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Published: Wednesday, June 19 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The poly community in my opinion will be the number one strength of the Ute football program going forward and is VITAL to our success in the Pac12.

We won't win most recruiting battles with USC or Oregon and no one is claiming we will.

We will however win most recruiting battles in Utah(as we've already done the past several years if you look at recruits who were offered by all 3 schools) and the Poly community needs to make up a big chunk of our base each year.

In Utah we're a little disadvantaged as you don't find a lot of the "speed" that is everywhere in Texas, Florida, California. So yes we need to continue to recruit texas and California hard.

I see the large Utah Poly community being a huge advantage to the Utes both in terms of compared to other Pac 12 schools and also compared to byu/usu.

The premier Poly kids will want to play for the premier program in the state.

And that is the Pac 12 University of Utah Utes

Go Utes

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Who was the last Poly Whittingham put in the NFL?


Who was the last poly Bronco put in the NFL?


I wonder if future recruits will notice the same thing I notice.


houston, texas

Umm, Uona Kaveinga went to the Broncos this year and is Tongan. I think recruits will be a little less blatantly biased than you. BYU has always had a strong Poly connection.

Idaho Falls, ID

If Poly kids like 5-7 records and lots of down time during the bowl season, they'll choose the utes.

Sinew South
Centennial, CO

Coach Te'o is awesome. I loved playing for him at Snow. He has a knack for lightening things up and getting the most out of a player.

Get Gas on three!

Las Vegas, NV

I think Chris B and Ducky are the same person.

While the poly players are certainly a large part of the Utah football equation, they are a large part of BYU's also and have been for a long time. The best poly name to come out of the U, IMO, is Christian Fuamatuma'afala.

Ed - take off your blue colored glasses. Utah has been to the exact same number of bowl games during the BCS period as the school to the south, 11. Now, if you want to compare the quality of those bowl games, the payoffs and the records - be my guest.

Go Utes!!

Bountiful, UT

Oh good, another comment line filled with Chris B's ranting and BYU fans falling for it.

Alema does a lot of great things for the community. Lots of good work going on at his camps beyond just the game of football.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

More drivel from those obsessed with BYU. No mention of the fact that Star wanted to go to BYU. And given the strength of BYU's defenses under Mendenhall (and given how a kid with no experience three years ago becomes a top-5 pick under him), I'd say that an objective viewpoint recognizes that a player with the physical tools will do at least as well at BYU as he would at Utah.

Highland, UT

Vic So'Oto seems to be doing pretty well in the NFL christina. You seem to be struggling on the interwebz.

Las Vegas, NV

Cougar Passion: Just a point of clarification. Star was offered by byu coming out of JC, but turned them down to play at Utah.

I love what Te'o is doing for the state of Utah. Keep up the good work!

Go Utes!!

Magna, UT

Vegas Ute, The way I understand it is Star committed to BYU and then went the JC route due to academics. Coming out of Snow, BYU missed out with recruiting him and he went to Utah

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Good morning VegasUte,

My understanding of the situation is similar to that of JDL: Star committed to BYU of high school, but didn't qualify. Then, because of similar situations where BYU previously got burned offering quality players with questions academically out of JC, BYU chose not to offer Star. That Star in fact did well academically at the U has BYU coaches again reconsidering the risk/reward ratio, and they are taking some chances again out of JC.

I could be wrong on this--it wouldn't be the first time. But I believe the "Star wanted to go to BYU" view is correct.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry, Chris B but you missed the point of the camp. It is to help the kids realize that they can use football to get a quality education, live a high value life, become a strong member of the community, the NFL may be a good goal but it is not the main focus. There are many good schools from which students can obtain a quality education. All three major schools Utah, BYU, and Utah State provide this opportunity.

West Jordan, UT

Bronco fired all of his poly coaches several years ago, that was a brilliant move. Now he has seen that he was wrong and hired a couple this year.

Orem, UT

Nice article about a good man. Thanks!

Stansbury Park, ut

@Chris B and your fans,

Its pretty sad how guys all care about Poly when only comes to football, you don't even consider them to be part of a community. that's all you care about, if those Polys don't do well I'm pretty sure you are gonna forget and don't even care. Only to make your Utes team better or something like that. Tell me how many of the Polynesian player didn't make it to the NFL and now have successful career that you know of I WANT YOU TO NAME THEM AND TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE DOING NOW...ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT WENT TO THE U.

K be real now these kids are just trying to make it better for them coming from the islands, coach Te'o in Camp didn't and i mean DID NOT TELL THESE KIDS TO GO TO THE UTES OR THE Y OK. HE PUSHED THEM TO BE A GOOD ADDITION TO THE COMMUNITY AND FOR THEMSELVES. I hope i make my points clear. And please know that us polynesians have it more than just football ok.

Las Vegas, NV

JDL and Passion - Star came out of JC in 2010. He had offers, coming our of Snow, from Utah, BYU, Oregon State and Utah State. BYU's recruiter was Brandon Doman. Not trying to be a Chris B on this one, but BYU DID have a second shot at Star, and Star chose Utah. I'm sure the statement that Star wanted to go to BYU is correct, but only as it relates to his recruitment out of high school.

Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV

Islanda - Nicely said!!

North Salt Lake, UT

"Bronco fired all of his poly coaches several years ago, that was a brilliant move. Now he has seen that he was wrong and hired a couple this year."

I suppose I could spend all day correcting the misinformation from Ute trolls in the comments in articles about BYU, but I just don't have time. So I'll just quickly point out to u25 that Steve Kaufusi has been a key member of the BYU coaching staff ever since he left Utah in 2002.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Good enough. As I said, I've been wrong before. I had heard enough over time about how BYU had soured on experiences with a couple of highly-rated JC players, defensive lineman specifically--Bernard Afutiti was one; can't remember the other one right now--that they chose not to take a second chance on JC lineman Star, who had already missed qualifying for them out of high school. The story line--again, heard many times--was that this mindset cost them when they saw Star do sufficiently well academically, and that they were now reconsidering the risks of offering a scholarship to someone who may well fail academically versus the help that player could give to the line if he managed to make it.

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