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Published: Tuesday, June 18 2013 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

If you ask a hundred their feelings about growing up LDS and how it has influenced their lives, I bet you get a hundred different answers. The same would no doubt be true regarding those who grew up Catholic, Southern Baptist or Methodist.


I am not LDS but I do listen to Glenn Beck from time to time to hear what the LDS viewpoint is on many things. From talking to many Mormons, I get a sense that Beck has a real finger-on-the-pulse of the church and most members share his same beliefs.

St Petersburg, FL

I do share his beliefs but I also think that my beliefs bring me joy. I believe we can be happy in the face of troubled times because of our faith.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

FatherOfFour, choose your words carefully....Glenn Beck certainly doesn't have his finger on the pulse of THIS church member. For the record, neither does Amy Adams.


I'm LDS and i'd not put much faith in Glenn Beck and his take - we are living in biblical times but i'm not listening to Glenn to tell me that - And even through Amy Adams is not a member any longer its interesting to see the influence it has had and continues to have on her life.

Saint George, UT

I don't like either of them. And neither of them represent me, or my church. They only represent themselves; and they should both be ashamed of who they have each become.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Kudos to Amy for being an actress and Glenn for making millions as an end times merchandiser...

I don't make a move unless I've run it by both of these...people...

Newbury Park, CA

Both these people see things from their personal point of view. I haven't heard anyone in General Conference sound like either of them.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Glenn Beck is a fearmongering demagogue. I actually AM an LDS member, and he most certainly does NOT have his finger on the pulse of my faith.

South Jordan, UT

This is going to sound facetious, but I don't mean it to be. I'm genuinely curious to know.

Amy's comments about guilt made me wonder -- does religious teaching *create* guilt? If she had grown up atheist or in a church that said nothing about partying would that eliminate any feelings of guilt or regret the next morning?

Boise, ID

If you come from an old line Mormon family and are a child of the 1950's and 60', then you are probably aware of just how much things have changed in the church in last couple decades. The difference is mainly generational. The old line siege Mormons are gone now as are most of their children. But if you knew any of them then you know just how paranoid Mormons were when it came to "outsiders". THAT, and the notion that we were running headlong into the whirling blades of the end times created a sense of doom that hung over the Church like a pall. Listening to Glenn Beck is like opening a door into the 1950's. All we need now is Cleon Skousen, cat-eye glasses, black and white TV and the hula hoop.

Woods Cross, UT

Thank heavens most Mormons are nothing like these two.

Bloomfield, NM

I think that everyone chooses different aspects of life to focus on. For me personally as an LDS person (or Mormon), I choose to focus on becoming a better person and influencing those around me for the good. I'm not so concerned with the "End of Times" because it's a little gloomy and scary. The only real thing I can influence is me. I personally feel more freedom because of my decision to not use certain things (tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea). I feel I have more freedom because I'm not constrained by an addiction to going out and smoking or being in a bad mood until I get my first hit of coffee in the morning. I also think my decision to be chaste (not having intimate relations except with a spouse) is also very freeing in many emotional and physical ways.

I think that we can not pick any one or two people as standard for a genre. Just like we would hate for Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears to be the standard of Americans to the rest of the world.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Too many Mormons place undue importance on seeing members of their faith as celebrated pop culture icons. That’s quite human for a people with a long history as social pariahs.

I trust that most intelligent people know that Mormons don’t all think alike any more than do members of any other religion. They know too that religion can be a superficial indicator of a person’s character. That’s determined by what’s in the heart.

Herriman, UT

@thereyougoagain: that is quite possibly the best posting I have ever seen. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

West Jordan, UT


I dont think that judging these two figures, is the prudent way to go about things. Why should they be ashamed for their life? Haven't we all made dumb mistakes in our life? As a member of this church I am sadly embarrassed at that comment. I don't believe that shows true Christ-Like attributes towards fellow members or non-members of the church? Who are we to judge another?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"Thank heavens most Mormons are nothing like these two"

Minus the fame, many Mormons are EXACTLY like these two. If only there were less of the Glen Beck variety.

American Fork, UT

Glenn must not realize that atrocities like that have been going on for thousands of years, we are just now able to witness them from the comfort of our living rooms.

I've always felt a little bit conflicted with the end of times doomsayers, because while I have to believe it to a certain extent, because that's what our doctrine says, I also see so much good, and in so many ways it is a wonderful time to be alive.

For me I mostly chose to ignore that facet of our religion, far more important to me is what I chose to do with my time here, that I return better than I came, that I use Christ's teaching to better myself and those around me. In the end I think that's all that really matters.

Salt Lake City, UT

Who is Amy Adams? Why does her pronouncements have any bearing on anything? She says words that are written for her, says them how someone tells her to say them, and has someone hired to say she didn't mean to say things she said when someone is offended.

I gather that Mr. Beck writes his own words, publishes them,broadcasts them and makes his living that way.

Neither is an official spokesperson for the Church. Who cares what they say with regard to the Church?

Boise, ID

Amy Adams: "You can’t misbehave without feeling badly about it ..."

Shouldn't "feeling badly" be a result of bad behavior, no matter your religious belief, or NO religious belief?

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