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Published: Wednesday, June 19 2013 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Whittingham does the right thing on and off the field.

That's what I love about him.

He doesn't need to create a list of "priorities" that are used as excuses for not winning by other teams.

Recently APR scores were released.

One of the highest teams?


Highest in Utah?

University of Utah Pac 12 Utes

Whittingham can win AND have good students AND have good kids in the community AND have kids that put their family when family needs to be AND have God wherever they want god

If Pedroza fixes his issues I'll welcome him back even if no playing time is missed.

Whittingham always makes the right decisions in these cases.

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Rather than be all self righteous and TALK about how we act as Utes, Whittingham simply demands Utes act like Utes should act, and if you don't, you're gone.

The University of Utah Pac 12 Utes is the flagship program in the state and produces the best football, best leaders, and best people in the community.

Thanks Whittingham for doing what is right.

Other coaches in Utah don't hold a candle to Whittingham. Top 10 coach in the country.

We are lucky to have a guy of such high character and who is committed to WINNING

Go Utes!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Chris and his Alma Mater?

DN Subscriber 2

I don't care if the team wins or loses, but I don't want "losers" on the team just because they can throw or catch a ball.

It is refreshing to see athletes in high visibility sports in "big" schools held to the same academic and behavior standards as other students, and for them to suffer the consequences when they fail to comply.

It takes more guts for a coach and team to do this than to look the other way. Well done!

Go Utes!

Las Vegas, NV

WOW!! Easy there Chris!

Too bad for Quinton. Some kids just have to learn lessons the hard way. Quinton had the potential to be something special. I hope he learns from this and gets his life on track.

Go Utes!

Layton, UT

@AZ Blue & Red

That Alma Mater owns you on the football field and Ute fans own byu "fans" with our Pac12 membership.

Go Utes.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I do not think any self righteous is in order. Already posted in the first posts. Glad Coach can do what is needed.

As for the U program I agree it is top notch but those of us who can think for ourselves and not have to take others word for it, there are other top notch programs in the state as well. Different animals and different approaches and certainly different institutions. Does not make one better. I want all to do well. Not sure why others have to be a one man band all the time. Can't others do well too? Can’t we root for all and one when they meet? If all do well does that not do well for the state?

Coach Witt does a great job and I hope that this young man can come back.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Wow Chris B
I thought only former BYU receivers talked about how living right off the field made magic happen on the field!!! Coach W is one of those former Sunday School Choir boys and he even holds firesides also imagine that!!! Both of your posts are dripping with self righteousness and I wonder what you would be saying if this had been a BYU player instead of a Ute!!! I hope this young man can fix his life so he can return to the sport he loves but more important, I hope he can finish his degree and be a good man!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Sorry to hear this action had to be taken. I hope I am not being too presumptuous to state that we all join together in wishing Mr. Pedroza the best in his future endeavors.

Ashburn, VA

Only Chris B could take a Utah player's dismissal and spin it into an open door for another attack on the rival school and its coach. Obsess much?

Las Vegas, NV

Reno and Perkunas: Well said!

Go Utes!!

#12 in the Pac 12
Denver, CO

Chris B,

"Rather than be all self righteous and TALK about how we act as Utes, Whittingham simply demands Utes act like Utes should act, and if you don't, you're gone."

Not sure how long you'd last around Whitt.

I admit he's a great guy, m,ust be that education of his! :)

St George, Utah

This must have been something pretty serious for Whit to hand out a dismissal. We already know that illegal drug use and DUI's only warrant a slap on the wrist at the U.
And don't even try to compare standards between BYU and the U.

South Jordan, UT

It's too bad for the kid. Usually by the time they are kicked off a team, it is because they have violated a few rules, multiple times. One of life's tough lessons. Athletics came easy but finding studying and life aren't so easy. Time for reality check and it can go one way or the other.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

I think losing Pedroza is gonna hurt. We have a fairly decent receiving corps, but from what I heard over the Spring, the dropoff from Pedroza to Denham was pretty steep. It's too bad Pedroza didn't learn from Blechen's ordeal about breaking team rules: No matter how talented you are, if you do the crime, you'll do the time. And it isn't even as if Blechen was the first Ute to be sanctioned. There's a long line of athletes behind him who TOO had broken team rules, and had to suffer the consequences.

The team suffers too.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

The flagship of the state? Really? Remind me how the Utes did in basketball the past two years, how many NCAA trips they made and let's not forget - which bowl game did they play in last year? Quit riding the coat tails of the PAC 11+U when you can't compete in ANY sport.

We need to all agree that BYU is the flagship in basketball and USU was the flagship in football.

Volleyball and Rugby go to BYU. We will give you the skiing title.

Davis County, UT

He must have done something really bad that they couldn't cover up

Salt Lake City, UT


"This must have been something pretty serious for Whit to hand out a dismissal. We already know that illegal drug use and DUI's only warrant a slap on the wrist at the U.
And don't even try to compare standards between BYU and the U."

Ahhh, that is completely uncalled for, raw. It was Mendenhall who had a player arrested for a DUI and then let him play in five games. Had the media not found out about it, the kid would still be in the starting line up. Just think of it...the media held Mendenhall accountable. lol.

Good luck to Pedroza. If these is a way to earn his way back on the team, I hope he takes any and all steps necessary to accomplish that. Life is a long journey and sometimes have to learn the hard way.

Ogden, UT

It appears a "normal" college experience will get you kicked off Kyle's team too. Good for Kyle for toeing the line and not making an exception for an "athlete".


Blah, blah, blah. Another article about a Utah football player devolves into Chrissy B, Ekute, and I am just waiting for NavelVet, to rant about BYU v Utah. It gets old!! Chrissy, Ekute, and Navelvet, we understand Utah is in the Pac 10.2. We understand that as BYU fans, we would like to be there as well. But please give it a rest! We moved on to a better situation as well as you. Have fun, do well, and represent the state I live in. But please remember, that if Texas would have said "yes", you still would be in the MWC and we would be independent still.

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