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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 9:55 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Spring street,
No, we have not been give a definition of what make someone male and what makes someone female?

What is that definition?

And remember that definition must then be applied to every person

If you suggest that the definition changes, then we are back to square one where each person gets to decide

Again, what is this definition?

salt lake, UT

@chris B

sorry my bad I forgot the whole concrete operational, black and white thinking thing.

let me spell it out for you, when a person meets the above mentioned criteria the courts and the medical profession no longer identify them of the sex they were before they were defined as transexual. So if a person that was male, for example, meet the medical/legal definition of transexual then they for legal and practical purposes would be considered female. So no it is not just left up to each person to decide. I am really not sure how to explain the logic in a form that would be any easier for you to comprehend then that so hopefully that helped.

salt lake, UT

@chris b

The "definition" is far to lengthy and invovled for these threads but if you go to the AMA or APA website and look up I cd 9 code 300.85 you can read to you hearts content.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT


A quick google search provides links to the organization you list, which refers to gender identity as the "internal sense"...followed by blah blah blah

I can see why you didn't want to give me a definition. I am right.

In other words, whatever one person thinks he/she is

Just as I stated all along, you could not provide a definition other than "each person decides"

So we are back to square one. It appears liberals think each person can decide which gender they are and therefore no one has the right to tell any other person which locker room they can enter.

Thus the definition from the groups you reference refer to what a persons feels internally is their gender

In other words, exactly what I stated all along

So you support any person claiming to be a woman walking into a female locker room correct?

If the definition you have for female therefore is someone who thinks they are a female, who is to question any person walking into the ladies locker room?

Sorry Tolsty, that was too easy. And obvious.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT


You seem to have pointed me to "gender identity"

I am looking or definitions of "gender"

Big difference

Big big difference

For example, if I thought I was a dinosaur, I would have species identity issues, an yet in reality I would not truly be a dinosaur

That's my whole point. A man that wears a dress is a man that wears a dress

Your only definition is, just as I expected, "whatever someone thinks they are" which obviously does not work

I am not a dinosaur even if I "self identify" as a dinosaur

Lets call that a practice.

I will give you a mulligan. Care to try again?

What is the definition of male/female in reality?

Salt Lake City, UT

@Christopher B

"We are suggesting there will be MORE issues in the future, not the prevention of some."

Just like making guns easier to get means more gun crime.

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