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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 3:25 p.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Buckle up everyone.
The End of the World happens tomorrow for uber-Conservatives.

for the rest of us,
it'll just be like any other day...

and for some, one that's a little better and a little bit brighter.

Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

Homosexuality is a weakness just like pornography, drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling and etc...You are born with such weakness nothing more.


"Many experts think the court will strike down the section of the Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage as between a man and a woman for purposes of federal law.

They also expect the court to avoid making a decision on California's Proposition 8."

I believe the "experts" are right on their predictions.

Tomorrow, same-sex marriage will essentially be made legal in CA.

Life will go on.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

I support Mormon prophet Monson(speaks for God) and Pope Francis(speaks for God)

They think it should only be legal for a man and woman to marry

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

My inactive LDS family and I will be praying for our Brothers and Sisters, LDS and non-LDS alike, tonight who only seek fairness and acceptance from all of God's children. May tomorrow be a day of great celebration for you and your families.

If our prayers come true then I want to be there throwing rice at Utah's first same sex marriage.

God Bless you all!

Leesburg, VA

I find ironic that the SCOTUS will provide as LDS Liberal says a day that is a little better and a little bit brighter for many of us.

I find sad that men of God reading the scriptures and teaching them, still continue doing what the pharisees did. As Jesus said: "For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers" Matthew 23:4.

God works in misterious ways and tomorrow will be a better and brighter day.

Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

Homosexuality is a weakness like gambling, pornography, alcoholism and etc... We are all born with a weakness. Some are born with a weakness of homosexuality.

Idaho Falls, ID

Praying the right decision will be made, but I fear it won't. Those pushing for same gender marriage act as if they have no idea the can of worms this would open if passed.

Richmond/Cache, UT

@LDS Liberal-

Don't forget a good day for those among us who derive pleasure from anything in conflict with the LDS faith.

spring street

@getting it right
that failed logic that has been argued for the past 20 years is exactly why the decision tomorrow will likely not fall along the lines you hope.

Richmond/Cache, UT

@Spring Street

20 years? That "failed" logic has proven unfailing for thousands of years.

spring street


so we are going to go through every failed argument then? The "traditional" definition of marriage that those that appose gay marriage have put forward barely dates back more then 100 years in our own country and has never been a universal definition of marriage. I know we could keep this all night but please lets not.

Here, UT

@Getting it Right;

Bigotry is an even greater weakness; it shows a lack of maturity and character.


Bring on the worms then.


That isn't logic, it's belief which is fallable.


It's just too bad that the SCOTUS is afraid to make the right decision and stop the discrimination today. Why should we have to wait for equality? Why shouldn't those who are supposed to protect the liberties of ALL Americans do their job?

No more bigotry. Not one day more.

Richmond/Cache, UT

There are those who still see the societal benefit of strong traditional families with children reared by a mother and father who respect one another and recognize the divine nature of gender for reasons other than blind acceptance. They may have a different perspective which isn't seeded in hatred or predjudice as the term bigotry implies.

Mcallen, TX

Gay marriage weakens a society's view of right, and wrong. Abortion is an example.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

After the Supreme Court ruled late last summer 5 to 4 in favor of Obamacare I'm not expecting good news for common sense and decency to prevail. The ruling I (sadly) expect is the absolute ultimate in calling "evil good and good evil".

How long, Lord, how long until you come and straighten all this mess out?

And a mess it is.....


The DOMA decision has been released.

From the court's decision:

"DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty ofpersons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment. "

I haven't read the whole thing yet. Stay Tuned.

Huntsville, UT


Discrimination weakens society's view of right and wrong. Religion is an example.


Okay, in essence, and from only a very quick look, DOMA appears to be dead in all sorts of ways.

Prop 8 hasn't been released yet.


Prop 8 has now been dismissed due to lack of standing.

I'm not sure what all the ramifications of that decision will be. Wiser heads than I will have to explain it to us through the news media.

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