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Published: Thursday, June 20 2013 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Will BYU fans start putting ESPN window stickers on their cars, just like the U fans put the PAC-12 window stickers on their cars?

Highland, UT


Beating utah is not the sort of thing that makes a team nationally relevant. Not losing to utah helps in that a team does not have a bad loss to a bad program on their record but beating them doesn't do much to enhance a teams national relevance.

The utah losses BYU has sustained over the last few years are easily the worst ones BYU has suffered because by losing to a program as mediocre as utah it has just confirmed to the voters and national pundits that BYU has been less than stellar themselves. No team that loses to a program the level of utah can reasonably expect to be taken all that seriously, at least no more than a lower rung top 25 team which is what BYU has been.

The utah losses have not kept BYU out of the top 25, BYU's reputation is such that even a utah loss can't do that on its own, but it is an embarrassing enough loss to keep BYU out of the top 15. BYU definately needs to correct that if it wants to rise up from lower top 25 team to upper top 25 team.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We’re aiming to have a really good schedule that... the people that are going to be determining who goes to the playoffs feel that it’s a good enough".
"This year has a better schedule maybe than next year. But I don’t think we can put together the perfect schedule every year."

I hope Holmoe is not saying that this year's schedule is perfect. While it is BYU's toughest schedule so far, it won't get the attention of a future playoff committee. BYU's schedule needs to be even tougher.

Holmoe notes that as strength of schedule gains emphasis, BCS teams will look to BYU for beefing up that component. That's 8 or 9 BCS conference games plus a tough BYU game in the hopes of that BCS team getting playoff attention. The same is true for BYU. They too need a schedule of 9 or more BCS teams. As a football fan, that would be great to see, but I don't think it will be possible to craft. November is always going to be a schedule killer.

Payson, UT

Kyle best win Alabama (12-2) and BYU would of lost that game that year

Broncos best win Oklahoma (8-5) and Utah might of won the game that year.

Kyle worse loss Colorado (3-10)
Broncos worse loss UCLA (6-7) BYU lost one and won one the same year.

I was wrong a little earlier Kyle only lost 3 game to sub .500 teams I counted North Carolina twice.

Payson, UT

RE:Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

It looks to me BYU and Utah both beat sub .500 teams BCS teams and lose to BCS teams above .500.

Utah has played more sub .500 team to their record is better when playing BCS teams. I will say Utah has beaten a four more BCS team with above .500 then BYU. And Utah has beaten 4 more .500 or below then BYU as well.

Layton, UT

Losing to Utah doesn't matter because we're byu...but...

Losing to Utah does matter because we're byu.


Go Utes.

Las Vegas, NV

"Holmoe knows that to be nationally relevant, BYU — especially as an independent — needs to have a perennially attractive schedule." Correction, national relevance does not come from an attractive achedule. Beating "attractive teams" on the schedule (not teams from Idaho not named Boise) is what brings national relevance.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Cougar fans do think they are a national power."

Unlike that flash-in-the-pan program on the hill, the Cougars ARE a national power, as evidenced by their FIVE Top 25 finishes in the last 7 years!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Winning 80% against 2nd tier competition creates an illusion of success that gets the attention of some uninformed poll voters.

What really excludes BYU from national relevance it's losing record against the BCS including Utah.

BYU is and always has been a 2nd tier power with a broad but shallow church based following... nothing more... nothing less.

Scottsdale, AZ

How does Roscoe feel about exposing himself on ESPN?

Provo, UT


To be fair how many games if BYU was placed in the PAC-12 instead of Utah, would the Cougars have won? When they can't beat Utah, you can't say they would do a lot better, right?

Payson, UT

It BYU played the same BCS team Utah played BYU would have a similar record.
2004 utah beat
Texas A&M (7-5) toss up weather BYU would win
Arizona (3-8) BYU likely win
North Carolina (6-6) BYU likely win
Pittsburgh (8-4) BYU likely win this was a bad Pitt team Utah should of got a chance to play Auburn.

2005 utah beat
Arizona (3-8) BYU win
Georgia Tech (7-5) BYU win

2006 utah had no bcs wins

2007 utah beat
UCLA (6-7) BYU did win and lost
Louisville (6-6) BYU likely win

2008 utah beat
Michigan (3-9) BYU win
OSU (9-4) edge OSU
Alabama (12-2) Alabama would kill BYU!

2009 utah beat
Louisville (4-8) BYU win
Cal (8-4) toss up

2010 utah beat
Pitt (8-5) BYU likely win
Iowa State (5-7) BYU win

2011 utah beat
GT (8-5) BYU win
Pitt (6-7) BYU likely win
OSU (3-9) BYU did win
AZ (4-8) BYU win
WSU (4-8) BYU win

2012 utah beat
Cal (3-11) BYU win
WSU (3-9) BYU win
Colorado (1-11) BYU win

Where am I wrong?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Kyle worse loss Colorado (3-10)"

Close, but not quite.

Kyle worse loss shut out by UNLV(2-10) 0-27, a team that only beat one other team, Utah State(2-10).

Kyle has lost to TWO 10-loss teams in 7 years, almost as many as the three 10-loss teams BYU has lost to...

in their entire history!

In addition conference bottom-dwelling team Colorado and UNLV, Kyle also lost to MWC bottom dwellers New Mexico(twice), Wyoming and Colorado St.

Bronco has never lost to a MWC bottom dweller.

Overall, in wins against winning teams versus losses to losing teams

Bronco is 25-4
Kyle is 25-6

Omaha, NE

One thing to keep in mind, it is that BYU coaches and players are going grow and learn at a pace that will exceed other athletes due to the diversity of the teams they play year to year. The scheming and play calling is going to vary based upon different offenses and defenses from year to year. Whereas with the U, they will have the same teams and same schemes with new wrinkles from year to year. I'm not taking anything away from the U because I think their schedule and teams they play will be consistently more difficult, what I am saying is that I think this is good for the Y and their coaches and players.


Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Coulda-woulda-shouldas are meaningless.

On the field Utah has a winning BCS record and BYU has a losing BCS record.


Baltimore, MD


"To be fair how many games if BYU was placed in the PAC-12 instead of Utah, would the Cougars have won? When they can't beat Utah, you can't say they would do a lot better, right?"

Comparative scores aren't a great predictor of success against other teams.

Case in point:

BYU crushed Georgia Tech 41-17 on the road (+24), Georgia Tech easily handled USC 21-7 in the Sun Bowl (+14), and USC beat Utah 38-28 in RES (+10), so based on comparative scores, BYU should have destroyed Utah by a score of roughly 58-10. Didn't happen.

And, let's not forget, BYU beat USU, a team Utah lost to.

Meridian, ID

Snack Pack,

From one BYU fan to another, please please PLEASE don't refer to BYU as a National Power. I like your positive energy, but we're just not there yet. Trust me, no one wants it more than me, but lets not put the cart before the horse. It only feeds the ute trolls.

Payson, UT

The benefit for BYU's independence when coupled with the Espn contract is that they can schedule teams all across the country because these teams want non-conference nationally televised games.

If BYU has a decent team and can get lucky with opponents that aren't spectacular, but have winning seasons at the end of november, BYU could get a shot at going undefeated and getting a playoff invite.

As the schedule is made a couple years in advance, they have the risk of all opponents going sub 500 or the risk of all being top 25. Neither scenario is good for the team down south. That is why the scheduling is such a hard process.

Utah on the other hand is always guaranteed to have top 25s, sub 500s, and several 8-4 or 7-5 teams on their schedule, but without the national exposure for most games. (Pac12 network is great, but not the same as espn2).

BYU needs to always remember though, they are nothing without the Espn deal. Voters are much smarter now than they were in 1984 and won't vote on record alone (e.g. 2008 season)

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Snack PAC

Top 25 ranking evidence of national power?

What is a losing BCS record evidence of?

What is a losing record to Utah evidence of?

What is being snubbed in conference realignment evidence of?

hint... not evidence of national power or relevance.

Baltimore, MD

Here's the real bottom line:

Best Seasons, based on rankings (which are the final measure of each season) and records

1) #1/#1 BYU(13-0) 1984
2) #2/#4 Utah(13-0) 2008
3) #4/#5 Utah(12-0) 2004
4) #5/#5 BYU(14-1) 1996
5) #7/#7 BYU(11-1) 1983
6) #10/#8 Utah(10-2) 1994
7) #12/#12 BYU(12-1) 1980
8) #12/#12 BYU(11-2) 2009
9) #13/#11 BYU(11-2) 1981
10) #13/#12 BYU(11-1) 1979
11) #18/#10 BYU(10-3) 1994
12) #14/#15 BYU(11-2) 2007
13) #16/#15 BYU(11-2) 2006
14) #16/#17 USU(11-2) 2012
15) #16/#17 BYU(11-3) 1985
16) #18/#18 Utah(11-2) 2009
17) #20/#16 BYU(9-2) 1977
18) #19/#18 USU(9-2) 1960
19) #22/#17 BYU(10-3) 1990
20) #22/#18 BYU(10-3) 1989

Of the Top 20 seasons all-time for BYU, Utah and USU:

BYU - 14
Utah - 4
USU - 2

Bronco - 3
8) 2006
12) 2007
13) 2009

Kyle - 2
2) 2008
16) 2009

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