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Published: Thursday, June 20 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu, thin in secondary?

That couldn't be possible.

Why is it byu fans that you are always thin in talent at secondary?

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Nice additions to the program. Should be enough to beat Utah this year.

Omaha, NE

I like Daniels comments on education and what he has learned through an experience in life. I wish him success both off and on the field for BYU this year.


Sandy, UT

Chris B commenting first on a BYU article ? That couldn't be possible. Why is it Chris that the rest of ute nation has supposedly moved on from the BYU rivalry but you seem to be stuck in neutral ?

Good luck Robertson ! Glad to have you on the team. Go BYU !

Thats what I thought
South Jordan, UT

@Chris B. In case you forgot, BYU was ranked #10 nationally in passing defense last year. The U? 64th. Rushing defense? Why- that would be BYU at #2 and the U at #22. Total defense? BYU #3, U at #36. BYU ranked higher in the nation in defense that the U ranked in the Pac-12.

Thats what I thought
South Jordan, UT

If I had an extra 3000 bodies on the field for the last couple plays of a close game I could win any game.

Thats what I thought
South Jordan, UT

If I had an extra 500 people on the field for the last couple of plays in a close game, I could win a whole bunch of games too.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

What did U's offense do against BYU last year? Basically nothing. The D is great. This is a great addition. Add to that a quarterback on offense and it's time for B to eat some crow. Yes you have won the most recent games, but not this season. Taking from your old posts "Mark it down." Oh yeah, I forgot, LOL.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Utah State was the only team wearing big boy pants last year in football in this state. They took your little boy team from the big boy conference and taught them a lesson. Utah won't be all grown up till they win their division, or end the season ranked five years running. That won't happen anytime soon. They need to first work towards being bowl eligible.

A true Ute fan would not hinge their entire year on whether or not they in the BYU game.

West Point , UT

I think even ute fans have disowned Chris B. I won't bite on his typical ridiculous commentary.

It will be nice to get these two going in fall camp and see what they can do. Losing Trammel was a big blow to BYU...our secondary may have been the best it's ever been if trammel were healthy. Hopefully these two guys (Lee especially is supposed to be pretty good) can make up the difference. And I agree with other posters...they'll easily be enough to beat Utah's powder puff offense.

Mcallen, TX

The utes took some bruising in the wood shed last year. Look for some big time licks this year starting with Utah State. Maybe a bowl game in a few years will be possible, but not this year.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

With these guys and the ESPN contract we could have a huge year. Hard to beat when we're always on ESPN.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Another great addition to a top 5 defense. If our offense can get us 14 points a game, we go undefeated.

Richmond, VA

Welcome news! Hope the kid will be a great asset to the team and have a great career as a cougar! Here's hoping he'll also continue to keep his academics status on the up and up.

I'm a huge Cougar fan but I also like the Utes and root for them when they're not playing BYU. I'm anxious to see what happens come September when the two teams meet. I'm hoping this year the outcome will be different if for nothing else just to silence the incessant and hateful vitriol from the haters. For this reason I'm pleading with all of you my fellow Cougar fans who are predicting a BYU win to please stop. Of course I'm hoping you're right but there's no guarantee that we will so please don't keep making the same mistake of underestimating C. Whit and the Utes! They have proven over and over that they are a formidable opponent to us. Let's stay classy and not make silly predictions that keeps hurting us when they don't come true.

Go Cougars! And good luck to the Utes too!

North Salt Lake, UT


Actually, Utah needs to first focus on beating Utah State this year.

Because the MWC Aggies are definitely better than the PAC-12 Utes and will likely make it two in a row, and since the Utes haven't been able to beat a BCS team with a pulse since 2009 they are going to need every non-conference win they can get.

This game will be relatively easy for USU, because not only do they return most of their starters and have more talent overall, Utah will once again be looking past them to the BYU game -- which is the only game Ute fans care about anyway.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"Junior college transfers Sam Lee and Robertson Daniel are set to arrive on campus next week and could both add significantly to the overall depth of BYU's defensive backfield." -- Brandon Gurney

That they COULD. Rivals lists both athletes as having received no other offers, and as a 2-star athlete, Daniel is JUST the sort of player our midmajorey little brother looks for. As a 0-star, Lee also possesses the sort of pedigree that's necessary to attract Indy-WACey coaches' attentions.

Ya gotta love it when a 0- and 2-star athletes are being touted for to "add...overall depth".

Layton, UT


Too late...Chris already felt that tug on his line. lol.

@Thats what I thought

The cougs were strong on the defensive line and at linebackers...thanks to bronco...that's where their pass defense came from. They're always hurting for more athleticism at corners and to some extent at safeties.

Go Utes.

Hyrum, UT

To Naval Vet:

Isn't it amazing how BYU, with it's low-star defense athletes (that you like touting about), were nationally ranked so much better than Utah's defense. In fact BYU's was a top 5 defense while Utah wasn't even ranked in the top 50. Sounds like you are the one that should be worried about adding some more depth.
There comes a time when you should be a bit more careful with the can of worms you open so often. It usually comes right back at you... and with a thud!

Lindon, UT

@Chris B: Maybe there is a conspiracy to discourage all good cornerbacks from signing with BYU so as all of their opponents will be able to pass on BYU. lol Seriously, Chris B, what is your take on your question? We would like your thoughts on the subject. Please don't spew the usual diatribe. We would like to hear your honest thoughts on the subject without you being political(Utah is in the PAC 12 and BYU is independent. We already know that. Tell us something we do not know! If you can.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Naval lint,
OUCH. Tators took it to you.

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