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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 5:25 p.m. MDT

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Why hasn't ESPN found a bowl game for BYU?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It's hilarious to hear people talk about "the end of the bcs"

The truth is far from it

You think significant(see previously bcs) bowls will be setting up agreements with the mwc or independents like navy and byu?

Lol. No.

Long live the power conferences

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Dearwater said BYU has been very supportive of the bowl's intentions, and BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe went as far as to draft an official letter of support for the bowl's existence."

I'm sure they're trying, but can you imagine how hard it must be to find someone to take them when they're super supportive and excited for the potential to land a postseason destination....that the Pac-12 and MWC didn't want? If the MWC didn't want it, it must have been pretty bush-league. If the Indy-WACers would be excited about THAT bowl, it doesn't look like they're being presented with many other offers.

Sandy, UT


Why don't just see if your Utes can even get above .500 in the next ten years and stop worrying about BYU.
BYU, as a National Brand and Legacy school, will be just fine, thanks for your concern..
It's all about the purse.
The Alamo Bowl has just wedged out the Holiday as the Pac's number two bowl.
BYU can create their own bowl on the West Coast.
Put out a 5 million dollar purse and 3 or 4 Conferences will sign up tomorrow.

West Point , UT

As usual you missed the point of the article. BYU is looking and WILL secure a bowl game somewhere. They gave the Christmas bowl some endorsement because they have a large fanbase in SoCal so it made sense for them to be supportive, not because BYU is worried about securing a bowl. As far as your sarcastic question, there's probably some truth to the fact that espn could/would help BYU get a deal done.


I know it is not going to happen, but it would be funny if the PAC-10.2 agreed to the #7 team playing the Christmas bowl then the Utes would have something to shoot for - playing BYU or Utah in a bowl game! Makes me laugh!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The headline is that BYU is "keeping options open"... as if it had options.

Any BYU bowl options will not be known until the conferences, even the mid majors, have made their deals.

Then leftover options may be available to the national brand and legacy of BYU.

Springville, UT

And here I thought the New Mexico Bowl was the PAC10.2 7th bowl tie in, with the Kraft Fight Hunger at sixth. Just for 2013 I'm reading.

it's a Sad news day for Ute fans, things are going to change and that could spell a harder road for your struggling team. Better hope Uncle Larry jumps on board for this Xmas Bowl as there is no mention of a number 7 bowl at this time for 2014. I'm probably jumping the gun but read on.

Kraft Fight Hunger will now be the PAC10.2 #4 bowl game for 2014, Sun Bowl goes down a notch or two, Las Vegas Bowl still around but your premier gateway to bowl heaven does not seem to be making the headlines. I have not found the New Mexico Bowl mentioned since yesterday's new bowl contract announcements.

These are tense moments I know. Here's hoping that your road to bowl heaven can be greased with an 8th placeholder.

But first things first... get to .500

I'm pulling for you. LOL

pocatello, ID

Thanks for that enlightening post sammyg.
Meanwhile BYU continues to panhandle for a bowl game, just like they do to schedule future games. Going so far as to say they would offer a letter of support for the Christmas Bowl. Just call it the Needy Bowl, BYU needs it.
This is your WAC legacy folks. Scraps from the rest of D1 football.
I don't see real legacy teams like Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State, USC.....panhandle for games. Do you?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU can create their own bowl on the West Coast.
Put out a 5 million dollar purse and 3 or 4 Conferences will sign up tomorrow.


You can use the HD truck to broadcast the game on BYU TV, with a legacy program and worldwide following who needs ESPN.

In fact, who needs a BCS conference invite. Just create your own conference and 10 or 12 teams will sign up tomorrow....wait I didn't think this through...didn't you try that already with the WACC in 2011 only for Nevada and Fresno to bail?

Frisco, TX

I really like how most things have come together for an independent BYU. The schedule is sweet this year and seems to on track for future years. Exposure is above most other programs. Recruiting is solid.

There are only two things missing.

1. A couple of big wins. Oklahoma was our last really big win. We almost had it last year against ND and the prior year against Texas. But close is not a W. Hoping Taysom can get a couple of big wins over the next couple of years.

2. A nice bowl deal. Most of the bowls are so tied to conferences, that it seems impossible to get anything other than a 2nd tier bowl. I know Holmoe will find something. I'm less concerned about the payout, and more concerned about the opponent.

I know an invite in not in the works with the Big12, but I wonder if there's any possibility of getting a tie-in to the Big12 like Notre Dame has with the ACC, where we play 4 or 5 games a year against them and then tie-in to their bowl affiliations?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Funny how Cougar Nation sees sub 500 as the new normal for Utah... yet they see no trend at all in BYUs sub 500 record against BCS teams and against Utah.


West Jordan, UT

Larry Scotts a genuis he dropped the nightmare of the New Mexico bowl for the Buffalo wild wings bowl in Phoenix. Thats now 7 bowls for the Pac that are all in great destinations. Pasadena, San Diego, San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, El Paso.

Idaho Falls, ID

Bummer. Without a 7th bowl game for the Pac-10+2, the utes will always have plenty of down time in December.

Todd Christiansen's Thesaurus
Ogden, UT

This is a story about a college football bowl game. it has nothing to do with the utes because the utes don't go to post season bowl games anymore. the utes' bowl game is whenever they play the cougars.

Not So Good
Farmington, UT


Apparently you've never been to El Paso...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Not So Good:

Apparently neither had you.

I wouldn't want to "live" in El Paso, and it never makes my "vacation site" list, but it's not a terrible destination if you're purpose is to watch a college football bowl game. The weather was quite nice when last I was there.

To put that in perspective, I wouldn't want to "live" or "vacation" in Pittsburgh either, but when last the Utes played there, I made the trip, stayed in a nice hotel, and had a lot of fun. Would I want to "live" or "vacation" in South Bend, IN? Nope. But I'd go for a Utah football game.

FWIW: I wouldn't have a problem with the Pac-12 keeping the New Mexico Bowl. Albuquerque is a nice town too.

Washington, DC

Lower level bowl games are really bad - bad matchups, bad money, bad destinations. The bowl system only works for a few high level games, and is awful for the rest.

An ideal post-season would provide placement based on merit - not conference or economic impact. It would allow fans to support their team. It would provide exciting matchups between ranked or nearly-ranked teams.

A 16-team NIT-style playoff would accomplish all these objectives, and hurt the corrupt bowl system to boot. If BYU is serious about a better post-seaon, dump all these second-level bowls and start a playoff. It really is the only way to go for BYU.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...it seems impossible to get anything other than a 2nd tier bowl."

No...it seems impossible for the Indy-WACers to GET a 2nd tier bowl. That's why Holmoe is negotiating with the 3rd-tier bowl games.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"If BYU is serious about a better post-seaon, dump all these second-level bowls and start a playoff. It really is the only way to go for BYU."

The Y won't be dropping any 2nd-level bowls. Those bowls already dropped the Y. Nevertheless, you might be on to something regarding the future of the Y by starting their own playoff. They could drop out of the NCAA altogether, and go it alone via the creation of the "Indy-WAC league". They'd be the only team in the league, and would have to play with themselves, but they'd wouldn't have to share any of the money with anybody else (you know how Indy-WACers HATE sharing). Plus, at the end of the season they could invite themselves to play in the "Indy-WAC National Championship" at LES, and when they "beat themselves", they could take that victory, lay claim to an "undefeated season", and win the NC every year.

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