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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 12:10 p.m. MDT

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I remember when Different Strokes came out on TV and everyone freaked out. There was study after study about how race-mixing would destroy the family unit and how children of interracial marriages would underperform. Those same people are now warning us about the dire consequences of gay marriage, something that has been going on in many countries around the world for generations. Forty years from now we will look at the anti gay marriage group the same as we now view the groups railing against interracial marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Similarly disturbing is that 14 percent of children from same-sex couples have spent some time in foster care"

You're blaming gay couples for adopting children at higher rates (since, as you all consistently point out, they can't make any with just the two of them)?

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ Chris B: Your "another recent study" has been debunked numerous times - a fact you know and acknowledge by refusing to provide its name.


Throwing around stats and fighting about things that people will NEVER agree upon is useless. I think the most telling thing here is from Miley's own mouth, "They (Disney) control … so much of what kids think!" This statement is sadly too true no matter what values you espouse.

West Jordan, UT

Christopher B:

I'd like your citation on that study. Who performed it and when?

Salt Lake City, UT

The American Sociological Association debunked the study cited by the first poster.
-Regnerus did not study children born or adopted into same-sex parent families, only those who seem to recollect one of their parents ever having a same-sex relationship.
-Regnerus compared that group, most of which had experienced family dissolution, only to stable, married, opposite-sex families — i.e. he compared unstable to intact.
-Regnerus ignored whether the children lived with or were raised by the parents who had a same-sex relationship.
-Regnerus only identified these “gay” parents based on the recollection of the children, not based on how the parents actually identify or live their lives.
-Most of the factors Regnerus analyzes were adult outcomes, not childhood outcomes, and could very well have had nothing to do with the relationships of the children’s parents.

West Jordan, UT

I would actually like to rescind my question to Christopher B as I have found the study he has quoted. What he fails to mention was that this study was a mere snapshot taken of a small subset of gay parents. Of the 15,088 people he surveyed only 248 had been raised in a homosexual household. How can you have an accurate sampling with such a small group, localized in one city?

Ft Thomas, KY

We are ripening at an ever quickening pace. Hold on tight, we are in for quite a ride over the next few years...

Fayetteville, GA

This is easy, Our family will not watch the show. Also who really cares what Cyrus and Wood, two spoiled children, who are completely detached from the real world think anyway?

Kirkland, WA

This would probably be fine if handled well ... but the reviews say that the father (male) in the story is portrayed as a boring dolt. Sad.

Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone knows that heterosexual TV parents are always the best role models.

Right, Roseanne?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

If Disney were really concerned with making a statement they'd have done this years earlier, not in the last year of the show. I think it's a horrible move to add such a character set but then again it's just one more show for my kids to avoid.

Sanpete, UT

Well of course this is gonna happen. This is the new cool. Now that society is accepting immorality, nobody bats an eyelash when something like this happens.

Remember the outrage when "Gone With the Wind" swore? Remember when it was considered inappropriate to have Ricky's and Lucy's beds together? These things are now accepted. They are not considered abnormal anymore--and neither is gay marriage, same-sex attraction, or anything to do with this topic.

Society is going downhill. This should be no surprise. Evil will always appear better than good.

Cedar Hills, UT

Geez - what ever happened to the good ole days of Disney movies like "Daniel Boon" and "Charlie The Lonesome Cougar" for your kids to watch? Now they tune into see lesbians raising kids. Time to shut down Dish Network and get your kids outside doing something constructive.

Layton, UT

No wonder so many parents are now getting Netflix. They can control what comes into their homes. That would be my solution to the problem. I'm disappointed in Disney, but it is their channel.

Kearns, UT

The lesbian parents will be in a side story in ONE episode. My guess is that the characters of the show will hold diverse views similar to what continually gets expressed in these readers' forums. I am just making a hunch here, but I would bet that the underlying message of the episode will be that no matter what you think about same-sex parents, do not take those opinions out on their children. Too often in the culture most represented by Deseret News readers, too many children wind up on the outside looking in because their parents aren't "the right type of people." That needs to change.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Many kids go to school with children who are being raised by same-sex parents. Disney is merely reflecting reality.

Visalia, CA

Rhino has it correct. It is a sad commentary on the American culture that people in Hollywood think TV is real and should be used to teach people out here in the real world. What is worse is that parents think TV can babysit.

We have to wake up America. TV can not babysit. Its primary purpose is to make money. It does so by appealing to particular senses and culture trends in order to make more money. It does not care about your family, your children's understanding of diversity or anything else. It only cares if it makes money and lines the pockets of pompus self gratifying fools in Hollywood and its cohorts.

Spanish Fork, UT

That's just sad. One more Disney show I'll have to have my kids turn off. What the heck... I'll just block the whole dang channel. It's not up to Disney and their "child development experts" to educate my kids on this topic. It's up to me. I will teach them respect for all, tolerance for different opinions, and the moral ramifications of such behavior (which always seems to be the part the LGTB folks want to ignore in this discussion). Disney isn't helping, so they're out.

Cedar Hills, UT

Time to replace "Good Luck Charlie" with "Charlie The Lonesome Cougar". Better still - just shut down Dish Network altogether for the kids and watch 1960's Disney videos (Swiss Family Robinson etc..). Holy cow - what a down right wicked world we live in. I can see the day where liberal PC garbage like Good Luck Charlie will be mandatory in public school ... elementary school!! Perhaps home school will be the option of choice as well... Let's see... we ban school prayer but mandate so-called PC diversity. Satan is alive and well..

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