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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 12:20 p.m. MDT

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Freeland, WA

Outside Ut: No one is forcing you to believe anything. Or change your lifestyle. Or to stop hating. The people of the LGBT community do not have the same rights as Americans as you do and they just want the right to love. They really don't care what you believe.

mid-state, TN

@Guy --

"The one that said above that homosexuality is not "against nature" blew me away."

Many non-human species are known to exhibit homosexual behaviors on a regular basis. By definition, therefore, homosexual behaviors are not unnatural and not against nature.

If you're truly interested, Google "homosexual behaviors non-human species" (without the quotation marks, obviously). You'll find lots of eye-opening info.

"So how is it "not against nature" if by exercising homosexuality to it's fullest extent, the species in question COMPLETELY becomes extinct in ONE generation?"

If humanity exercises celibacy to its "fullest extent", humanity will also become extinct in one generation. Nonetheless, celibacy is revered amongst the religiously devout.

Obviously, this "fullest extent" standard is meaningless in analyzing human conduct.

@Fiannan --

"I cannot see how polygamy will not be the next marriage rights issue. "

This has been discussed previously in other threads, but here's the very shortest version: polygamy and incest cause an increased risk of harm. Courts recognize this, and they are able to distinguish these behaviors from homosexuality.

There are excerpts from relevant court cases in the "Nationalized same-sex marriage is inevitable" thread right now, if you're interested.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

So lets assume God were on the Supreme Court, would he have voted in favor of gay marriage? Real simple question. I look forward to the responses. :)

Salt Lake valley, UT

I've been thinking about having government withdraw from the marriage business. This would be a difficult/slow path to follow, because I suspect there are many laws that involve marriage. Here are my current thoughts, as a starter for discussion.

1. Create civil unions. According to an article I read about marriage, there are only two states that have civil unions. This is an opportunity for Utah to become the third state. Government needs to be involved in civil liberties to protect the rights of all people, and civil unions would allow government to provide that protection outside the bounds of marriage.

2. Once civil unions are in place and provide the protections currently provided by marriage, laws that regulate marriage can be changed to transfer that protection to civil unions. Eventually, all laws regulating marriage would be gone, and the government would finally be out of the marriage business, allowing social groups, including churches, to define marriage however they wish.

3. Elimination of government marriage licenses and regulation of people who conduct marriages would be gone.

4. Persons could use definitions of marriage as part of the reasons they choose to be members of particular social groups.

Salt Lake valley, UT

This post is an open letter to all state legislators.

If you really believe in keeping government out of our lives and in reducing government regulation of personal matters, please give serious consideration to ending regulation of marriage. We have a republic form of government. We do not have a theocracy. It is not good for legislators to pass laws that favor particular religious views, even if those views have moral applications and are "from God". Focus your attention on laws that protect the civil liberties of all people, but do it such that that your laws do not involve regulation of our personal lives. To be married or not is a personal matter and is not part of our civil liberties.

To all readers of this post: Contact your state and federal legislators and express your views on government regulation of marriage. They represent you, so be sure they know how you feel about this matter.

Iowa, Iowa

LDS Liberal

Gay couples are sterile 100% of the time.

The only time gays have children is with the introduction of opposite gender material.

2 sperm do not make a human 2 eggs do not make a human.

Biology 101.

Gays that have anything to do with a child comes from a heterosexual union. There is always at least one opposite gender individual's material.

That is the law of human biology.

End of story.

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