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Published: Sunday, June 23 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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I wish KVN and BYU the best this year! As any team member will tell you, and I'm sure KVN is one of them, great play by one person depends on teammates. Last year part of KVN's success may have been due to other teams often double-teaming Ziggie. If KVN can have as good a year as last year or better, it will certainly be very impressive. Last year, five of BYU's opponents finished in the top 25 and this year looks like it will be even tougher!

KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH
Ogden, UT

I wonder if van noy will be proud of his 0-4 record against Utah

Never beat your rival, how embarrassing.

Go utes!!

Kaysville, UT

I truly hope Van Noy can produce again this year. He is an absolute stud and even if we lose to Utah again (cringe) he will still be a first round pick in the draft as most experts are already predicting. 2 years straight with a first round draft pick is pretty awesome and shows that BYU is on the right track. Go Cougs!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

The more seasons go by, the more obvious it seems that Utah cares more about beating BYU than by actually getting a winning season. This is evidenced by Utah trolls and that infamous survey that was done. Utah plays very hard against BYU, but ends up losing to bad teams.

Kyle Van Noy will have a great season.

Layton, UT

Heiseman. lol.

Double digit wins. lol.

Go Utes.

CO Ute

Have never made a negative post regarding Van Noy and not going to break the trend here. He is a very dynamic player that seems to make a key play in most every game. Other than the game on September 21 I hope he has another big year.

Was a bit surprised he didn't turn pro last year. Similar situation to Star last year in that it will be a challenge to put up bigger numbers in his senior season compared to his junior season as teams adjust game plans in an attempt to neutralize his skills.

Salt Lake City, UT

As always, the BYU haters flock to these articles even when their name is not called. It is like flies at a picnic. I guess that the big reason why they feel they have to come over here is because nothing newsworthy in their camp has happened since they beat BYU. I have no problems with you cheering for the Utes, but keep it at that. Do not feel like you need to validate yourselves by coming constantly over onto the BYU articles.

Go BYU Cougars!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH:

Hope to hear back from you and your cronies the evening of 9/21 to congratulate The Mighty Cougars. You can only hope for a utah win on that day, because my crystal ball says this year is going to be a major disappointment for you boys. The bottom of the barrel in the pac 11.1 is getting to be the norm.

Farmington, UT

Those predicting Van Noy will be 0-4 against Utah also are among those who said the Utes would play in the Rose Bowl their first year in the conference. I wonder why they aren't spouting that prediction any more, especially after the way the Utes ran Colorado off the field in SLC (insert laughter here) the first year in PAC 12 play.

Las Vegas, NV

BYU's defense will still be good, but I don't think it'll be as good as last year. It'll still be a top 20 defense just not top 10. I'm hoping with Anae back that the offense kicks into high gear because ultimately what wins football games is points. Defense most of the time can't produce points enough to win, so here's hoping that BYU can show a glimmer of what they were even just 5 years ago on offense. If they do, it'll be a good season.

Mesa, AZ

Geez most byu fans more concerned about commenting on UTAH UTES than to utter even a single word on subject of article--KVN!

KVN is solid, this is irrefutible. However, my comment is directed at these utterly ridiculous delusions within these articles.

For instance, SCAR had #23 Ranked SOS. SCAR actually beats good teams, 1 Top 10 & 4 Top 30. SCAR finished 11-2. Where is it even remotely valid to compare the 2? Again, I respect KVN, but he's equally caught-up in enduring these utterly bizzare fantasies.

Like that hysterical article stating it's possible 10 go early in NFL Draft next year or something for byu, when byu just had their 1st and only DP since Pitta in '10, neither of which were bm recruits, to boot! LOL

No way possible KVN gets on seriously with Heisman talk, particularly in how byu doesn't beat good teams [excepting usu barely by 3-PTS at home], still weeks-off built into schedule, plus 2 bye-weeks, indy not named ND and byu returns just 4 starters on D. & O straight stinks!

He'll produce, but not at same level as last year. Most of his supporting-cast long gone!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

since as it turns out, past performance IS apparently an indication of future results, then I guess we should all prepare to be disappointed in September, and then entertained as BYU and Utah State represent the state of Utah in the post season, while the Utes continue to be the best team sitting on the couch in December.

Mesa, AZ


"....especially after the way the Utes ran Colorado off the field in SLC (insert laughter here) the first year in PAC 12 play."

Wasn't that during the same season we annihilated byu on their homefield, 54-10?

Just checking! Thanks in advance!

Mesa, AZ

"To put that in perspective, South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney also had 13 sacks as well as 23.5 tackles for loss and he was a consensus All-American defensive end."

The disparity between SCAR's resume & byu's is the size of The Grand Canyon, beginning with SOS, actually beating good teams, not just 1-YR wonder usu at home by 3-PTS, barely, etc., etc., etc., etc.!

Mesa, AZ

Would anything else be expected out of 2nd-Rate commentator on 2nd-Rate network byu-homer, Dennis Dodd? Not stating what he did, in the typically self-deluded, Heavens are shaking, byu-like fantasizing, is what would have actually been surprising! LOL

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He's going to absolutely dominate.

Cedar Hills, UT

What I love about KVN is that even the Utes are coming out in force gobbling up his articles and leaving their comments. Some of them on all BYU articles. Although their comments are not positive, they certainly are Fully Invested into the BYU program.

Farmington, UT

AZute, yes, you are correct. BYU had a bad quarterback that single-handedly gave Utah the game. Just look at the Utes first TD and the rest is history. But you forget that Utah had a greased schedule in the PAC 12 and Colorado was the worst road team in the nation. Utah had Norm Chow as OC and a secured trip to the PAC 12 Championship game IF....they could defeat Colorado in SLC. They laid an egg, sort of like when they lost to UNLV 27 - 0 and Whittingham said he didn't know why they lost! You might as well have beat BYU 500-10 the way you guys crow about it; that and your two BCS wins that no one remembers except your fans. Just who did you beat besides Alabama? I forget, as it was so long ago and not relevant any more. Was the game somewhere in Arizona or am I forgetful and mixed up on that point, too? Thanks for helping my memory of Ute accomplishments.

Mesa, AZ


"AZute, yes, you are correct. BYU had a bad quarterback that single-handedly gave Utah the game."

I didn't bother to read further, as it's 100% predictable! The invalid-excuses flowing, per usual!

FYI--UTAH forced 4 of the 7 TOs! Don't believe me? There's a video on YouTube exclusively covering only the 7 TOs!

UTAH won by 44-PTS, not merely 7-10, and did so on their homefield, no less! What happened against CU in no way mitigates this complete massacre for byu, nothing does! One has nothing to do with the other, purely a tactic employed down there in utah county in an attempt to distract from/cope with UTAH's complete ownership of byu!

St. George, UT

U of U combined basketball and football records from the past two seasons: 34-53... and still talking trash.

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