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Published: Tuesday, June 18 2013 11:25 a.m. MDT

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To just say that Glenn Beck is giving advice for an impending calamity would be narrow minded.
Glenn is multi-faceted in his programs with a balancing of faith , hope and charity from the Book of Mormon all the way to warning people of the calamities that are part of Joseph Smith's Section 1 of the Doctrine and Covenants which specifically warns of calamities in the Last Day's.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA


"Glenn gives good advice about putting our own house in order. Our prophets said that before Mr Beck."

Our prophets generally don't follow up immediately by telling us to buy gold at ridiculously inflated prices. Therein lies the difference.

Lexington, MA

The main point of this article seems to be the church gives former member Amy Adams her "sunny disposition" but it makes current member Glenn Beck unhappy. Is the lesson we should leave the church to enjoy its benefits? Glenn has said at least as many positive things as Amy Adams about how the church brings him joy - why doesn't the article mention that? As for what Glenn says about watching the times and the seasons this is straight out of the New Testament. Glenn never professes to speak for the church; he explicitly states this is his own reading of events. Personally I'm proud to have him as a member of the church (just as I'm proud that Nevada Senator Harry Reid is a member). I honor Glenn's patriotism and his concern for the future of our country, and many of his predictions about world events have turned out to be spot on.

Allen, TX

“It provides a support system if you embrace it, despite all the controlling and guilting aspects of religion that I grew to resent,” Adams said.

She grew to resent them by age 11, so 'she' left the Church as a primary kid?
I rather think that her parents pulled the family from the Church and instilled these attitudes....

Good for her for remembering that Jesus wants her for a Sunbeam! I enjoy her movies and her sunny disposition.

Vancouver, WA

I find Glenn Beck's teachings completely contrary to Jesus Christ's. And prefer to spend my family's time in the latter.
It's too bad about Amy Adams' family feeling unwelcome in our Church after a divorce. She is a talented and lovely woman.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Good call putting Beck in entrainment with other actor.

Alex 1
Tucson, AZ

I understand where Glenn Beck can come across as gloom-and-doom. However, if you listen to him more, I think you will find him to be more sober than vigilant than one who merely looks for the worst in the world. I value the work he does and the perspective he adds. I listen to him on occasion because he helps keep me sober and on my toes.

His worldview is informed by his Mormon beliefs, but then again, why should we expect that to be otherwise? Overall, I think he does a pretty good job.

As a clarification, he does advertise for gold, but is very explicit that you need to figure out if an investment in gold works for you. Would you prefer he advertise for the dollar instead?

So does Glenn Beck represent me? No, but before you take that as a slight, let me be clear that nobody on earth represents me. I represent me. I alone am responsible for my own actions.


I would suggest to all of you out there to exercise your agency. Do or don't listen to what people like those listed in the article say. In the end, it is your own decisions and actions that matter. Why worry and fret about someone you probably don't know has to say about any subject? For me, I follow the the Gospel as presented by our Savior through the scriptures and living Prophets. Do that and you can't go wrong no matter what is happening in the world.


A Res Novae

I agree with your opinions regarding gold. If I would ever rely on gold to any extent I would wait until the price was much lower, and I look at it in terms of idols of gold and silver that cannot save me. I prefer Glenn's emphasis on a supply of food and so on which he seems to promote as a greater priority.

I do not look to Mr Beck as infallible and neither does he present himself as such. He does emphasize conspiracy, the secret combinations which, so says the Book of Mormon, exist in every nation, and that there will be one master conspiracy in the last days that seeks to destroy the freedom of all nations.

As for the details of that conspiracy I believe in examining the thoughts and beliefs and evidence presented and draw my own conclusions.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

As J-TX points out, Amy Adams was an eleven year old child when her family left the Church. But Amy herself recalls fond memories of her early Mormon upbringing. Many former members harbor ill will toward the Church and brood over it for years. If only they, like Amy, would remember the positive.


As an active member of the church I am grateful for the teachings in the Bible and Book of Mormon. Each of us has the right to our opinions and for Glenn and Amy they can say what they wish. It is interesting to me that Amy continues her positive look on life as we all should. Our houses should be in order as well. I have listened to Glenn several times and he does speak the truth. Some people need fear in order to prepare or change. How others perceive their messages is an individual understanding. Regardless of what is to come we should all take the view of Amy and be positive, kind, loving, and happy. There is a place for doom and gloom but not on a daily basis. We are here on earth to learn and grow and to be happy in all we do. I am grateful for Amy and her ability to be successful may God bless all of us regardless of our religious view.

Huntsville, AL

The beauty of the Church is that we are not all in the same place or having the same experience so our understanding of what the Church means to us gives room for everyone to grow and change and learn at their own pace. So what if people don't see things exactly the same way you do? Having honest and open dialog offers the opportunity to learn about our fellowman and relate to them on commonalities and learn from them on differences.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Interesting that those who feel so strongly that someone's comments don't matter seem to feel that their own comments do.

kitchener, 00

If Deseret News wanted to present a 'sunny' and 'gloomy' perspective on life with Church doctrine as a foundation, wouldn't it have been possible to find an active, rather than a former, member to present the 'sunny' point of view? And isn't there someone with a pessimistic view besides a gentleman whose very name causes countless eye rolls? Amy Adams may be a fine actress, but since she hasn't been a member of the Church in over 20 years, I'm really not interested in hearing her opinion on the topic. And Glenn Beck, increasingly a conspiracy theorist, may be an active member, but his politics are so bizarre that he can hardly be seen as representative of any significant group within the Church. Surely there are other prominent, active, more reasonable members who could be polled regarding being optimistic or pessimistic.

City, Ut

I find it amusing how many commenters are so worried about 'judging'.

On many stories besides this one, so many are seriously distressed about those they perceive as 'judging'.

I notice this offense at/concern about judging WAY more in Utah than other places I have lived.

What's with this huge concern? Do you who seem so concerned about it and are always pointing it out not realize YOU are judging too??

Nanook of the North
Phoenix, AZ

Brother Beck doesn't get it. When you pay close attention to the Book of Mormon, and especially if you pay close attention to "the pride cycle", you notice something interesting. Most of the time, when the Nephites got wealthy, they got into pride and collapsed. But there were a couple of times when they got wealthy but DIDN'T immediately collapse; 4 Nephi, of course, and also Alma 62 (see verses 48-49). And those were the times when the wealth was NOT shared among everyone. All the other times, the fall came from inequity of wealth; from "great inequality among the people, some lifting themselves up with their pride, despising others, turning their backs upon the needy and the naked and those who were hungry, and those who were athirst, and those who were sick and afflicted." [Alma 4:12] Beck's followers, sadly, all vote for politicians who are owned by the rich, and used to keep the rich rich and the rest of us struggling. Beck's underlying message is, essentially, the exact opposite of the message of the Book of Mormon.

Lindon, UT

Many LDS members share Glenn Beck's view on liberty, but not as much about the doom and gloom. However, there is still wisdom in paying attention to what is being said and do your homework. We are told that the 'end times' are near, and if you believe what the Bible teaches, then we can agree on that in general. But it's a relative thing and not necessarily imminent (the same was taught almost 200 years ago). The point I would make is that we should have a balanced approach to things. Prepare for calamities (there are already plenty), hope for the best, and certainly live your life with a positive outlook. But never become so naive, and live your life as if none of what we are warned about could possibly happen.

Riverside, CA

I find it nice that Amy Adams credits her sunny disposition to the Church. We are told to be of good cheer and apparently that was ingrained in her.

I'm not a particular fan of Glenn Beck but I don't believe it's fair to call him gloomy. He seems to have a smile on his face most of the time even though his message tends to be pessimistic.

Bluffdale, UT

Why are we reading about this two celebrities in the Deseret News?

Because they are both being quoted in National or International media about their individual takes on Mormonism.

I appreciate the Des News for finding these stories and giving them to me. Even if it isn't hard news. Thanks.



The doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints indicates that feelings of guilt arise within everyone, because of the Light of Christ with which each of us is born. Religions may teach people to heed those feelings as a guide to our actions. Some secularists may teach people to ignore those feelings for a variety of reasons.

I think common sense dictates which approach makes the most sense, but there seems to be much disagreement about what is common sense these days.

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