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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 7:55 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber 2

You're a good man, John Stockton, and we miss you.
Best wishes to you and your family, and thanks again for all you have done for your friends in Utah.

West Jordan, UT

What can you say about John Stockton? I don't think the league will ever again see anyone like him, and that is a shame. Thanks John!


John is one of the good men of the world.

Austin, TX

#12 Eternal

-Most Steals
-Most Assists

Best PG in NBA history.

Gillette, WY

Can't wait to read it!

Albuquerque, NM

Classy guy. I loved watching John. Unfortunately, there are very few NBA players like him, so I no longer watch the NBA (it also doesn't help that I moved to NM).

Enid, OK

Article quote: "He also includes observations on parenting, including candid thoughts on abortion. A father of six children, his belief is that at conception, the child has rights, same as the parents. “We discussed that one a lot, got it pared down a lot,” he said on Tuesday. “It’s such a touchy subject. But after I had written it — and I don’t want to offend anyone — but it’s not a subject with a lot of gray areas.”

Man!, I respect this guy more and more every day!

They really broke the mold when they created John Stockton!

Murfreesboro, TN

I was an NBA fan for only about 15 years. I started listening to the Jazz while at BYU in the mid 80s (Hot Rod Hundley was absolutely the best play by play man ever) and continued to root for them after I left. I loved watching Stockton play, one of the smartest men ever with a ball that could consistently find the open man.

When Stockton retired and Malone went to the Lakers, I stopped watching. The era of the Ainge/Bird Celtics and the Stockton/Malone Jazz was more or less over, and the game devolved into thug ball with too many ball hogs and self centered prima donnas.

I miss John and company, and will always have fond memories to 'Stockton to Malone'.....

Gallatin, MO

What a great example for what a man should be. Someone that your son or daughter could look up to as how to act on and off the basketball court. John Stockton is the best all round NBA player ever. Thank you John for being who you are on and off the court.

Cinci Man

I will always consider John Stockton to be the greatest point guard and among the very best men in sports. Thanks, John, for giving us a great role model. I watched NBA since I was a kid, and the day John hung up his sneakers, I quit watching. The good men were virtually gone. It seemed that the league became filled with Charles Barkleys who were dishonest, unfaithful, immoral, tattoo-covered, drunkard druggies who cannot handle money or fame. John, you will always be a hero! Thanks for the memories.

Saint David, AZ

John was the epitome of a team player. That is lost in today's NBA.

What a class act! NBA isn't the same anymore. No more real heroes, just celebrities.

Huntsville, u

How did he ever become great with no tattoos?

Provo, UT

To those of you who say that the NBA has been nothing but ball hogs and thugs and no heroes since Stockton retired: you must not have been watching the San Antonio Spurs. They've been a class act for many years.

Cinci Man

Last time I checked, the San Antonio Spurs only play against other NBA teams. So you cannot watch them without seeing the other teams. And I am just so sick of the tattoos. I just cannot stand the NBA any longer, period. College is becoming more difficult, but there are still a good percentage of college players who don't look and act like their body is the canvas of an untalented artist.

Lehigh Valley, , PA

Can't wait to get this book... John was my favorite player... for his play and his humbleness..

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

I don't cry often, but when I went to the John Stockton retirement event at the Delta Center I wept like a babe. He was my sports hero growing up and is missed. He played the game hard, he played the game correctly. He deserved to win championships but had to play against Jordan and Buvetta. Best PG of all time? Yes, you will never convince me otherwise.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

“Best PG in NBA history”

Lot of factors go into a claim like this and I agree Stockton was awesome, but if I had to select a point guard for a team without knowing anything about the other players (were there other great offensive players, etc.), I would be hard pressed not to pick Magic.


don't know what NBA you guys are watching or if this is just old men complaining that nothing is as great as the good ol' days, but the NBA is nothing like what your describing. LeBron James is not only the greatest player in the game, but one of the greatest facilitators as well. If you watched them play or San Antonio play in the semifinals you saw them play against two teams without ball hogging stars in Memphis and Indiana, and Indy gave Miami all they could handle. I will concede that the early 2000's had a lack of real talent and played a selfish game, but the league has returned to a team oriented small ball game that is exciting to watch.

Othello, WA

I wouldn't say that Stockton was ever my favorite player, but I did like the way he played, and I would absolutely say there is NOBODY in NBA history that I respect more as a person! He is a year or two older then me, and I've met him and some of his kids. I happen to know some of his extended family quite well. I've watched his career since his early days at Gonzaga (University), and always cheered for his success. Seems to have always been a humble, competitive, get it done, no show-boat kind of guy. Love to see the influence he has had on the Spokane Community as well as SLC Community. Best wishes to him and his family, in the future!

RE: King Trent

I Don't know what NBA your watching, but the league has always had players capable of doing the things you describe about LJ. He is without a doubt one of the best, but few players today, play with as much class, as the players from 15-20 years ago. I'll agree, today is slightly better then 8 years ago, but that isn't saying much!

Colchester, CT

I think ALL of professional sports misses John Stockton...a true athlete who loved to play...who didn't play for all the hype. I wish I could watch an NBA game today and see a play like him...but 30seconds into a game today...I lose interest. Just not fun anymore.

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