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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"So glad the bottom feeders aren't on the schedule much."

So you're you'd rather be the bottom feeder than play the bottom feeder.... Right?

Salt Lake City, UT

I've NEVER seen more misconceived remarks from people who fail to look at what contibuted to this series with USC and why BYU accepted a 2 for 1.
1.-Notre Dame without question called upon BYU for help since this was the ONLY way they could continue the series with USC through 2023.
2-Pat Hayden, the AD at USC has MUCH MORE power than Chris Hill at Utah to get Pac-12 Commish' Larry Scott to support a waiver of the post-September scheduling rule for OOC games.
3-BYU can make a case for future waivers with the Pac-12 which just might include future second week in October dates to play Utah after 2016.
4-Utah will NEVER get a 2 for 1 deal to keep BYU on the schedule (even Chris Hill will tell Ute fans this is "Fantasyland" thinking).
5-There is a movement in the top 5 leagues of Division 1/FBS to no longer schedule FCS opponents.
6-Utah State can book their bus charters to Salt Lake City & Provo to play Utah & BYU since no future games will be played in Logan beyond this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Harvester of Eyes:

Just maybe BYU can reschedule a 3 game series with Washington that will include a neutral site game in BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, with talk of a game on foreign soil for BYU. Canada has the most out of the U.S. BYU alumni of any country. The southen Alberta crowd will flock to Vancouver to see such an event...nearly happened for Calgary back in 1999.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Hard to be super excited about a game 6 years away, but it will help pave the way for other games with Pac-12 opponents. LOVED the post where Utah is USC's Wyoming on the schedule. So true!

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT

Great news as far as the USC deal is concerned. Makes sense financially, makes sense as far as scheduling goes...hopefully USC is back in the top 10 at the END of the season by then..I only wish it was much sooner than 6,8, and 10 years away...but either way, kudos to Tom Holmoe for getting a reputable PAC12 team wavered to play BYU in late November. That's something that Chris Hill hasn't been able to work out with the Com. Scott yet, for whatever reason......

Poinsettia Bowl- meh. Great city to play in, but hopefully we don't make a habit out of the Poinsettia Bowl...I don't want that be the Vegas Bowl 2.0.

Payson, UT

Great news for the cougars. Tôo bad these games are só far into the future. At least bronco is still here.

Lincoln City, OR

I like the opponent (USC) but I would prefer a 1-1-1 with the third game at a neutral site... I wish we could negotiate for positions in better bowls... And, I am happy for Bronco on the Contract Extention...

As a BYU fan I have alot of pride in what this program has done over the years and I wear my BYU clothing every game day with pride (and I'm 60)...

I chuckle at the U-trolls that spend more time on BYU articles than they do on Ute articles... That smacks of jealousy and I don't get why... They are the ones who got the AQ invite (even though it came as a result of 5 other programs turning the PAC10 down)...

I bought all of my NCAA FBS mags this past weekend and I find it a bit humorous that these folks come on here and talk tough yet BYU has statistically cleaned their clock over the years... One of the four mags I bought predicted winners of every 2013 FBS game... BYU is picked to beat Utah and finish 8-4... Utah is expected to win only 3 games (WeberSt, WSU, and Colorado) 3-9.

Bountiful, UT

Sounds like the media day was enjoyable. Watching USC run onto the field at RES was a very cool experience and watching the game was even funner. Although these games for BYU are a long way out, it is indeed something to look forward to. Congrats to Holmoe and the Cougar faithful for the continued success they are having in augmenting their schedule with much better, quality opponents. Although the week to week grind can be challenging, as we are learning in the PAC-12, it is much more enjoyable to play up than down. BYU's schedule looks really nice this year and November admittedly looks great. Good luck to the Cougars except for on 9/21 !

Cottonwood Heights, UT

RE: NeilT

"It is hard to get excited for something that is six years away."

Are you kidding me? This is great. Imagine how this can effect recruiting. A HS Junior who plans on a mission will be excited to know who he gets to play when he's Junior or Senior in 2019.. He'll be excited to commit to the Y knowing he gets to play great competition.

I'm very excited for this and think it will be great for the program.

Don't pay attention to the red trolls - they live in a great and spacious building and can only find pleasure in tearing down a successful program in an attempt to make their bottom of the PAC ranking seem better than it is.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good news from our brothers down south. Keeping a strong schedule and having a worthy opponents just makes it sweeter when we beat you.

congrats on 3 good news points!

Cinci Man

Cougs, put it on the field. Pre-season talk doesn't work with me anymore. I look forward to the games. Work hard, don't talk loud.

Lincoln City, OR

So you did it again Deseret News... I post a comment that is critical of Holmoe (and I'm a BYU fan) and you don't publish it, nor do you tell me in an email that it's rejected... I love BYU but I firmly believe that Holmoe is hurting our program as the AD... I site reasons for this comment and you guys simply can't handle any criticism of an Administrator... Y'all need to come down off your high horse... I said nothing wrong, and the comment specifically dealt with these announcements.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

It is becoming more and more evident that Gary Andersen was the genius of Utah Football...
Watch Utah go 6-6 or 5-7 in 2013 which will leave them fishing or skiing during bowling season

Frisco, TX

@navyvet - "The Indy-WACers signed a boatload of one-offs and 2-for-1s."

Three questions.

Who is an Indy-WACer? I sort of got your bitter jab the past two years, but it makes no sense going forward. Utah is playing Utah State and Fresno State - does that make U a PAC - WACer? Try to come up with something new.

How have you done against WAC teams? Remind me of the Utah vs Utah State score or the Utah vs Boise State score. Watch out for Fresno St. Good thing U are not in the WAC.

Tell me about this "boatload" of 2 for 1s. There's Texas, Notre Dame and USC that are 2 for 1s. And Michigan and Nebraska that are one and dones. Five teams over a decade - is that a boatload? There's probably a couple more teams that we would do a 2 for 1 with - Ohio State, Alabama, etc. But it will not be U.

Mesa, AZ

"At their media day Wednesday morning inside the BYU Broadcasting Center, the Cougars announced a three-game series with USC, a new affiliation with the Poinsettia Bowl, and a new three-year contract extension for head coach Bronco Mendenhall."

Absolutely priceless! Thank you for the outstanding news!

Layton, UT

In other news...USC will be visiting Salt Lake City 5 times between now and 2023!

Farmington, UT

Hey, Naval, I love your revisionist history.

"The Pac-10 invited us to join their conference because they WANTED to. Not because they HAD to."

Larry invited Colorado and 5 teams from the Big 12, Colorado accepted and the Texas/Oklahoma types told them what they could do with their invitation (read between the lines) so YES, the PAC 11 needed one more team to get to hold a Conference Championship Game so they HAD to invite Utah, a patsy that would be fodder for the likes of USC. To make it attractive, they greased the schedule that first year so Utah would make it and it was all coming together until the Utes LOST to Colorado, the worst road team in the nation, in SLC. And they had Norm Chow for OC, not Doman. Way to go Utes!! Now everyone except the big-banner installer boys in SLC are laughing at the Utes.

You can't write this stuff......too funny.

Farmington, UT

UU702, you missed the headline......it will likely be: "USC guaranteed 5 victories between now and 2013 when they play Utah in SLC."

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Bronco and Tom. Playing good football, providing a superior education and all this in an uplifting environment is unique among universities today. Keep it up.

Hampton, VA

Thanks for saying USC is guaranteed 5 victories between now and this year. You're making a whole lot of sense. You can read what you have typed before you click submit. You know that, right? Well, at least your name is ironic.

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