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Published: Thursday, June 20 2013 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Fort Benning, GA

For anyone, whether BYU fan or not, thinks that BYU is a national powerhouse is crazy. They aren't there yet. ESPN has provided us with the opportunity to play upper tier teams because of the brand "ESPN" and the coverage. It has something to do with our fan base and filling a stadium. That being said, they don't necessarily schedule BYU because of the football program. Yes, we won a NC in '84 and had a string of great QBs. But that doesn't come to mind of many ADs or college programs in 2013. Notre Dame is about the only program (maybe Alabama) that can rest on its laurels. I am a die hard Coug fan, but we need to be realistic about who we are, currently. The U won't play because it doesn't do much if they win, and if they loose it is REALLY bad. They don't have anything to gain, except local recruits, who they feel they can get due to the PAC-12. BYU needs to worry about BYU and winning their tough schedule this year, that's it!

Cedar Rapids, IA

I'm glad I re-read the headline. I thought at first it said ESPN was critical "of" BYU scheduling. What a difference a preposition makes.

Boys, boys, boys (and maybe girls): All your carping at each other doesn't mean doodly squat. It's what happens on the field. Both schools have admirable programs. Dissing each other and each other's school just isn't classy. Entertaining sometimes, but not classy.

Who really cares about the statistics. They're flung around here like they prove what the future will bring. I'm just guessing that there might be more benefit from much less interest in the past (can't change it from what I know) and more anticipation for what is coming in the future.

But, hey. Where can a guy such entertainment for such a low price?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Orem, UT

A 46% winning percentage against BCS teams proves that Bronco's Cougars are nothing more than paper tigers.

They beat 2nd tier competition in the WAC/MWC with an 80% winning percentage... but when they play the big boys they lose more than they win.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Like other BCS teams I think Utah should schedule BYU on a 2 for 1 basis.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Who am I sir?

Pre-season SOS rankings are no more accurate than pre-season team rankings.

Last year at this time, USC was projected to be a national championship contender. Check the final rankings from 2012. Do you find USC listed anywhere in the final polls?

The point is, NOBODY, including you, can make any definitive determination on whether Utah's or BYU's schedule will ultimately be rated more difficult, and more importantly, which team will have greater success in 2013.



You're still dodging and hiding behind labels, proving that Kyle's record against "quality bcs opponents" is nothing but a house of cards built on wins against weak, losing teams like 1-11 Colorado.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Fort Benning, GA

Cougar fans do think they are a national power.

An 80% winning record against WAC/MWC competition creates the illusion among Cougar Nation that they are a national power...

That illusion is crushed when they step on the field and post a losing record against the big boys of the BCS.

Salt Lake City, UT

These comments are great stuff. Here's a gem...

"Utah is too small of a fan base, stadium, and lack of tradition. Like it or not, to even get ND to visit once is a compliment for BYU."

Before you speak, you should make sure you know what you are talking about. Holmoe said a couple weeks ago that he has heard nothing from ND regarding the planned visits to byu and there is nothing on the schedule, yet. ND is entering a quasi-conference relationship with the ACC which will limit their flexibility with their future schedules. Apparently, you don't know that but Holmoe is well aware. In time, we will find out just how important byu is to ND. Until then...

West Point , UT

"Like other BCS teams I think Utah should schedule BYU on a 2 for 1 basis".

Why exactly should BYU do this? They are home and home with GT, home-neutral-home with Arizona, home and home with Washington State. Oh wait...you must be under the impression that Utah is up there with ND and Wisconsin, Texas and Nebraska. Isn't that cute. Lol

Layton, UT

And byu is up there with the likes of New Mexico State, Portland, San Francisco etc. Precious. lol.

Cougar Files
Roosevelt, UT


I think CO Ute was not bashing the Y, he was countering Utes that are suggesting Tom was dissing the U for not scheduling the Y. I think he was pointing out that any school with a tough non-conference schedule is less enthusiastic about scheduling the Y (and that would include Utah). In years where they have a lighter schedule, most schools (including Utah) feel that BYU increases the strength and intrigue of their schedule - ergo a slot is found in future seasons.

Let's not take offense when none is intended. I think CO Ute's comment was fair and actually countered some of the prior comments by those trying to find a jab at the U in Tom's comments.

West Point , UT

Cougar Files:
"Let's not take offense when none is intended. I think CO Ute's comment was fair and actually countered some of the prior comments by those trying to find a jab at the U in Tom's comments".

I agree with you. I brought up Holmoe jabbing the utes saying it was "unintentional"...then saying, "or was it?". I was just having a bit of fun but I think others (CO Ute) took it more seriously than intended. I like to rib ute fans and have fun with it, but I've made it clear before that I think they are a great school and a class organization. Hopefully no one takes the jabs and poking fun too seriously.

North Salt Lake, UT

Howard, Whitt's winning percentage against BCS cupcakes while in the MWC is irrelevant.

Whitt's winning percentage against real BCS teams is the more accurate indicator of the strength of Utah's program, and in that regard he's not doing too well: 7-11, or winning percentage of 39%. Add in the predicted 2-7 record in the PAC this year, and he'll be at a pitiful 33%.

But it does provide a clue as to why you like to troll BYU articles so much.

Oh, and when you can start beating USU on a regular basis again then perhaps you can brag about your BCS record.

West Point , UT

We're talking about football here...Portland and SF don't have football teams. As for NMSU they're up there with weber state, Montana St, and northern Colorado...ya know easy wins for Utah (and BYU). Now what exactly were you trying to say?

I was pointing out that Utah is similar to wazzu, AZ, and Georgia Tech in terms of commanding home and homes. Do you seriously dispute that? Howie is under the impression that Utah is bigger than those teams and can command 2 for 1s from BYU when those programs haven't/can't. I don't believe Utah has the same clout as ND, Texas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. If you disagree, fine, but you might want to bring more to the discussion than comparing BYU to bottom tier FBS or non existent football programs.

Layton, UT

"Hopefully no one takes the jabs and poking fun too seriously." 100% Agreed!

I too appreciate a sensible comment from either side once in a while...then their are those like thebigsamoan that come of as being sensible but always end their comments with a jab at Utah. lol.

Now...back to the fun...Everyday you byu "fans" tell us that losing to Utah means nothing because blah, blah, blah. Then you turn and tell us that it is important that we play each other and that we're scared??? Typical arrogant byu "fan" frantic emotion. lol.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Many of you are tearing down BYU only because you are a U fan. I get it, it's cool, that happens. But you know all to well that BYU albeit is not a National Power, they can compete and play with anyone on any given day. So they have had some down years in the past. I seem to remember some very down years for the U in the past. Also, where BYU appears to be making some strides in the upward direction, Utah seems to be falling in the wrong direction. Utah entered what was a weak PAC-10 South, Sorry true PAC-10 fans still do not recognize Utah and Colorado. They did alright but continue to slip further down the ladder. USC will bounce back from their slip, UCLA is on the rise, Washington is making forward strides, WAZZU I am sure will be back with the new air attack, the Zona's are always in and out, and where does that leave Utah, at the bottom...again. Sorry but get use to staying home in December and January.

Layton, UT

@Virginians for BYU

'Utah has already dropped to nothing on a national scale"
Comments like this crack me up. lol
What does that say for byu football the last 11 years. lol.

Payson, UT

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree Utah looks to have a much harder schedule. We will have to see how the Pac-12 does.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

"An 80% winning record against WAC/MWC competition creates the illusion among Cougar Nation that they are a national power..."
How can you fault BYU for winn 80% of there WAC/MWC competition when Utah did not win at the same rate when they were in those conferences?

To answer Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Kyle record for BCS team he beat 137-168 44.9% win record
Kyle record for BCS team he lost to 110-84 56.7%
Games lost to sub .500 BCS teams 4

Bronco record for BCS team he beat 60-87 40.8% win record
Bronco record for BCS team he lost to 110-84 56.7%
Games lost to sub .500 BCS teams 1

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Utah has beaten USU 10 out of the last 11.

That's pretty regular.

Utah has beaten BYU 8 out of the last 11.

That's pretty regular too.

Maybe the Cougar Nation should wait until they can beat Utah regularly before talking about their national relevance.

And for that matter maybe the CN should wait until they can beat BCS teams regularly before talking about their national relevance.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


BCS cupcakes?

You mean those same BCS cupcakes that beat BYU 54% of the time?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"Not every LDS is a byu fan but every byu fan is LDS."

That's not entirely true; there are some posters on the DN comments and the ESPN conversation boards who are BYU fans but not LDS. There are probably more than those few.

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