it should be renamed the Missionary Orientation Center, because there is no longer much time for training.

The training must take place in the homes. Our youth need help at home in nurturing growing testimonies, in having opportunities to serve... and to commit relevant scriptures to memory. But most of all, they need tools, passed to them by loving parents, to resist the temptations of Satan.

Our missionaries need to know all that is necessary to be effective missionaries before they enter any MTC facility.

Allen, TX

Thorny; Have you been to Mexico City recently? I have, and have experienced no negative occurrences. Most of the problems in Mexico are along the US border, currently worst around Reynosa.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

There is a person from my ward who has been called to serve Spanish speaking in California who will be trained in the Mexico City MTC.

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