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Published: Monday, June 24 2013 4:35 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Here's what to expect:

A lot of hype as per usual and not much delivery on the hype once the season starts - as per usual again.

Saint Paul, MN

Should be an intriguing media day ... and an intriguing season to follow. Definitely looking forward to it.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Getting excited for Football season! We have a good schedule, We have a some great players. Cant wait get the players on the field for the opening game!

Salt Lake City, UT

Last year on Cougar media day, the Utes announced a series with Michigan.

Frisco, TX

@54-10 - Odds that a Ute troll will be the first to comment on a BYU article: 100 to 1. Christy is going to be so disappointed she wasn't first. P.S. What does your moniker "54-10" mean? I've been thinking of changing my moniker to 55-7. Thoughts?

There are some things I like about Independence and some things I don't. Media Day is one of the things I really like about Independence. The amount of coverage is phenomenal compared to being in a conference.

I'm really hoping we'll find out something about Bowl prospects for 2014, since the bowl situation is one of the things I don't like about Independence.

I know it would be difficult, but I'd love to see a two tiered system where BYU gets into a better bowl with a 10 or 11 win season, and into a Poinsettia type bowl with 6 - 9 wins. But ultimately I'm happy I'm able to cheer for a team that still goes bowling.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

One can expect the same media coverage comparison as was experienced with the announcement of BYU going independent and the U accepting the PAC-12 invitation.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, UT

"Here's what to expect:

A lot of hype as per usual and not much delivery on the hype once the season starts - as per usual again."

This coming from the fan of the team that lost to the worst road team in college football, at home no less, when a victory would have gotten them a position in the first annual over-hyped and under-performing PAC championship. And for an encore, the next year, just stayed home.

Thanks for the interest, but even 3 straight victories doesn't give you the credibility to talk about hype. That is unless your talking to yourself while looking in the mirror.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

And what will Utah say on their media day? More of the same? A promise of a 3 win season?
Let's not cast stones until you have something to crow about. The last two years have been a disaster on the anthill.

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ 54-10...

At least BYU has something to hype... Pre-Season All Americans, Great Schedule, Improving on last years winning season, future bowl games.... At the Pac-12 media days Utah and Colorado get to play rock paper scissors to see who will take last place in the conference while all the focus is on the great teams who are actually expected to win conference games.....

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

People are expcting bigs things from KVN this season, myself included. Replacing Ansah will not be easy, but having KVN for one more year softens the blow. Some. I like to think that we've got another Ansah in the wings. Is it Kaufusi? The kid that transferred from OSU? Hadley? At the end of the day, I'm not worried about the defense. Bronco always has them ready to go. Even with the harder schedule, I think we're up to the challenge.

Despite not being worried about the D, I am worried about the offense. A lot of coaching changes, philosophical changes, a re-vamped line, and a QB (Hill), WR (Hoffman), and RB (Alisa) all coming off injury. The offense was putrid last year and there are A LOT of changes. May take some time to ramp up.

I am also worried about big picutre stuff. Bowl arrangements being one of the biggest. Can't wait until Wednesday to hear from Holmoe. I hope he has some answers. If he were addressing the Ute fanbase a bowl game would not be part of the discussion.

West Point , UT

"Here's what to expect:

A lot of hype as per usual and not much delivery on the hype once the season starts - as per usual again".

Oops I think you're confused or lost. The hype about Utah winning the south division and going to rose bowls (as per usual), and not much delivery on the hype in the form of losing to any PAC12 team with a winning record (as per usual again) doesn't take place until July 26th.

Kaysville, UT

Ute fans seem to ignore the fact that BYU is ranked 32 in preseason polls. and where are the mighty Utes ranked? 82! come back and talk trash when you have a team that can back up the smack talk. 82 and your gonna tell us that your team is so much better?


@Down under

"The last two years have been a disaster on the anthill."

Not really. We knew that the increase in quality competition would take a few years to adjust to. And during this period of adjustment we've still managed to continue beating the mighty Cougars of BYU. Also, we haven't had the luxury of playing 5 WAC cupcakes to pad our record each year, misleading the sports writers back east to think BYU has actually earned a ranking.

@Virginians for BYU

As for your "great schedule", it's true, you don't have as many cupcakes on your schedule (You do have Middle Tennessee State and Idaho State). Yet, for all of your boasting of what a difficult schedule you have, the Utes' schedule is still much more difficult. One publication, College Football Universe, has Utah playing the 5th hardest schedule in the country as opposed to BYU's 42nd.


BYU is ranked 32 in the preseason polls thanks to their playing (and usually beating) 5 bad WAC teams. If they had played Utah's schedule last year, they would have been lucky to be 4-8.

West Point , UT

"Not really. We knew that the increase in quality competition would take a few years to adjust to".

Really? Who do you mean by "we"? Because all I remember hearing pre 2011 was how Utah would win the south and be consistently in contention for PAC championships and rose bowls. Then in 2012 we heard a lot of hype again and the media joined in with predictions of 8-4 or 9-3 and competing for the south. It's only now we're hearing the "we knew this would happen" bologna.

"As for your "great schedule", it's true, you don't have as many cupcakes on your schedule (You do have Middle Tennessee State and Idaho State)".

And U have Weber State and Colorado. You do realize Middle Tenn State was ranked 64th in the final BCS rankings right behind Utah? If you're calling them a cupcake what does that make U?

Kaysville, UT

@Go Red

You are still side stepping the issue that the Utes are ranked 82. I dont care who you are, thats a sad preseason ranking. and the experts obviuosly arent too impressed with your team. wether BYU has 5 cupcake teams or not, the experts feel BYU is the better team. thus the preseason rankings. Your BCS affiliation hasnt impressed them too much.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mission accomplished.

Too easy.

Springville, UT

Since all the Utes have joined us here, this is my vision of Ute media day...

Reporter, "So Coach Whit, what happened last year with the Utes and not bowling? Will the Utes go bowling this year?"

... long pause

Whit, "We sure hope so... we're counting on BYU to be out of town in December. Fat Cats is looking good for us."

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

54-10: "Mission accomplished. Too easy."

Of course it was too easy, trolling is what Ute fans do best. They've delivered that role ever since I started paying attention in the early 80s. Now try and take the higher road. Not so easy, eh? "54-10" LOL. Do you like the UofU, or just dislike the Y?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

In a moment of lucidity DH nails the fact that for BYU this season rests on the O-line.

Two or three O-linemen who have never taken a snap at BYU will have to start... what's more they may have to rely on freshman at center.

On top of that they will be installing a new offense with a coach who has never coached a D-1 game.

That's not even to mention that the QB is still inexperienced and coming off an injury.

The truth is that way more things can go wrong with this scenario than things that can go right.

I'm kind of enjoying the prospects of what can go wrong... but if I were a Cougar fan I would terrified.

You will be able to tell how terrified Bronco is by how little he will talk about the O-line... And no one in the media will dare to ask any probing questions of Bronco and certainly not of Anae.

South Jordan, UT

My vote: No more BYU-Utah games ever! Also deny the trolls access to these articles with their slander and abuse. They should never be allowed to be printed! Who needs them.

I wish they had waited to have BYU Media day until things were more settled and questions could be answered. Makes more sense.

Go Cougars!

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