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Published: Thursday, June 20 2013 5:30 p.m. MDT

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BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

The key to the whole deal is that BYU needs to be good enough that every game is a winner for everyone involved. When the other team wins, They get credit for a good win. When BYU wins it shouldn't be embarassing. Competitive games are a must for everyone to win. Go cougars!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Orem, UT

56% vs. 46% is all you need to know about the relative strength of Whit and Bronco against the BCS.

If you've got another point to make... make it... and cite your own evidence.

Layton, UT


How many games has bronco lost to Kyle in the last 3 years?

How many games has bronco lost to Kyle since the Utes joined the Pac12?

How successful has bronco been vs Kyle?

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ CO Ute... You say that Utah is doing what the really good teams are doing... except that Utah isnt'and hasnt' been a good team in the Pac-12. The ESPN article on the PAC 12 upcoming season talks about Utah for 1/2 a sentence. And it isnt' a positive 1/2 a sentence. The elephant in the room is that Utah has recognized that unless they get more wins out of conference they will finish with a losing record. For them to improve their win column they must dumb down the out of conference schedule and play only an occasional good team but mostly weaker teams than they have played in the past. Playing BYU poses just too much risk.

Layton, UT

@Virginians for BYU

"Playing BYU poses just too much risk."
The last 11 years seem to prove different.

Playing byu does nothing for Utah on the national scale.

Playing any other team from a major conference brings national attention.

Playing a lesser team brings a guaranteed win.

That's why Dr.Hill should demand 2 for 1 from tom. lol.

Go Utes.

Adin, CA

@Howard S

Yes, ND is a 4 for 2 schedule. BYU has to do that because they are not ND. However, Utah has only been to South Bend. ND would not agree to play at Utah and never will. Utah is too small of a fan base, stadium, and lack of tradition. Like it or not, to even get ND to visit once is a compliment for BYU. Funny how a non-bcs school like BYU can get ND to visit, but a BCS school like Utah can't (although after next year, BYU and Utah are back on the same level playing field...no more BCS) Once ND starts scheduling Washington State, Iowa State and the likes for home and homes, Utah has hope.

Layton, UT


There's no denying that byu has a national following because of their religious affiliation.
Not every LDS is a byu fan but every byu fan is LDS. btw..that has a lot to do with why nobody wants you, and btw..I'm LDS myself.

ND scheduled byu 4 for 2 because it gives them a cupcake with a national following.

Go Utes.

Orem, UT

Howard S.

"56% vs. 46% is all you need to know about the relative strength of Whit and Bronco against the BCS."

You think you're clever, but all you're doing is proving the point that Kyle's record against "BCS" teams is really nothing more than a flimsy house of cards built on weak teams with losing records.

Kyle's utter failure to win a single game against PAC a team with a winning record, while losing TWO games to conference foes with LOSING records, proves the point.

Thanks for playing!

Salt Lake City, Utah

It will be interesting to see how holmoe handles scheduling when ESPN stops airing byu football games late at night, and drops them all together. It's no secret that only the power conferences (and ND) will be benefitting from the College Football Playoff system that will begin next season.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

June 4th I predicted BYU's 2013 schedule would be ranked by Phil Steele as "rated somewhere near the 45th most difficult (2 years ago it was in the mid-nineties) and I believe Utah's will be some 10 to 15 places higher" I was close on BYU's. Actual ranking was 49th; however, Utah's was rank significantly more than 10 to 15 places higher. Actual ranking 12th!!
When I specifically asked a couple of Cougar fans to make an early prediction (I wanted to test my ability to be somewhat objective and my prediction ability against theirs!.) Duckhunter's response "...only Utes care to 1) explain the past two years and 2) “preemptive third year” “Other than that you can own me on that one because I really couldn't care less.” I understood his 1 & 2 comments (that doesn't mean they are not valid! But when he said he doesn't care I thought maybe he (and other cougar fans) should care. When BYU replaces 2013 opponents Utah, Ga Tech, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, and Idaho State with UNLV, U. Conn, and So. Miss and 2 yet to be named - Someone should let BYU know they care.

West Point , UT

@CO Ute:
"Did you bother to read the next sentence before distorting the article for your post? The rest of the comment is:
They won't play us if they've already scheduled a really, really good team outside of their really, really good conference. They'll catch us on another year, and that's why we're doing games into the 2020s".

What you're failing to address here, CO Ute, is that big time programs still schedule their rivals. Florida still plays Florida St, Georgia still plays Ga Tech, Michigan still plays ND, etc etc. Yet for still playing Georgia (who's a heck of a lot better than Michigan) GT will still play BYU. Other PAC12 teams schedule BYU but for some reason Utah can't? See the difference?

"Taking quotes out of context is typical of you and several other posters that love to bash the U".

Except that I have given Utah credit on several occasions for deserving the PAC12, great players, and wishing them future success in the PAC because it will help the state. I like to rib ute fans the same way they rib us. Do you have a problem with that?

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

ESPN recognizes an international brand and a great HD truck.

Orem, UT


Beating BYU is obviously the single most important goal of every BYU-obsessed Utah fan, as proven over and over and over again on these blogs. NOTHING is more important to U than beating BYU, and NOTHING causes greater angst on the hill than the mere thought of losing to BYU.

If BYU were a "guaranteed win", as you claim, why did your AD openly admit that playing Michigan and BYU in the same year was too much for the Utes to handle, so he dropped BYU to schedule Fresno State, a team that only has two lifetime AP Top 25 finishes, #24 in 1992 and #22 in 2004?

The constant spin coming from the hill would make a whirling dervish jealous.

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ EKUte

As you say... "playing BYU does nothing for Utah on a national Scale".... Hate to break it to you but Utah has already dropped to nothing on a national scale..... Last 2 years they have started off the season with Montana State, Northern Colorado Real powerhouses.... Those teams really put Utah in the national spotlight....Stepped it up to Utah State this year... SUU must have already been booked. Once they get into the conference it will be the same story.... Lose most of the games. If Chris Hill believed that BYU was a likely win, he would keep playing the game. If you want to impress someone act like Alabama and play VA Tech for your first game. TCU is playing LSU. Desperation at Utah says play for an easy wins which means don't play BYU. Too much risk.

Las Vegas, NV

@ ekute

"Playing byu does nothing for Utah on the national scale."

I disagree with you on that. Utah playing BYU is a guaranteed ESPN game. Do you not think that playing on ESPN is promoting your team on a national scale? Most of Utah's PAC 12 games will be on PAC 12 network or some other regional network. These networks are nowhere near as good as ESPN, even you'd have to concede to that. Do you think playing Fresno State will promote your team on a national scale? I think not.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU's toughest schedule yet (2013) ranked 49th most difficult by Phil Steele!

The article say's working on the 2015 schedule (4 games not yet scheduled)_- whereas it looks like there are only 10 games scheduled for 2014! Regardless of what happens in 2013 BYU's 2014 schedule will probably be somewhere back in the 90's as to difficulty. Should assure 10 wins again and enhances self importance. .

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

2 years ago when U of U was invited to the Pac 10, I said they would eventually become just like the other BCS doormats (Arizona, WSU, Iowa St., Northwestern, Vanderbilt etc..)and become forgotten AGAIN in the college football scene. I love Kyle W. and think he has done a great job, but if he has two more years like last year, he will be gone! Who knows, maybe even this year. Point is, Utes better start winning some games if they want to become the alpha dog program in the state of Utah. If BYU finishes with a better record this year Ute trolls can't blame BYU's easy schedule like they could the last couple of years. Ute fans think because of the conference they are part of makes them a better team. Start winning some games against the Pac 10 elite before you come to a BYU article and beat your chests!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


If the sole measure for success was beating Utah, Bronco would only be a so-so 3 of 8.

Fortunately for Bronco and BYU, and unfortunately for our BYU-hating friends on the hill, beating Utah is only a small part of the overall measure of BYU's football success.

BYU fans enjoyed an exciting game in San Diego during bowl week this past season to extend BYU's bowl-winning streak to four, and BYU's bowl appearance streak to eight straight seasons. BYU is fast approaching their 2nd double-digit bowl appearance streak, an accomplishment that the Utes will likely NEVER see from that johnny-come-lately program on the hill.

btw, how was your bowl week?

Springville, UT

CO Ute

"Seem to me that Utah scheduled Michigan which is clearly a really, really good team outside of their really, really good conference."

Seems to me that Utah scheduled Fresno State.

All we get these days from you Uteville residents is excuses.

And by the way... U'll be home for Christmas... a new holiday tradition.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

i would like a hint or two about who the last game will be on the 2014 schedule. it needs to be a great one to make up for another wise very average schedule.

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