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Published: Tuesday, June 25 2013 8:45 a.m. MDT

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East Salt Lake City, Utah



It's pretty much a given that most college football programs consider it more prestigious to play Boise at Bronco stadium than they do to play Utah at whatever it's field is called. Not many teams walk off that blue field with wins. And those that do almost always move up in national poll rankings.


Huh? You're confusing "prestigious" with not risking a loss at Boise.

Even then it's debatable that any ranked team would actually get dominated by Boise considering since 2001 the only ranked teams to play in Boise are:

2011: TCU (11-2) won 36-35 ... moved up in the polls
2009: Oregon (10-3) lost 19-8 ...
2006: Oregon State (10-4) lost 42-14
2001: Washington State (10-4) won 41-20 ... moved up in the polls

So 4 ranked teams have played in Boise, record 2-2.

If Boise is so prestigious why doesn't BYU sign a contract for 2-for-1 or 1 off deals like they have with Notre Dame, Texas, USC, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. You have as much a chance beating them then you do Boise.



Mesa, AZ

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned that 3-Star DE Isaiah Nacua has de-committed from 2-Star byu!"

I'm not, he committed at his father's death bed. This would be surprising but like most of your claims, nowhere to be found on the net...

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

Anae is definitely restoring the Poly connection. That is a wonderful thing. Good luck Teancum

West Point , UT

According to SI.com Isaiah Nacua has re-opened his recruitment but still favors BYU. Not sure where AZUTE is getting the idea Utah is a favorite, even though they are being considered. Sounds to me like he was enduring an emotional time when he committed to BYU at his dying fathers request, and now wants to make sure he's made the right decision (he's also getting more interest from other PAC12 schools now). I know having his brother Kai still here at BYU could still bring him here because they are supposed to be pretty close. Nowhere that I read does it indicate that BYU is still not favored, or that Utah is the front runner. Then again that's the only source I found so maybe AZUTE has another source he's looking at, and can point us to that source.

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