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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 12:20 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I don't believe that the church will ever let a gay couple get maried in the temple.

Kearns, UT

"You are arguing that as a business owner I should be forced to do what someone else thinks I should."

Um, no. Nobody is forcing you into a gay marriage. This is about the business owner who arranges and sells flowers, runs a catering business, or rents out a reception hall. They cannot pick and choose their clientele. It's that simple.

Leesburg, VA

I have read all the articles here. I have laughed at many and smiled at others.
This is a day of joy and I am very, very happy.

I regret the knee jerk reaction of many people and organizations. But, I will not let them spoil my joy.

This is a great day to be an American, is a great day for civil rights, it is a great day for being a human being.

God bless you all, and may God continue blessing our country and the world.

By the way, as an LGBT I will not interfere with your right to be bitter. we understand, and we still love you.


Sexual sin, in the eyes of God, is the second most grievous sin next to the murder of innocent people. The Supreme Court of the United States is not, nor ever will be equal to God.

Farmington, Utah

The LGBT activists will not rest until there is no marriage, until it is completely devalued, and any "loving" grouping can be called a "marriage". And all religious liberty is stripped away in the name of "equality". Sad day today.

Blue AZ Cougar

@Wilf 55
"I am willing to listen to good arguments against same-sex marriage..."

I'm happy to have a logical and respectful conversation about this.

My main concern is for my children and the impact this movement has on their education. I don't want my kids exposed to that kind of lifestyle because I think it's fundamentally immoral. When I hear that the Supreme Court has paved the way for our society to more openly embrace it, it makes me nervous for how that trickles down.

It's not the role of public educators to teach my kids that certain behaviors or lifestyles are appropriate when I fundamentally disagree with them on moral grounds. I send my kids to school to learn math and geography, not so others can use that as a platform to push their agenda. If kids are required to learn about that lifestyle in school, they should be required to learn about religion as well.

As a parent, I have the responsibility to teach my kids to be kind to all individuals, regardless of their orientation. However, I also have the right as a parent to teach them about religion and morals.

tucson, az

The losers today are the children who will not get the opportunity to have a mother and father.

Salt Lake City, UT

calcu_lus: "The losers today are the children who will not get the opportunity to have a mother and father."

As I hinted in an earlier post (#2 on this thread), existing hetero family law does far more to deny children a mother and father than gay marriage ever will. Gay relationships will at most only account for 2-5% of families and they at least provide children with two parents (maybe not a mother and father, but two, and children of gay couples are always chosen-- no "accidents" there). When half of straight marriages end in divorce (and many straight relationships issuing children are not married in the first place) it means that 50% of kids will not get the opportunity to have a mother and father. That's ten to twenty times more kids adversely affected by straight marriage than by gay marriage. If you REALLY care about children's welfare and dual parenting, go after divorce, not gays.

Lehi, UT

As we've seen by official church statements, and some of the reader comments here, there are many people in our country who are happy to demonstrate that they have no understanding of how this nation operates.

The United States of America is NOT a pure democracy.
It IS a constitutional republic.

This means that every rule and law does not get to be decided by popular vote. As we've seen throughout world history, when one group gets into power, or in the majority, they will immediately begin exercising tyrannical oppression over the opposition/minority group, regardless of which group is in power or in the minority. The United States constitution was written specifically with the intent of protecting those in the minority from being oppressed by the majority.

This is why we have things like the 14th Amendment. Every citizen is promised equal protection under the law. The LDS and Catholic churches don't get to decide which people deserve which rights or not. It doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are. You don't get to treat a group of people as subhuman, just because they behave or think differently than yourself.

Here, UT

@Blue AZ Cougar;

What part of our "lifestyle" do you dislike?

That we get up in the morning eat breakfast and then go to work? Or is it that we watch a bit of television now and then? Or maybe its that we do a bit of chores when we get home that you find so disagreeable? Or that we take care of our children and pets, we cook, and clean our homes? Some of us even go to church regularly. Is that what bothers you about our "lifestyle"?

Being GLBT isn't a "lifestyle", it's an orientation, just like being straight. That's going to hurt your poor littles so much knowing that. Ooooh.

metamora, IL

J in AZ: I think you have made an astute observation. Thanks.

Mesa, AZ

I can just see it now--somewhere out there someone will want to marry their lifelong companion, which happens to be a dog. A highly intelligent, highly trained, very loving, awesome companion, but a DOG nonetheless. The world is full of folks who think outside of the box, some of whom enjoy stirring the pot, others who are looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, and then there are those who are simply oppositional. We've already had pigs nominated for Homecoming court, marrying a dog can't be too far behind.

Blue AZ Cougar

@ Ranch

I was trying to have a respectful conversation, I'm sorry you don't have the ability to do the same.

Ogden, UT

Reading these comments just makes me all the more happy to see this Supreme Court ruling. I have no dog in the fight, but the more we chip away at the religiously-based and religiously-supported bigotry and discrimination in this society, the better. For all the good religion can do, we are sure seeing the ugly, rabid side of it right now in this comment thread.

Mesa, AZ


"Reading these comments just makes me all the more happy to see this Supreme Court ruling. I have no dog in the fight, but the more we chip away at the religiously-based and religiously-supported bigotry and discrimination in this society, the better. For all the good religion can do, we are sure seeing the ugly, rabid side of it right now in this comment thread."

Or it could be that they are reacting to what they perceive is happening in the world.

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"
(Isa 5:20)

Iowa, Iowa

Gay couples are sterile 100% of the time. It is impossible for them to reproduce. The only way any gay person has children is if they interact in some way with the opposite gender. By definition one must be a step or adoptive parent.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The LGBT activists will not rest until there is no marriage"

Could've sworn your side has spent years trying to prevent people from getting married...


BLUE AZ I agree you have a right to teach your children. the morals and values you cherish. I presume you extend the same right to those who have different beliefs. what you can't do is drive different types away so your kids aren't "exposed". That would be treating us like Mormons were treated in the 19th century.

Durham, NC

"We live in a democracy - by the will of the majority of the people - unless of course an unelected activist judge decides to overrule the will of the people"

No - we live in a democracy where the rights of the minority classes of people are protected against populist versions of government.

I personally support the churches religious stance on gay marriage. But I totally disagree with the concept of government being used to enforce religious law. Churches need to fight this fight. Bringing government into being the legal arm of churches is just a dangerous and wrong path to go.

Banning two consenting adults choose to do something we, or anyone, doesn't approve to, puts all of rights and freedoms in jeopardy. By allowing others the right to follow their conscience, we ensure our rights are equally protected.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

For those who say this will not destroy this country: Here is proof that it will: "And he said: THus saith the Lord God - Cursed shall be the land, yea, this land (USA), unto every nation, kindred, tounge and people, unto destruction, which do wickedly, when they are fully ripe; and as I have said so shall it be; for this is the cursing and the blessing of God upon the land, for the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance." The Supreme Court of this land failed to uphold the divinely inspired Constitution of the United States and thus has set the stone rolling that will ultimately destroy this nation as a whole.

However, thank you for speeding up the day of which the Lord Jesus Christ shall come and rule over his entire creation, when righteousness in all its glory shall reign upon the earth and the wicked shall be utterly destroyed. I look forward now to that day when the Lord shall be king of the whole earth. Thank you for speeding that up but shame on for destroying this great nation. It is a sad day to be an American.

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