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Published: Tuesday, June 18 2013 3:25 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

I have no trouble at believing Romney is from another planet - altruistic and flawless are two different stories.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Please don't talk bad about Batman with that reference.

He deserves better

Jared from CT

Romney himself would never claim to be altruistic or flawless. He's as human as you or I, and definitely from planet earth. In spite of his flaws, and because of his tremendous strengths, Romney would have been a fantastic president. Far better than Barack Obama, who I have long considered to easily be the worst president we ever have had, which is being borne out by failure after failure and scandal after scandal -- failed economic recovery, failed employment progress, failed green energy projects, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, AP and other media intimidation and investigative overreach, NSA surveillance, chaos in the middle east, aiding and abetting our enemies (i.e. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood), Obamacare, Obamaphones... The list goes on and on and on. Our corrupt populace got what it deserved when it elected Obama -- Corruption, graft, greed and political pandering on a scope and scale beyond anything we've every seen.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Maybe supermans nemisis...I'd call him lex luther since he puts corporations in the same category as people and believes that 47% of the common folk don't contribute anything to society.

He hides his money like Bruce Wayne, and likes his many mansions so maybe a little batman/lex.

But superman no.

American Fork, UT

Perhaps the voters preferred batman to richie rich?

Salt Lake City, UT

It's absurd to assume Romney was "perfect" and invulnerable. He could have (and should have) won the election. It was his to lose - and he seemingly did what he could to lose it. Whether it was Romney's boneheaded statements showing a disconnect with most Americans or his wife musing about her Cadillacs and mansions, we all know the results. Reframing Romney as a super hero is hardly appropriate. He was (and is) a good man. But, he's a flawed man as well.

Washington, UT

Sorry to burst your bubble but Romney lost because of voter fraud in every battleground state. The "free" press is now part of the left election campaign machine, and the attorney general is part of the secret combination that refuses to investigates its own wrong doings. At least be honest here, Romney did not lose, the election was stolen. And if we think voter fraud was bad in 2012, now that we all know fraud is legal and will not be challenged, just wait until 2016. Free elections are a thing of the past. Vote if it makes you feel good, but 150% voter turnout in hundreds of precincts in the east will negate your vote many times over.

Cottonwood, CA

How's Batman working out?


Since my mother taught me to never talk about someone (or call them names)unless you can say something nice about them - I won't talk about Barack Obama.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Just like superhero worship some folks can't grasp that their hero wasn't wanted by the majority and was soundly defeated by the Stronger Man. It makes your guy look even weaker, that excuse, after excuse is given, especially the voter fraud nonsense, which took about 1 minute to research and find it false and only perpetuated on the radical right sights.

So this guy from the washington post thinks Obama is the Dark Knight dressed in all black?
and mit is Superman dressed in Red White and Blue, Really?

Bountiful, UT

Many conservative voters didn't vote for him because he is too much like a cameleon. He lost the important Hispanic vote for taking the tea party line on immigration. He lost a portion of the poorer working class for saying almost half of all poor Americans who don't pay taxes are sponges on those who do. (Many of these are hard working people who have jobs that don't pay very much). And finally the weather (God?) didn't cooperate either. The hurricane that happened just before the election led republican governor Christie of New Jersey to speak highly of president Obama, raising his poll numbers just before the election.


#1 Romney lost because he's Republican--the party that appeals to white conservative men, period.

#2 Romney lost because he was the poster boy for the upper 1%, revealed what Republicans think of 47% of Americans, and had to hide most of his tax returns at a time when people were having a hard time finding jobs.

#3 Romney revealed himself to be just another slick politician willing to set aside the truth for votes.

Kaysville, UT

Romneys 47% remark concerning americans is true. people just dont like to hear it. millions of people have been on welfare for YEARS. why would they vote for a man that wants to make them work for there paycheck when they can just vote for Obama and suck our country dry. Blue Collar is the only way a capitalist nation can work. And America has forgotten that. 47% just want to sit back and be given there money. No work ethic.

Saint George, UT

I would have preferred Romney by a mile, but to those who have been deluded into thinking that either the Democrat or Republican parties have the answers, you are either living in absolute ignorance, or you are a part of the corrupt machine that keeps all of them in office. The answers to the problems vexing this country are so obvious as to defy explanation! Until the obvious is recognized, the partisanship will continue.

Lindon, UT

Batman worked for the good of Gotham and it happened. Obama is definitely NOT Batman. Besides, that would make Joe Biden Robin....just doesn't work.

Sugar City, ID

Mitt Romney lost because he is synonymous with money. This is reflected in his stand on immigration. He wants only the elite who have ideas but need money. And he is the money supply. The jobs won't be American jobs.

Centerville, UT

Romney lost because a whole generation of Americans failed to inform and educate themselves and their children. The fact that this 'reporter' is comparing the leader of the free world to a DC comic figure is proof enough of that.

As for Mr. 'Common Touch' Obama, using the power of the IRS and the State Department to try to silence your critics seems more like a Czar than a common man to me. (Yes, the IRS scandal was known about at the top. Don't delude yourself into thinking it was a low-level staffer.)

We have permanently high unemployment, very low real economic growth, and Obama is now on the verge of trading Iraq for Syria. I wonder how Obama's supporters, the ones still actually paying attention, feel about this turn of events.

Thanks, I'll take the man of steel any day over what we got.

Joan Watson

Once said - said again - America shot itself in the foot when Romney was not elected the first time he ran for the presidency - America has shot itself in the head the second time he ran and was not elected. But one has to say this - pray for Pres Obama as he will need all the prayers he can get to navigate the complexities and dangers of this world - plus the serious problems and wrongs here at home.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

The culture has changed from what can I do for the country to what can the government do for me. That is why Obama won and the country lost.

Los Angeles, CA

Two face perhaps. Superman, no.

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