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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

atl134 just owned Chris B. Again.

When will our legislature wake up and pull the plug on this mess. The taxpayers don't want our money wasted on a team that is losing money and losing games.

Losing money and last place in their league. Yeah that is something to crow about.

Farmington, UT

I always find it humorous when Utah fans who are Mormon complain about their tithing dollars going to fund BYU athletics even though the church has stated many times that tithing dollars are not used for that purpose. Here we see all of Utah's public schools taking millions in subsidies to their athletic budgets that include state money (i.e. taxes). Where's the outrage?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm a BYU fan, but I don't think there is anything worth throwing Utah under the bus for here. When you take into account that they're essentially operating with half the TV revenue they're due to receive shortly, they're doing just fine. Add $12 million to the budget that they'll be getting and all of a sudden that deficit of a couple million becomes a profit of $10 million. They'll be just fine.

With that said, Utah still is the dregs of their conference. Competitively, financially, and academically, Utah is at or near the bottom. I personally hope that changes. And in fairness, I'm sure BYU WOULD have loved to get the PAC-10 invite. But we still play as many marquee teams as Utah this year, have a better TV situation, and no athletic conference is changing the fact that Utah can't touch us academically. And while there's no sense hiding from losing 3 years consecutively in football, we dominate them in most other sports. Hopefully we turn around the embarrassing football trend soon. The bottom line is I think both schools have plenty to be happy about relative to each other

Las Vegas, NV

giantfan: All that means is that we were only at 50% of our big-boy conference revenues as of last year. We will be at 75% this year, and 100% next year. It has only been news for two years. That's right, byU "fans" aren't interested in the news, just spin.

"There's probably more than a few schools that are jealous of their position" - by your post on this UTAH story, it is obvious that your school is one of them.

Love the entertainment! Too easy!!

Go Utes!!

Idaho Falls, ID

In other words, the utes lose on the field, the court and the bank. Now that's a trifecta to be proud of.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Can't be true. We've made it perfectly clear that we have way more fans.

Highland, UT


If students are getting "ticket at well under the market price" then that is simply further subsidization and all the worse.

Las Vegas, NV

It always amuses me how byU "fans" will flock to all stories Utah to try to prove that Utah is now unworthy of them and is irrelevant - yet their very existence on Utah stories only proves their case null and void.

It also amuses me how short the byU "fan's" memory is for Utah. There rantings are based on a one-year anomaly, while they still are living in 1984 when it comes to their own program. The FACTS are that Utah and BYU have missed bowl games during the BCS era, and both have played 11. However, Utah's bowl games over that period VASTLY overwhelms byU's in the importance and stature of the games, and the winning records. In addition, Utah has a VASTLY superior basketball tradition and history, while byU's biggest accomplishment in the NCAA tourney dates all the way back to Danny Ainge.

Utah has superior football recruiting classes.
Utah has more, and superior athletes in the NBA.
Utah has more, and superior athletes in the NFL.
Utah is 3-0 on the football field, where it counts.
byU will play it's FIRST big boy schedule this year.

Your fall will be fun to watch!!

Murray, UT


Another financial report you should read is the 2012 Audited Financial Statements of the University of Utah. You will find as I did and I had it confirmed by U financial officials, that the U spends $627,583,000 on all undergraduate and graduate education programs. The Utah State Legislature appropriated $253,000,000 for those undergraduate and graduate programs. The State appropriates nothing to athletics. "Institutional support" comes from student fees. So, the State of Utah supports education programs at the U at a 40% level. Thirty five years ago the State's appropriation amounted to 75% support. That is a 35% drop in thirty five years. Students are supporting the athletic department through their fees the taxpayers are not. In fact, as the figures show, the State of Utah does not support the education programs at the U enough and should do a lot more for its flag ship university.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

So the Utes spent $43.7 million, $12.7 million more than they received in revenue, which ranked last of the 10 public schools in the PAC 12, and still couldn't quality for a bowl.

Maybe it's time to shut down this losing program that's costing Utah taxpapers millions to be a bottom feeder in every single sport.

Highland, UT


No utah is not "well on its way to operating independently and with a profit." They are currently on a bonding and building program that far out ranks the future "revenues" they are "guaranteeing" the bonds against. They will be bleeding money and taking subsidies for decades, if not forever.

How pathetic of you to even try to pretend otherwise. Very "frantic and emotional" especially considering I was proven correct on all counts.

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT

Not sure if you all can notice the drastically different tone in Chris B. vs. "Christopher B."'s posts...but clearly they are not the same person. BYU fans- don't bite on the bait...imo it's probably a BYU fan just trying to make Utah fans look stereotypical...just a shame really.

PS- VegasUte---this article does say the words "Brigham" "Young" and "University" in immediate succession... I can think of a few articles that were "BYU articles" (specifically the one about BYU's November scheduling just a few days ago) that said the words "University" "of" and "Utah" in immediate succession. Utah fans posted on it and used that excuse, while BYU fans use the same excuse to post on this article...

Moral of the story- we're all just the same at heart. Once you strip away the conference affiliations, W/L records, AP Top 25 rankings, even the National Championships...we are all just avid fans that love our schools. Try to remember that.

Go Cougs!
Go Utes! (Except in September)

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Utah has superior football recruiting classes - yet still isn't good enough to play in a bowl

Utah has more, and superior athletes in the NBA - yet still hasn't won an NCAA tournament game in almost a decade

Utah has more, and superior athletes in the NFL - yet still isn't good enough to be ranked

Utah is 3-0 on the football field where it counts - Utah is 7-11 on the football field where it really counts

Utah fans are desperately hoping that BYU proves to be just as inept against a "big boy" schedule as the Utes have been, even though the Utes finished 5-7 with only TWO ranked opponents, while BYU finished 8-5 with FIVE ranked opponents.

It's going to be fun watching the chins on the hill dropping as BYU succeeds where Utah has been a miserable failure.

let's roll

I'd like to be hopeful about the Utes' ability to compete in the PAC-12 but these numbers are not encouraging.

Even when they have their full revenue share Utah will not have 70% of the revenue of the big boys in the conference. $23 million more puts them at $64 million; Oregon had $95 million this year and will surely be over $100 million by the time Utah gets to its full share. USC and Stanford likely have higher or similar revenues to Oregon and the Utah full share number puts them $20 million a year behind middle of the pack schools like Washington.

Plus the full share won't insure Utah doesn't run a deficit. Full share schools ASU and WSU both had $5 million losses.

If you're not a big boy, the key to winning is differentiation (see Boise State). I'm afraid Utah will convince itself its PAC-12 membership makes it a big boy, spend its money on things that don't make a difference (e.g. pay the same coaches more money) and wind up in the same place competitively that they are from a revenue standpoint, at the bottom.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

The numbers will continue to get better as the new facilities are completed and the TV money goes up. This really seems to bother the usual trolls; no suprise there.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


I agree about fans pretending that they're above their rivals and then combing through their articles and commenting is something BYU fans do with regularity, but so do Utah fans. That's the nature of rivalry and it's a bit disingenuous to paint that as a BYU phenomenon.

I also don't understand how you can on one hand bash BYU for living in the past with their football tradition while the present incarnation is lacking, and then on the other hand defend Utah basketball on the basis of their tradition when the program is currently abysmal. Seems hypocritical to me. You can't have it both ways.

And I think it's a little out of context to paint Utah's bowl history as markedly and consistently more storied and significant than BYU's. Obviously BYU can't touch the Sugar or Fiesta Bowl appearances. Then there was Meyer's first year in the Liberty Bowl while BYU sat at home and the Sun Bowl in 11. But beyond that, BYU has played in a higher-paying and tiered bowl than Utah in every season since the BCS's inception, so that's at least misleading

Highland, UT


So taking student fees and using them to subsidize the in the red athletic program is the right thing to do when you claim the state isn't even giving its "flagship" university enough money? If the university is not being subsidized enough by the state why are they taking millions in student fees and using that to subsidize the failing athletic department?

Las Vegas, NV

FAX: 4 of 8 wins - Weber State, Hawaii, New Mexico, Idaho. 5 ranked opponents? Only by the grace of a 6-3 eke out at home were you able to go 1-4. Big woop. AND, you couldn't get past the "pathetic" 5-7 Utes! Your ONLY big boy schedule still includes Middle Tennessee St and Idaho State. Ya, Utah had ONE season out of the last 12 without a bowl game. Get your licks in now, while you still can. Seems to me that it's the byU "fan" desperately hoping and praying that Utah will not come back from the one year anomaly, because, then what will you have to do with your time?

Beck to Harline: It's all good - just prodding the trollers! I can't stand Utah trollers as much as I can't stand byU trollers. But, since the article did mention "Brigham" and "Young" and "University" in succession - welcome to the civil dialogue corner, my friend. While you and I are "avid fans", a lot of people on both sides of the fence are just haters. They are the fun ones to toy with.

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

U 90
Corona, CA

@Duckhunter "It is time the state looks into this and determines what possible benefit our state can possibly be getting from a program that loses money year after year"

Maybe you should look in to why BYU can't beat Utah in football and has never been to a bowl game of any significance or the basketball final four. Once you have those answers, then write a letter to your State Representative about that awful Utah athletic program that has been to 2 BCS bowls and a final four all within the last 15 years.

Las Vegas, NV

@ stonewall - no where have I ever said that it is solely a byU phenomenon. There are Utah trollers just the same as there are byU trollers. I invite you to go on byU stories and set them straight.

I also did not defend the current state of Utah basketball. The current state of Utah basketball is bad, but it is getting better. byU "fans" choose to forget the period not so long ago when they had a one win season and went years on end without a tourney win. Utah basketball will be back to where it once was. That is a place that byU has never been.

AND, if you read my post, you will see I was ONLY referring to the BCS era in bowl games. Utah is 10-1 during that period, byU is 6-5.

There are cherry pickers everywhere. I choose to have my entertainment by engaging the byU cherry pickers posting on Utah stories (sorry Beck - it IS a Utah story). I encourage you to do the same with the Utah cherry pickers who post on byU's.

Go Utes!
And, for Beck to Harline only, Go Cougs

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