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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

61st nationwide. Not bad.

Beats every single non-Notre Dame non-BCS school in the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

I LOVE my BCS Pac 12 membership!

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Name me a single non-BCS school in the entire country other than Notre Dame that wouldn't LOVE to be in our position.



West Valley, UT

Of you course your gloating about being last in public schools in the Pac 10.2, and remember its 61st out of public schools, and we all know how the public school system is.

Sherwood, OR

"Name me a single non-BCS school in the entire country other than Notre Dame that wouldn't LOVE to be in our position."

Maybe now you can afford to update your athletic facilities so they can be up to par with that non-BCS, non Notre-Dame school down south.

Highland, UT

Just about a month ago I pointed out the the university of utah was operated at a loss and that if the money they were subsidized was removed the loss would be massive instead of just big like it currently is. As evidence I refered utah "fans" to the state auditors report available on line that confirmed it.

Many of the more prolific utah "fans" around here took exception to those facts and were highly critical of me for posting the truth while they were also in denial and refused to accept the truth. It would appear that they can no longer do that and must accept the reality that the university of utah is an athletic department money loser despite being heavily subsidized, in fact they are subsidized almost a full 25% of their "revenue" and then still operate at a loss.

It is time the state looks into this and determines what possible benefit our state can possibly be getting from a program that loses money year after year. In truth the losses total about 13-14 million yearly if the subsidies are taken into account.

That is pathetic.

Salt Lake City, UT

Christopher B,

Just remember that this is public universities. You're missing a lot of big name schools that are private such as USC, Miami, Notre Dame, Stanford, Baylor to name a few which surely generate lots of revenue. I will say that things look up for the Utes once the Pac-12 revenues start to fully kick in.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


I don't deny your point.

And yet, even if that drops Utah down to 70 or 80, there still is not a SINGLE non-BCS university in the country(private or public) other than Notre Dame that wouldn't LOVE to be in oUr position.

Go Utes!

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


I don't care how much money we lose.

There is great pride in having a prestigious school in our state. There is value added to the community and economy as a result of a our prestigious BCS membership that is NOT taken into account in these figures.

Out of the hundreds of non-BCS universities in the country, there is exactly ONE that doesn't pray every night a BCS conference will call.

And that lone exception: Notre Dame.

The good that comes from the Pac 12 affiliation and the quality people Utah graduates become in our communities is well worth the "loss" you mention.

Go Pac12!
Go Utes!

Layton, UT

duck is on a desperate, pathetic witch hunt trying to get under our skins.

If he truly feels that way, he should hold a town meeting and invite his congressmen. See how far it gets. lol.

Go Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Christopher B
"61st nationwide. Not bad.

Beats every single non-Notre Dame non-BCS school in the ENTIRE COUNTRY."

That's false.

UNLV is 47th.
Memphis is 54th.
Air Force is 55th.
Boise State is 57th.
New Mexico is 58th.

We don't even know where BYU would land.

Salem, UT


Christopher B
Ogden, UT


No, its not false,

When I say there isn't a single non-BCS school other than Notre Dame that wouldn't LOVE to be in our POSITION, that word POSITION includes our membership in a prestigious BCS conference.

I am right.

There is exactly one(And ONLY one) university in the nation that wouldn't trade our POSITION(including membership in the Pac 12) for whatever their position is.

And that ONE university is Notre Dame.

Or are you suggesting that UNLV and Boise wouldn't JUMP at the chance if the Pac 12 called?


They dream about joining the Pac 12

Like byu.


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

That's a lot of scratch; now it's time to get back to winning games.



Duckhunter, where is the outrage over USU subsidizing over 50% of their athletic budget, and all the others nearly their entire budget? I said last year that Utah was well on its way to operating independently and with a profit. This report, combined with the fact that equal conference revenue sharing is on the horizon in the next few years, further validate that point, making your hissy fit the truly "pathetic" spectacle to observe.

Farmington, UT

Did I read that list right? That Utah is not only dead last among public schools in the Pac-12 but dead last among all the "BCS" schools? If that's not further proof of Utah's whipping boy status in a big boy conference, I don't know what is.

I do agree with you, Chris, that most schools not in a power conference would like to switch places with Utah, but only for the opportunity and not for the current state that Utah finds itself in, precariously close to obscurity and irrelevance. There's probably more than a few schools that are jealous of their position more so because of how much Utah has so far squandered their opportunity and how they probably feel they could do better with that same opportunity.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Christopher B
I was responding to the assertion that being ranked 61st beats all other non-Notre Dame non-BCS schools in revenue (the thing they're 61st in). You know... this assertion...

"61st nationwide. Not bad.
Beats every single non-Notre Dame non-BCS school in the ENTIRE COUNTRY."

West Jordan, UT

I just have to wonder what it would be like if the myopic Utah and BYU fans could see beyond their own little worlds. Lets face it, Chrissy B and Ducky are trying to one-up each other over a revenue and expenditure report. Wow, talk about substance!

Here is an idea however? If you are going to one-up anyone, how about making it about winning actual games. How about on-field results where the Utes are actually not embarrassing themselves in the PAC? How about BYU actually beating the competitive schools on their schedule.....rather than just the New Mexico St's of the world?

Boise St is 17-0 against all Utah schools since 1997. There is your one-up. Perspective folks!

Area 52
Tooele, UT

Christopher B sure loves to pick-and-choose is wording and I quote "Beats every single non-Notre Dame non-BCS school in the ENTIRE COUNTRY." Again, he does not get his FACTS right and he quickly says and I quote "Name me a single non-BCS school in the entire country other than Notre Dame that wouldn't LOVE to be in our position."; so he uses this statement to counter act his first one? Which is it Christopher B? Just remember the non-BCS school down SOUTH has one National Championship compared to the bottom dweller Pac 10.2 school up NORTH.

Go GOUGS!!!!

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

Right Chris 61st is about where your football program can aspire to. That would be up from the current ranking of 82nd.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utah's Athletic Department is NOT losing money... The author is doing a poor job of explaining the accounting.

What he is calling “subsidies” most people would call revenue… Most obviously there is the issue of Student Fees. Those student fees are not just going to the UofU Athletic Department w/o compensation. University of Utah students get compensation for those fees, “free” tickets” about 7,000 football tickets if I recall correctly several thousand Men’s basketball tickets, same for Gymnastics and all the Olympic Sports.

In fact if at UofU student attends sporting events regularly their fees equate to ticket at well under the market price.

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