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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 5:55 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I guess this IS a place where we can have a voice since we don't have one with the Supreme COurt these days. If we quit going to see their smut they will eventually have to start making something clean and worth watching.
I have not been to a movie in years because of a personal revolt against Hollywood.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Let them go broke. Nobody will miss the smut and maybe we can start to put this country back on a moral track

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

Last Sunday I went to see a movie. Admission was $10.25. You could buy a ticket online and pay an extra $1.50, but then you had to pick up your ticket at a special kiosk in the lobby. The line for the kiosk was 3 times longer than the line to buy tickets. Parking was $8 with the theater discount, normally $20. The concession stand offered a special: two large drinks and one large popcorn for $19.50. For some odd reason they posted the calorie contents of everything, and that popcorn-and-drinks special had a staggering 3110 calories. Show was supposed to start at 1:20pm but it actually started at 1:38pm because of all the previews. They showed an endless number of previews and then showed a message that said, "This next preview has been approved to be shown with the feature movie you are seeing." This means they get to show you even more previews. I rarely go to movies any more, and I don't bother watching R-rated movies. I have a moral objection to being entertained by human suffering, even when it's fictitious and it's the bad guys getting hurt.

blue springs, MO

what i hear from members 'well it is only r because some just cannot handle the language, skin and violence but i can handle it. really isn't that bad . ' i respond with 'pres hinckley asked members to stand for right, see movies that are redeeming , listen to music which uplifts and is good.' then i get their own version of the churches standards which is sad. i was taught to 'listen to the prophet he knows the way' and that was before the primary song was written. as members we NEED to stand up for right and good entertainment.

Eugene, OR


A faithful adaptation of the Bible would probably be NC-17. The Book of Mormon is also a pretty bloody book. I guess they were both created by "weak minds."

Or maybe art is supposed to be a reflection of life, and life isn't always PG or "family friendly." Sometimes life is sexual, sometimes it's violent, and often it has "mature themes." Why can't there be movies that reflect this? Not every movie, of course, but perhaps some?

And the claim that there are "no good movies out there" is just laziness. Thanks to the Internet, DVD, and cable TV, it's never been easier for anybody to find something that they'd like to watch. Do the research, see if it'd be suitable for you and your family, and enjoy. It's really sad to watch such a prize art form as film being thrown under the bus just so people can feel indignant and then pat themselves on the back for being so morally superior to those heathens in Hollywood. All I can say is that you're missing out...

Clovis, NM

When I was a kid, my parents seldom went to the movies without us children. Therefore, if there had been ratings back then, my parents wouldn't have viewed a single R rated movie and probably not too many PG13 movies either.

Today, my family is my first priority and if the movie makers want me to view their movies, they had better be suitable for children as well. I don't want to hear F bombs. I don't want to know what somebody was doing in the bedroom. I don't want to see 30 people killed in the first five minutes. I do want good music, clean humor, and family values. I would easily double my budget for movies if there were more movies worth seeing. Even with my kids now mostly grown, I want to see entertainment that is clean, amusing and meaningful.

Hollywood should clean up their act. They may not want their movies to be censored, but in the end, every movie goer censors what they watch. Many of us won't buy a ticket to see overdone sex, violence, and profanity.

claremont, ca

Let's see. Movies that are made to make $$ and for a wider audience tend to get a larger audience and makes more $$; while movies made for a limited audience and perhaps not just to make money tend to have a smaller audience and make less $$.

Quick, tell Hollywood!!

Max for President
Brighton, MA

Lets call it like it is. If the only head-scratching disconnect you see here is a defunct business model you need to open your eyes. There is a major morality disconnect between the Hollywood crowd and the rest of America. And the fact is, like the left media, out-of-touch, self-absorbed Hollywierd prizes shaping moral opinion and peddling their debase value system far more than any business model that makes sense, or money. And alas we see, the dog eating it's own tail.

And like the Emperor's new clothes, Not until we realize that this community made up of purveyors of R-rated filth ONLY exists because WE uphold them, will we make progress.

People, stop paying your Taxes to Hollywierd at the box office all together, and their microphone gets yanked. Its that simple.

Virginia Beach, VA

I recommend reading a book "Hollywood vs America", which was recommend by President Hinckley in one of his books. I stopped watching R rated fiction movies when I returned to the church a year ago. Big turnaround on the way I think today.


Fortunately Hollywood is not the only source of movies. English language movies are made throughout the 'Anglosphere' and NON-Hollywood movies made in the USA.

I don't think the 'R' rating is the only thing to avoid though. I recall "Saving Private Ryan'- rated 'R' because it showed the true horror of war although it had no 'smut', perversion, or anything usually associated with R ratings. War movies in which no one bleeds may have a worse overall effect on impressionable minds which need to know that war is hell and should be avoided where possible.

I have seen G rated movies that have been innocent, like Mr Bean's Holiday, or uplifting like Narnia. Yet one of the most repulsive movies I can recall was the "Princess Diaries" a Disney movie which centered on a nasty, arrogant, self centered girl and presented her High School, in once scene, as a place wher the boys and girls were all necking with one another. What's the redeeming message? Many Disney movies are charming but often have bad messages.

Joan Watson

Hollywood cinema not only dug a hole for itself - but drowned itself in its own cesspool.

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

@ KJB1,

While the Bible and Book of Mormon may have violence, sex, and terrible people in them, the overall message of the books is one of peace, love, justice, charity, etc.

Most R rated movies are rated that way because their message is the opposite. Of course there are always exceptions, (war movies) but overall I agree with Valjean.

Any idiot can make a movie that has vulgarity, unneccessary violence, porn etc.
it takes real talent to make comedy without vulgarity (I.E. Bill Cosby and Ellen)

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Folks, You vote with your wallet.

Hollywood is a business,
If you don't like, don't see it.

Meanwhile --
all the "dirty movies" have moved to the internet.

Ironically, Utah leads the nation with that one too.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

I can't believe the DN has another Blame Hollywood for failing morals in America article. Snicker!?

TO LDS Liberal 6/29

Thanks for the rational, succinct, and common sense post approach to a bunch of drivel.

Me? I love big budget action movies. Its escapism. You can't beat a Bruce Willis movie IMO.

One of the better movies this year on all levels was "Now you see me". Oz, though, was disappointing.

Hank Pym

To Tyler Ray

You forgot to add the Koran to your list of religious texts where the end justifies the mean?

"it takes real talent to make comedy without vulgarity (I.E. Bill Cosby and Ellen)"

You left out Groucho Marx & Monty Python.

A view from the Beltway
Purcellville, VA

It looks like the law of supply and demand are working well. When Hollywood produces films that are worth watching a paying for, consumers respond by buying their product. When they produce products that do not meet their consumers' needs, they go elsewhere or in this case to other things with their time and money.

Artistic freedom is important, but artists who do not meet their consumers needs, starve.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Liberals love to push filth and violence in their quest to destroy the family and the American culture in general. They refuse to accept the results of such films that impact us every day. Profanity is not artistic. Crude stories are not artistic. Hollywood lacks the ethics and talent to produce quality entertainment. They do love the Obama fantasy they see every day on TV. Too bad they do not have equal regard for our country.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe one of the reasons, besides those mentioned above, that movies cost so much to produce and therefore go into the red could be the salaries paid to the "stars". Maybe someone will come up with the idea that the actors get scale plus a percentage of the profit.

I wonder how many are that secure in their box office draw or talent as an actor?

It is all about the art isn't it?

Mission Viejo, CA

This article is quite funny. The headline leaves you to believe Hollywood is losing money on R-Rated movies. The article doesn't back that up. It just says they tend to gross less at the box office. This is not a surprise when you restrict the audience. At no point does the article say they're not still making enormous profits off of the movies.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA


I think you are confusing the recycled risk-adverse stuff Hollywood puts out versus the smut that it put out by the porn industry in L.A's San Fernanado Valley. The Valley's Smut business is a $10 Billion per year enterprise.

Saw two PG-13 Movies this weekend. Friday night, was a low budget charmer, "Much Ado About Nothing". The dialog was sparkling. There were no car chases, Bad language, nor violence. Who is this Bill Shakespeare cat? Hope he puts out more films soon. The Second one started with another delighful short "Umbrellas" , The feature film, Monster's U, will probably make Disney a ton of money. While this film didn't paticularly tickle my fancy- waiting around to the end of the credits to see the Easter Egg made my the evening fun afterall.

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