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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 4:50 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

My guess:

Continued .200 record against top 25 teams.

And now that I think about it.

That's bronco's record against Prestigious Pac 12 Utah the past 5 years too


I love having a coach that knows how to win BCS games!

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

In a variety of ways, this season is going to set the tone for the next few years. I like Coach Mendenhall. I like what he has done with the defense. I am excited to see what Anae does with the offense. BYU has a strong schedule. This has potential to be a great year. Go Cougars!


Glad Mendenhall will be around three more years! Like anyone he is not perfect, but better than almost all other choices.

It seems like the beating of "ranked" teams is only concerned with if they were ranked at the time of the game. It makes more sense to me to look at final rankings which better reflect the strength of an opponent.

Based on final rankings BYU played FIVE ranked teams last year (Notre Dame, Utah State, Boise State, Oregon State and San Jose State), but lost to four of them . Not a great showing, but not bad in what most would consider a 'down' year (at least on offense).

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

For the past several years there was way too much drama on the offesive side of the ball. Between the reset with the coaching staff and and clarity at quarterback the opportunity is there for us to do great things.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Please explain that you have a coach that can beat BCS teams. Do you mean the same coach that is in the cellar of a BCS conference? I thought so. Beating Alabama many years ago only counts in horseshoes. I love my coach that is ranked 12th nationally and has won 4 bowls in a row. Nice try though!!


Salt Lake City, UT

My prediction - More t shirts with lame slogans that are never achieved, more losses than wins against quality opponents, more bad relationships with his own fans and boosters and more quotes that make absolutely no sense.

In other words, more entertainment.

Salt Lake City, UT

AS a Utah fan I laugh at the stupidity of Chris B's comments. I wonder what you in enjoy more....the success our program or taunting BYU fans. I would venture to say that you enjoy heckling fans more than seeing our success. For the sake of BYU fans AND Utah fans please stop!

West Point , UT

I second that motion.
I know Coach Mendenhall is awkward with the media, doesn't always a make sense, and can be pretty dry. But if you watch his players and how they talk about him and respect him, you realize how good a coach he is. That's his job, teaching and coaching young men and winning ball games, not catering and pandering to the media to garner their approval. I'm one fan that is grateful we got him instead of Whittingham. I think Whittingham is a good coach but I don't think he could motivate his players like Bronco does. I mean how else do you lose to every winning team in the PAC12 with all the 4 star athletes ute trolls want to boast?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Bronco has 46% winning percentage against BCS teams...

Bronco has an abysmal record against ranked teams... whether ranked at the time of the game or at year-end...

Bronco has never been to a BCS game...

Bronco has a losing record to Utah...

Bronco has never faced anything other than a MWC/WAC loaded schedule...

On top of all that Bronco's last three recruiting classes have been among his weakest...

National Championship?

Bronco has a few other matters of businss to take care of before he starts talking about a national championship.

West Point , UT

"Bronco has a few other matters of businss to take care of before he starts talking about a national championship".

For once you and I agree on something! Lol

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I agree with the previous sentiment: coach Whit had better start winning MORE BCS games than he has been, or he'll be a "has been." PAC whatever schools can't afford to give a coach too much slack.

Back to the article, some people mock Bronco for stating that the goal is a national championship. The same people mock Bronco for stating that football is NOT his highest priority.

The same people prove their ignorance and peevishness by mocking a good man to begin with.

If you want a barometer with which to measure the success of Bronco, look to Kyle Van Noy.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

@ 54-10

My prediction in 2 years, Bronco will still be coaching and be successful (not championship successful or BCS bowl successful but 8-10 wins successful) and K. Whit. (who I like) will be looking for work after 2 more losing seasons with no bowls. As I predicted when Utah joined the Pac 10.2, they would quickly become irrelevant in college football AGAIN! For Ute fans sake, you better hope your team beats BYU because that is the only thing you guys will be able to hang your hat on. Oh, good luck this year and I hope you can beat your rival Colorado in the Pac 10.2 south "basement bowl" or "teams brought in for guaranteed wins bowl!" Is it a coincidence that the Pac 10.2 has fulfilled its bowl games since Utah and Colorado have joined? Methinks not!

Salt Lake City, Utah


I would have to agree with what you said. Overall, Utah has faster, more explosive athletes, but byu generally executes better with more mature players. In a nutshell, those two things have been responsible for both the successes and failures of each program. Utah is painfully realizing they can't beat teams PAC teams on athletic talent alone like they did in the MWC, and byu has a ceiling because of their religious standards, which will make it very difficult when the playoff system begins. But overall, it's interesting to see when Utah and byu go head to head because of their drastic difference in styles. I do wish Whit could have a little bit more of a motivating effect on his players like bronco seems to be able to do.

West Jordan, Utah

What's in the stars for Bronco? I will tell you. More praise and criticism from fans. Regardless, Bronco will continue to be who he is. Like it or not people.

I may find Bronco somewhat smug, but I think he is the right coach for the BYU program. His job is tough and he does it well.

As for Utah and winning BCS games. Look, BYU's winning percentage against BCS teams is no better than the Utes. But the difference I see is that Utah plays the games week in and week out. With a heavy laden MWC/WAC schedule, BYU has more recovery time against smaller athletes than Utah does relative to the war of attrition that is football. Colorado and WSU are bad but they hit harder than Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico, New Mexico State ect...

That said, before Utah joined the PAC, and when they had the more comparable schedule with BYU in the MWC, Utah had a much better record against BCS opponents. In fact from 2000-2010, Utah beat more BCS teams than all other non BSC schools in the country. That includes BYU, TCU, Boise State and all others in this category.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Notre Dame, Texas, Boise State and Wisconsin are in the top 25 preseason polls." Of course, we have to accomodate utah and drag down our strength of schedule.

Payson, UT

Where does lip service count as "espousing" ideals?
Broncos record on recruiting value based athletes? Really? BYU is about average nationally. He's really trying for three and four star recruits regardless o f their moral values. Of course the athletes need to agree to the honor code, but they just follow the coaches example of paying lip service ( I mean "espousing" the code)

... And academics? He is below average nationally and has had aprs that if continued for 3 years would lead to sanctions by the ncaa.

Sorry, but there is a disconnect from reality. Cougar fans should not follow this coach's lead and claim all is rosy in happy valley, when facts and rationale claim otherwise.

Bronco is an average coach, maybe a better than average D Coordinator. Good luck to him as he plays the BYU faithfull to a tune of millions of dollars a year.

Farmington, UT

Once again Chris B. has provided the real fantasy comments for us. His coach, who he claims can "win BCS games" doesn't have 10 victories is the "conference of champions" in 3 years. (Maybe they forgot to include Utah when they assumed that conference moniker.) I remember the coach losing to a BCS Team in SLC that prevented them from following a greased scheduled into the PAC 12 Initial Championship Game (Colorado) and losing to the basement dweller in the MWC (UNLV). So much for winning those important games!!

I agree with dog3 that Utah plays the BCS caliber games week-in-and-week-out, but they LOSE them. And you have to admit, Washington State and Colorado, along with Utah, are all "BCS teams." That has to be included when figuring the "average" BCS competition.

How's bowling at Orchard Lanes in December working out for that same beloved BCS coach?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


We've been in the Prestigious Pac12 2 years. Not 3.

which is two years more in a real conference than you'll ever be in.


Adin, CA

Good for him and BYU. To win and be successful given the restrictions at BYU is remarkable. Only two coaches in the programs history have done it. When you get one, you keep him. The fact that BYU under Bronco could be 4-5 against Utah if they win this year is incredible when you consider the teams Utah had and conference Utah is in. Given Utah's advantages in PAC 12 money, conference affiliation, and non restrictive environment, they should have a huge advantage. The fact that after this year it could be basically a .500 series between the two coaches should really worry Utah. BYU seems to be strengthening with independence and Utah seems to be fading in the PAC 12.

Preston, ID

@ Chris B,

2 years or 3, lack of wins still remains, LOL!!

I use to support the instate schools overall but your comments have me, and I'm sure others, now enjoying watching the Utes on their downward spiral.

Enjoy your Pac membership! (and the now accepted fact that your football team will be home for the Holidays!)

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