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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


Just yesterday according to you it wasn't $6 million, the economic impact to Utah was "just a fraction" because as a "businessman" you only looked at "profits". Before that you looked at tax revenue, so it was only $500K.

Now go read the article again and figure out how $10 million from subsidies helped Utah football produce over $10.3 in GSP and $18.2 million in Output, the same two "indirect" economic measurements you ignored originally.

"Output is the value of all goods and services produced in the economy, including the value of goods and services used as intermediate inputs in the production of final goods and services. The value of final goods and services thus embodies the value of their intermediate inputs. Subtracting the value of intermediate inputs from the value of final goods and services gives the value added through production. This value added approximates the gross state product,
which is what it is called in the table. Gross state product is the state-level analog of the widely reported gross domestic product at the national level."

East Salt Lake City, Utah

The article doesn't give a breakdown of the subsidies, it just gives the total of the subsidies, but that is of no consequence for our discussion here, the fact is utah's athletic department is a 12.7 mil loser on its own.


It is a of consequence if you cry about it and not even have a dog in the fight.

Again, you pay taxes so you have the right to be outraged if you so choose.

But you don't pay student fees or donate to the program, so why are you so outraged on how other's choose to spend their money?

We get it, Utah is in the red and you're happier than the Pillsbury dough boy on his way to a baking convention. But stop the fake concern for Utah students.

Washington, UT

Does Ducky's argument remind anyone else of Monty Python's Black Knight? Might be time to let it go for the sake of rational and currently sane Utah and BYU fans everywhere.

Highland, UT


Who said I was "outraged"? I certainly didn't say that. I am opposed to it though. I think utah should be forced to operate on revenues and never be allowed to operate at a deficit. If those revenues include subsidies then so be it I guess, I don't have any say in that, although I will use it to show utah "fans" like yourself again and again that what utah truly is. It is just ironic with all of the bragging about pac12 riches, and yes I know utah is not yet getting all they eventually will, that they still lose money. utah "fans" like yourself, naval, christina, howie, etc. have spent a lot of time on here telling us about how much more money utah is already making over what it made just 2 years ago but regardless of that bragging they are still running deficits and taking huse subsidies just to make the deficits less than they would be otherwise.

Even you should be able to see the irony in that although I'm sure you can't appreciate it the way that I do.

Highland, UT


So you are admitting defeat. Good choice as there is nothing whatsoever for you to stand on here.

Las Vegas, NV

fender: Right then - we'll call it a draw!

Las Vegas, NV

@ fender - only in ducky's world would that be called admitting defeat!! "LOL"

Go Utes!!

Onward and Upward!! And way under ducky's skin!!

Salt Lake City, Utah


Despite the clueless chest-pounding on the hill, it's obvious that our friends on the hill have decided to emulate the reckless deficit spending of their PAC mates.

Highland, UT


I understand the bonding to build better facilities, I understand taking the subsidies, I even understand the deficit although I think that needs to be addressed legislatively. To me this is more about taking the utah "fans" down about 20 notches from their puffed up, and false, fiscal arrogance. Their program is a fiscal loser, plain and simple, and it isn't going to change any time soon.

On the otherhand the program at BYU actually makes money, several million dollars per year as a matter of fact, and that is with vastly superior facilities already in place as well as a vastly more successful overall athletic program. As naval vet would so "frantically and emtionally" proclaim, edge BYU, huge edge actually.


layton, ut


Have you ever taken the time to stop and think how much tithing money the church uses to pay for its no profit operations and educational institutions? I know that the BYU athletic department prides it self by claiming to be self sufficient via corporate sponsorships (yet they refuse to ever publish the data), even if that is true, what about the University as a whole? Money from poor brothers and sisters in the Philippines and Chile is being used to pay for the University. They don't release the data so you don't have to face it, but look in your heart and ask yourself if you think that is right.

Farmington, UT


You can't be serious. Tithing paid by brothers and sisters in the Philippines and Chile are being funneled to BYU? You probably don't realize that 100% of tithing dollars coming from third world countries stays in those countries to pay for local houses of worship, including chapels and temples. And 100% is usually not enough to sustain their local infrastructure so money from outside those countries is often used to make up the difference. Therefore you're going to have to try harder to think of a way to disparage BYU on the topic of tithing.

P.S. Foreign member students are eligible to attend BYU and take advantage of the discounted tuition and many do considering the diverse student body that attends.

P.P.S. If any members of the LDS church really have such a problem with maybe a microscopic fraction of their tithing dollars going to BYU, then just stop paying it. No one's forcing you. If you're worried about how any of that money is spent then you really don't get it and would just be better off giving yourself a 10% raise.

Highland, UT


Aside from the fact you obviously don't know what you are talking about, as giantfan so aptly pointed out, there is also the small fact that no one is forced to pay tithing. It is a choice and those that pay it, like myself, do so willingly and do not question how it is used as we all know it is being used properly and wisely. None of it is used for BYU athletics by the way, BYU turns a multi million dollar profit on athletics, one of only 6 schools to do so.

That said I don't have any problem with the money the state spends on its higher education system either, that includes the university of utah, I just have a problem with a program that takes massive subsidies and still runs a deficit. Fiscal brains are obviously lacking in the utah athletic department.

Next time actually try to make an argument with some credibility behind it.

layton, ut

The truth is that neither of you where any of that money is going. No financial records are released, ever. So you can make all these claims about 100% stays here or there, and profitability but until the books become public knowledge these statements have no credibility.

Farmington, UT


Then what in the world is your point? You don't know where it's going either. To claim that money from a poor Philipino family is going to fund BYU is just irresponsible and inflammatory since neither of us knows, right?

Tithing is an exercise in faith. We don't have any say in what happens to it and we are to trust that church leaders endowed by god will be responsible stewards of it. If you're a little weak-kneed when paying your tithing then you really have two options: Find the faith to pay it or don't pay it at all. Pretty simple, right? And if you don't pay tithing already then why do you care where it goes?


When Utah's full share comes they will be making some good money.

Rock Springs, WY

Just glad I don't have to spend much money in Utah. I always gas up in Evanston. Just think how much money could go to public education instead of supporting the lower end of the pac 10.2.

Frisco, TX

As a taxpayer, I despise paying taxes to subsidize the athletic programs of universities who can't operate in the black.

Somehow I don't think my business would pay the leader $2 - $6 million per year if they can't be profitable. Let's get back to paying college coaches $200k - $300k per year which is comparable with their responsibilities in the private sector.

$2 - $6 million per year is comparable to a CEO who runs a very profitable company with tens of thousands of employees.

Layton, UT

Go SUU.... Working in the Black!

Cowboy Dude

Football is subsidizing most of Utah sports and it still looses. Basketball has got to start pulling it's own weight.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I hate to dampen the cheering but Yeets, you're still small potatoes

"the Texas Longhorns ranked first in total athletic revenue, raking in $163.2 million for a $25 million profit."
Y'all come down here and give us a battle, hear.

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