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Published: Wednesday, June 19 2013 5:25 p.m. MDT

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

I thought Jobs were your number one priority Mr. Lee, Not weaseling special laws to protect religious folks into a Funding Bill. Most of the discrimination that the religious right is worried about is being carried out on NON-christians.

Now please do something for the People of Utah, instead of message bills about the war on Christmas.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I thought Jobs were BO's top priority. I guess not. Suppression of first, second, and fourth amendment rights appear to be his top priority.

Too bad our congressional representative have to "weasel" to ensure our constitutional rights are proterct4ed from the abuses of the BO misadministration.

Keep up the good fight, Mr. Lee, working hard for the people of Utah.

Woods Cross, UT

Proselytization was against the Uniform Code thirty years ago when I was a full-time LDS missionary with an Air Force base in my area. This appears to be another scuffle in the "Culture War." Senator Lee is playing games for publicity.

American Fork, UT

The very existence of religion in the military is a strong indicator of why religion persists today. It's about power. It's about getting good people to do bad things. Religion is the easiest way for one person or group to control another, and to justify heinous activities we are otherwise programmed to know are wrong. Religion should be absolutely forbidden in the military except for on an exclusively personal level.

Salt Lake City, UT

If I understand correctly, no one is arguing that service members are restricted from worshipping in any way. The restrictions are on proselytizing. Is proselytizing to be considered an non-restrictable constitutional right?

spring street

Wait that can't be right, are you trying to tell us this was not an evil consperecy startedd by Obama to strip lost of everything?

Saint Louis, MO

Mr. Obama is a national socialist who does not particularly care for religion. He sees it as patriarchal and discriminatory against women and gays. Mr. Truman rightfully used the military to break discrimination against African-Americans. What Mr. Obama is doing with the military is a lot more controversial and which has Orwellian implications.

Roy, UT

Virtually every soul will have a bias regarding this issue; why risk ones life to protect unprotectable, by law, freedoms? Religious liberty must be provided or the or the cause of freedom would cease to exist. We must defend the Constitution without losing sight of improving the economy, etc. Unity, liberty & justice, opportunity for all must be considered. I want elected reps to defend my right to religious freedom,

salt lake city, utah

According to Mr. Lee it's ok, correct and necessary, that military commanders retain sole power to recognize and prosecute rape in the military but proselytizing, oh no.

Allen, TX

There are no atheists in foxholes.

Obama, in his infinite wisdom and demonstrated good judgement would like to try to change this millennia-old maxim. He is on the wrong side of every moral argument.

Saint George, UT

You can be gay. You can be bi. You can be atheist. You can be trans-gender. You can dress like any gender you want. And you will be protected by this administration and its cronies. But you can never be religious! It is the unpardonable sin.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Some of you posters have not been reading about what has been happening in the military. It it the commanders that are ordering their soldiers to services. They must attend or do guard, latrine or kp duties. This is helping each soldier choose their own path and not be intimidated by their superior. That is the reason for the no proselyting rule. Their is no rule on personal expression of faith.
I am sure you would all agree if you had a son or daughter serving under one of these generals that believe that his way is the only way.

Salt Lake City, UT

Conservative Christians complain they are being persecuted when government tells them that a military organization can't force their religious beliefs on its members.

The administration is not saying you can't be religious. Those who say otherwise are either intellectually dishonest or misinformed. The only issue stems from military personnel trying to force their religious beliefs on others. Belief what you want. Just stop trying to make other people believe what you believe when it's time to serve in the military or any other government related job.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Ps- hat are beinMormon soldiers are sometime the ones who are being abused by their born again commanders, but it sounds like you are for this. Really? Or are you unaware of why and what Obama signed?



I disagree completely. I served 8 years in the Army and was operationally deployed three times. I spent more than a year in Baghdad. I served as a combat engineer (explosives and demolitions) and later as Explosive Ordinance Disposal. I worked in Fallujah and Ramadi as well. I am an athiest. I knew several soldiers that deployed with no interest in religion, but who came home very religious. I also know several soldiers who deployed as very religious (even Mormon) and came home athiest.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

How many of you posters above have actually served in the military? Like FatherOfFour, I served in the Army and spent a year in Baghdad. Overzealous and preachy First Sergeants and Commanders destroy unit cohesion just as fast as weak, ineffective leaders. The last thing I wanted to hear from my First Sergeant is how I needed to go to church. People in his little circle who attended religious services with him got special treatment as well.

Standing in formation in an official military status is not the place to be preached to by an overzealous First Sergeant.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

you are SOOOOO right!.

it was RELIGION that caused Hitler, Stalin, and Mao to kill close to 100,000,000 between them. Yep, you nailed it!

Mighty Mouse
Salt Lake City, Utah

Another example of incompetent leadership and disrespect for the Constitutional rights of citizens from the White House. A substantial percentage of the Armed Forces is religiously devout. So what is the logical impact of this message to the morale of those troops who do practice their religion? Great way to honor the service and sacrifice of these good men and women who have chosen to serve their country in this way. I have always tried to respect the Office of President regardless of who occupies that position but I am sad to admit that this President has lost my trust. Covering up the sale of guns to Mexican drug lords, supporting the radicalization of the Middle East, cowardly leaving a U.S. Ambassador to die to conceal a terrorist attack from the people, using the IRS to punish his political enemies, using secret email accounts to conceal high level communications, spying on and intimidating the free press, invading the private phone calls of all Americans, forcing religious charities to provide contraceptives in violation of their beliefs, shamelessly using a national tragedy to advance his anti-gun agenda and the list goes on.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Thanks for the daily update of Republican Talking Points/FOX Improbable Infomercials.

BTW...I've lost trust in all of the above.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Conservatives, republicans, religions and business in general are pushing the idea that corporations are people. And thus these organizations are straining against the chains (rules and regulations) that bind them and would remove the effect and protection of the individual person that has been a part of the American creed.

If the people who would help the individual soldier survive his ordeal have morphed into salesmen for their product, they have no place in the military.

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