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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 12:10 p.m. MDT

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Pale Bear
Orem, UT

Judging by the clip, the show is completely unfunny, recycled junk. Who exactly is in the same-sex relationship? Not the main characters. Perhaps in their season 4 they will introduce new bit characters to fill that roll. According to Wikipedia, "Neal Justin of the Star Tribune said the 'slapstick heavy, laugh-track fueled sitcom' had no redeeming qualities other than 'keeping your 11-year-old sedated for a half hour.'" Another said it was "a surprisingly refreshing throwback to ABC's 'TGIF'-style sitcoms." Not terribly impressive praise. Seems like the show has a following at all just because it's Disney and not because it's worth watching. Those are stronger reasons for the kids to skip it in my book. Life's too short to deal with all the junk.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Goodness parents! its not that hard!

It's called a remote control.

Use it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's sad that I'll now have to review what our family watches on Disney. Next thing you know Disney will "normalize" hard drug use, dropping out of school, and preteen sex.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

So much for ever watching Disney again.

Centerville, UT

Ha Ha. So progressive Disney. Let's be serious. This is about almighty dollar. Gays and Lesbians have a LOT of money and they have managed to put most corporations and politicians (and some churches) on a short leash.

Walt Disney is somewhere in heaven shaking his head.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I remember when there was this much brouhaha over interracial couples being featured on TV. People compared interracial relationships to alcohol, LSD, the Vietnam war, and everything evil too. People don't change much, just their paranoia and prejudices. The sky is falling...the sky is falling. Yet somehow, the sun comes up tomorrow and things aren't really any different. I think the biggest decline in social values has more to due with the high divorce rate than anything else (50%) of the population, but you don't hear too many folks getting their underwear in knots over that. Probably because they've been part of a broken home (as the culprit or the victim).

Kearns, UT

"It's sad that I'll now have to review what our family watches on Disney. Next thing you know Disney will "normalize" hard drug use, dropping out of school, and preteen sex."

Sure, let's all take a ride down that slippery slope.

Moses Lake, WA

Makes me glad that My Kids are grown.... Now I have to worry about my grand kids. Looks like I'm finished with disney.

Spanish Fork, UT

We turned off our TV over 5 years ago. BEST thing we ever did!

Idaho Falls, ID

We nixed the Disney channel a while ago. Their portrayal of kids with bad attitudes, sarcasm, lack of respect was influencing my kids in a negative way. Not only that but it was a waste of time. We dubbed it Dumb Disney.

Beverly Hills, CA

Protesting something only gives it more publicity. It's not a big deal. worry about your own sins instead of telling others what they should watch. Work on bettering yourself instead of worrying about someone else's morality.

England, 00

I get tired of hearing those out to make money, or be controversial, say they want to "...be relevant to kids, and reflect the diversity of those around the world, and be inclusive." What a load of rubbish. So Disney wants to reflect the lives of all groups of children? Ok..many live with parents who are alcoholics..or who abuse drugs...or are violent, maybe involved in crime. Many live with war around them, or live in poverty on the streets, or are victims of abuse. So, Disney, when do you start to reflect the live of THOSE children in a show meant for entertainment? All lies and manipulation....Disney ought to be ashamed of itself for jumping on the bandwagon that's trying to manipulate the next generation into thinking as they want them to.

Grandma 20
Allen, TX

Another ruse the adversary uses to destroy families, drag them down to his level, and make them as miserable as he is.

no, OH

Wait are people seriously getting this worked up over a same-sex couple, and comparing it to drugs, alcohol, and war? Those things are actually bad, but same-sex marriage is not dangerous, nor will it worsen ANYBODY'S health. I am shocked that so many people are not going to let their children watch. I'm slightly disappointed in the hate that is all over this country.

Cedar Hills, UT

Sensitive topic. Not sure a goofy sitcom is the best place to introduce it to our children. Good Luck Charlie is my 4 year old's favorite show right now. She makes the rest of us watch it.

Still a Mormon
Greenfield, IN

TV has really gone down hill nowadays. Again I am thankful for the Gospel and the Freedom of Speech because these things coupled with my own experience really highlight the truth. Those who suffer from these lies will come to know the truth in the end.

Guess this just encourages us to turn the TV off and start parenting kids again.

Sandy, UT

Based on actions and words Walt Disney did and said on the matter, on this one thing I can be 100% sure that Walt Disney has got to be rolling over in his grave over this one. And just like that, the Disney brand dies a little bit more.

Honolulu, HI

Why are you guys even comparing same sex marriage to drugs and alcohol? Two guys or girls loving each other isn't intoxicating anyone and killing them. They're not making you get tickets for DUI. If you don't like it, DON'T get one. And who's making you watch the show? Just don't! But it's funny how people decide to not watch something because they're "promoting homosexuality."

My friends have 2 moms and they're the smartest and coolest people I know. My parents are an interracial couple (yes, because of the Cheerios commercial, people hate ANY couple), and I'm fine too. I wish people would just grow up and stop living in the 19th whatever century.

San Dimas, CA

Why, why why? My family has enjoyed Good Luck Charlie for several years. My children do not need to be subjected to social trash. The parents are responsible to teach their children to respect others not a sitcom on The Disney Channel. Alternative lifestyles are not the "norm", and I for one don't want a t.v. Show telling my child , "it's okay, everyone is doing it." I hope The Walt Disney Co. changes their minds and reconsider the story line.

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