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Published: Tuesday, June 18 2013 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Plano, TX

Love Amy Adams as an actress. Can't stand Beck, and I'm a pretty right-wing guy otherwise.
Does this mean I'm an apostate or something ? :)

Cedar Hills, UT

Glenn gets a bit extreme sometimes I have to admit but I suspect Laman and Lemuel would say the same thing about Nephi. One thing is for certain - Beck is respected throughout the Christian and Jewish community. There are loads of pastors and Rabbi's that Glenn often talks with on talk radio and I think he is someone that is more of a national or even global personality whom is seen as a libertarian / Christian who also has no problem talking openly with atheists. Of course the far left HATES Beck with a passion which all started when he exposed Obama cabinet CZAR Van Jones as being a Communist. Jones promptly resigned.

As far as the female ex-Mormon actress... ah I don't know. I guess there might be some open mindedness from her stand point toward the Church but I doubt her Hollywood values mesh too well with the Miracle Of Forgiveness.


Let's see here...Amy Adams, the ex-Mormon, makes a positive impression on the church, while Glenn Beck, the active Mormon, makes the church look like a bunch of right wing crazies.

What can we learn from this, boys and girls?

Conservativism is bad for you!

We would be better off as a church, and we would probably have an easier time sharing the gospel and having people accept it with joy in their hearts, if we would denounce conservativism in all its vicious forms.

Salt Lake City, UT

per patriot

Glenn Beck is as Libertarian as an Egg salad sandwich.

"As far as the female ex-Mormon actress... "

Per Ms Adams, *Adams said her religious upbringing "... instilled in me a value system I still hold true. The basic 'Do unto others...', that was what was hammered into me. And love.*


Here is a tidbit of calamities in last days found in Joseph Smith the Prophets book of Doctrine and Covenants written back in 1832 when Joseph Smith was 27 years old... "...the waves of the sea heaving themselves beyond their bounds"

I had never heard of this happening in history, so when I read it 40 years ago, I just thought that it was some event in the future... not so now.

Charlotte, NC

Father of Four,

If you want the "LDS Viewpoint on things" listen to General Conference. Glenn Beck is not a church representative and does not speak for the body of the church on anything. Neither do I, neither does anybody posting here.

Provo, UT

Brahmabull: I most certainly did grow up in Utah in the 50's

Melfa, VA

In the Book of Mormon, there is the symbol of the "great and spacious building" in Lehi's dream. The people in that edifice represent the worldly who mock those who try to hold fast to the path that leads to the tree of life. Some people endure the mocking and ridicule while others can't withstand the social pressures and lose their way. Glenn Beck and Amy Adams represent two people on the path and how they respond to the mocking world around them. Glenn Beck stands defiant and endures the ridicule with faith and determination. Amy Adams desperately wants the approval of those in that building. She feels conflicted by her conscience because she struggles between the reward of having God's approval and that of the worldly. Her conscience still bothers her, which is a good sign. No latter-day saint who lives his or her religion will go without the derision of the worldly society around them. Ultimately, the outcome of our lives is determined by how we respond to this pressure to give up on the quest for exaltation.

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