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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 8:40 p.m. MDT

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orem, UT

Candide -

Secular values based on Reason and the Golden Rule break down as quick as you describe morals based on religious dogmas. With differences in cultural beliefs and in a globally communicative world whose Reason is the authority? Whose idea about how to implement the Golden Rule should be the standard?

The Golden Rule and Reason have merit, but so does religious dogma in spite of the fact that people interpret what God wants differently.

Also, Reason alone cannot prove there is a God, but it cannot disprove God's existence either. Your statement "the supposed whims of a non-existent deity" is only your opinion and therefore weakens your argument.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Stalwart Sentinel" truth has no bias, it just is. The ironic thing is that liberals/progressives have the hardest time accepting truth when presented with it.

For example, if truth has a liberal/Progressive bias, why is it that when Progressives start pushing their socialist adgenda, they have to lie to get people to accept their policies? If what they are saying is the truth, why hide it? Could it be that the truth has no bias, but the truth is that liberals/progressives have an adgenda they are trying to promote that historically has proven disasterous? Isn't that an unbiased truth that is ignored because of the inability of liberals/progressives to accept the unbiased truth?

clearfield, UT

Some of you seem to be shooting the messenger, namely DN. This was a PEW study. Read the article. Disagree with PEW if you want, but it sounds, from what some are posting, that you want same sex marriage to be accepted by 99% of the people, and any opposition is not legitimate.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

So Redshirt1701, are you saying that "liberals/progressives" are the only ones that lie to get people to accept their policies? Grow up. Anyone that believes that either party has the exclusive on dishonest policy makers who only look out for their own interests is painfully naive.

Nashville, TN

@lost in DC --

" I rarely use God as my own argument. "


I occasionally save a few of my own comment posts for future reference. Here's just a couple of things I've responded to from your posts in the past.

Lost: "He told the women to go her way and sin no more."

Lost: "I see you choose to ignore the numerous biblical references that condemn homosexuality. "

Lost: "sin remains sin."

Yup, those were you.

Lost: "True religious values do NOT evolve"

Then I'm sure you'll be happy to stone everyone who gets divorced and remarried. That's adultery, according the Bible -- and adulterers get put to death. Right?

Lost: "that homosexuals have less right to marry than anyone else. The same rules apply to all."

"Black people have the same right to marry as anyone else. They can marry people of their own race just like white people can."

That argument didn't work in Loving v. Virginia, and it won't work here.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I wonder what the results would have been if Pew Research just looked at Deseret News stories.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Redshirt - Excellent point, I forgot we progressives have a "socialist adgenda" (sic). Considering the world's private banking sector (NYC), entertainment industry (LA), and technology industry (Silicon Valley) are all located smack dab in the middle of the most liberal strongholds in the US, we must be the worst socialists to ever exist. You really thought that one through.

You want actual "adgendas" (sic) that have proven disastrous? There have only been two times in the last 100 years in which conservatives controlled both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. Immediately following one of those tenures we suffered the Great Depression, immediately following the other we suffered the Great Recession.

Start on day one of humankind and chart the "conservative" viewpoint versus the "progressive" viewpoint and as knowledge, information, technology, and education increase, that society becomes more progressive. Truth has a liberal bias.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Ragnar Danneskjold" no, I did not say that. I just find it ironic that they would claim that truth has a liberal/Progressive bias, when liberals/Progressives are historically known to use lies and false statements to push their socialist adgendas. Do we accept a liar's word that what they claim is the truth

Also, FYI, liberals/Progressives are not political parties, but are philosophies or ideologies.

I don't trust anybody in politics. There are some that are more honest than others, but none tell the whole truth all the time.


@Tators --

"They are only reporting what the Pew study indicated."

Let's try to look at the actual facts for just a second here.

The Pew study actually indicated that mainstream media stories were 47% favorable for gay marriage -- while public opinion polls are **51%** in favor of gay marriage.

Hmmm. Mainstream news reported with 4 percentage points LOWER overall favorability than public opinion polls show.

That supposed "unfair bias" doesn't look quite so impressive now, huh?

The ONLY difference was that more mainstream media reports tended to be mixed rather than outright negative. And that's because -- as the study itself reports -- the opposition position doesn't have a clear message -- NOT because the media is biased.

I do see one obvious example of bias here.

@SCfan --

"This was a PEW study."

The Pew study itself doesn't mention the word "bias" even once.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Stalwart Sentinel" the depressions that you are referring to didn't start until liberals started to "fix" the system. The truth of the matter is that the crises you list could have been resolved without the mass suffering. Take the 1920 stock market crash. In terms of percent loss, it was worse than the 1929 crash or the 2008 crash. Why is it that the 1920 crash is little more than a foot note, and the 1929 and 2008 crash are historical moments of great suffering? The answer is simple. Progressivism. The 1920 crash had virtually no government response other than to cut taxes AND cut spending. The 1929 and 2008 crashes had government jumping in to "help" and to get things going again.

So, again, if progressivism is so great and does not lead to disaster, then why is it that the 2 bad recessions lasted so long under Progressive leadership, and 1 recession that was worse lasted so short under conservative leadership?

Doesn't that indicate that conservative principals work, while progressivism doesn't?

If Progressives are not looking towards socialism, why is it that so many of their programs nationalize things or provide universal welfare? Aren't those socialist things?

Medical Lake, Washington

The point is, we are constantly being led to believe that 'everyone is doing it' and that ideals have so radically changed in this country by masses that in order to be current, we need to all surrender our personal standards and beliefs or be branded as anti-social and anti-progressive.

People have a right to know that they are not alone in their convictions and that it is okay to maintain personal opinions. If I don't agree with a homosexual lifestyle, that doesn't make me a bad or out-dated person and it is not the right of the media to invent statistics to suggest that I am.

Alexandria, VA

To paraphrase what a previous poster said - it is the law of supply and demand. There is more demand for the liberal perspective rather than the conservative perspective and that ought to have the conservatives seriously concerned about the message they are trying to get across.

Don’t blame it on the media – without the greater demand for a liberal perspective - there would be no supply.

Huntsville, UT


If you do not agree with a particular "lifestyle", you are perfectly free to not engage in that particular "lifestyle". You do NOT have the right to tell other people what they may or may not do simply because you don't approve.

BTW; religion is a "lifestyle", sexual orientation is an orientation, not a "lifestyle". The "homosexual lifestyle" is identical in every other regard to the "heterosexual lifestyle". Live and learn.


@ RanchHand: "The "homosexual lifestyle" is identical in every other regard to the "heterosexual lifestyle". Live and learn"

Except for the fact that heterosexuals use their bodies in a biologially and physiologically correct way and homosexuals do not. Unfortunately biology and physiology cannot be changed by court decision, the media, or by calling them "bigots".


@Redwings --

"Except for the fact that heterosexuals use their bodies in a biologially and physiologically correct way and homosexuals do not."


The acts engaged in by homosexuals are enjoyed by many heterosexuals as well. Does that make heterosexuals evil?

There is no such thing as "biologically correct", btw. Biology is not morality, and humans are not slaves to biological design.

To compare: airplanes are not "biologically correct". Human beings were not biologically designed to fly. Are airplanes therefore evil?

Artificial hearts are not "biologically correct". Are they therefore evil?

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA


1920 DJIA high: 109.88. 1921 DJIA low: 63.90. Percentage lost: 42%.

1929 DJIA high: 381.17. 1932 low: 41.22. Percentage lost: 89%.

2007 DJIA high:14164.53. 2009 low: 6547.05. Percentage lost: 54%.

Please stop getting your news from the right wing blogosphere. You're not an intern and I'm not here to give you on-the-job training.

Further, the 1920 losses were not nearly as large (net) so had a much smaller affect on our economy. What's more, the lax regulations put into place during the tenure I note above is what allowed for the speculative gains made during the Roaring 20's which caused the DJIA to artificially balloon nearly tenfold. Just like in 2007-08, conservative policies in the 20's set the stage for the fall.

Finally, you claim progressivism prolonged the Great Depression, I claim it got us out. I guess the fact that America's most promising times (50's, 60's) were under the largely uninterrupted control of both Houses by the more progressive party spanning 1933-81 along with long spans (such as FDR) of Democrat Presidents would mean the American people agree with me.

Marco Luxe
Los Angeles, CA

Oh dear Deseret
How irony is lost on you.

For a survey of news by Pew
You generate your own duplicitous headline.

Penalty-free persecution: your new self image.
Pain-free martyrdom: your new ladder to heaven.


@ amazondocs: "There is no such thing as "biologically correct", btw. Biology is not morality, and humans are not slaves to biological design."

Humans are subject to death, which is a biological process. Are you suggesting otherwise?

There are specific biological systems in the human body. Homosexuals use part of one system as a substitute for another. I did not make the rules, and neither did you. Two homosexual males can NEVER make a biological child. That is a fact that will never change. No court, public opinion poll, legislation, or "evolving on the issue" will ever change it.

Human do not fly. They sit in a device of their invention which flies. That device is not biological. To say that human are not slaves to bioloical design is a delusion.

I am sorry that reality does not conform to your opinions.....

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Stalwart Sentinel" fortunately for us, you are wrong about what got us out of the depressions.

Read the following articles:

"How Government Prolonged the Depression" WSJ

"Contrary to popular myth, FDR prolonged agony of Depression" DN

"Great Depression" Library of Economics and Liberty

"The Great Depression" at the VonMises Institute

"The New Deal Debunked (again)" at the VonMises Institute

Economists and businessmen agree that the government made things worse. Do you know more about economics than the economics people who wrote those articles?

Nashville, TN

@Redwings --

"Humans are subject to death, which is a biological process. Are you suggesting otherwise?"

We're working on it. ;-)

In the two thousand years since Christ, life expectancy has increased from 28 years to 67 years (worldwide average). We have cheated death of millions of victims it formerly took by many diseases as well as traumatic events.

Much of human medicine would have been regarded as witchcraft and unnatural in Christ's time. Healers **have** been condemned and killed as witches through the ages, simply because they did things which other people thought were "unnatural" or "not biologically correct".

"Homosexuals use part of one system as a substitute for another."

So do many heterosexuals. Are those heterosexuals therefore evil?

"Two homosexual males can NEVER make a biological child. "

Neither can infertile couples. Are their marriages therefore invalid?

"Human do not fly. They sit in a device of their invention which flies. That device is not biological."


Would you feel better about homosexuals if all their interactions were carried out with the aid of artificial devices? Those are available, you know. ;-D

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