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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 8:40 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I am utterly flummoxed by the revealing outcome of this poll.(sense the sarcasm)

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

No Way! You telling me the media are in an effort to change society in basic foundation of society by portraying as normal and without consequence? The funny thing is that a large majority are believing this line. Turn off the news- you'll gain more value from ESPN.

Cache, UT

The media wants liberals in power, no guns in citizen's hands, gays getting special privileges and praise for their choice, legalized marijuana, etc....

Sad state of affairs. This country is ripe for destruction.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone knows about media bias. Bias exists on both sides, with a heavy tend to liberalism. Conservative views simply aren't popular. Hollywood knows what makes money, and it isn't what you hear at the pulpit.

The thing that is really sad about all this "influence" is that those who follow the world seem to think they have some kind of independence of reason.

Being brainwashed to accept or live in sin isn't independence, it's the exact opposite. What I hear at the pulpit is that we all make mistakes, we all can change and improve. All of us listening to that message have experience. We all know what it's like to do wrong, and many have changed and done right. Inherently, we know more fully right from wrong. So those preaching that they somehow have a superior understanding of tolerance, morality, law, and reason... they really are accepting the most limited view one can have, which is moral relativism.

The family inherently is not limited, but expanding, growth, and the human destiny. Homosexuality inherently limits everything we are. Happiness is only found through repentance, not through sin. Popularity will never change that.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's about time the religious start catching up to the morality of secularists.

salt lake, UT

Perhaps the "counter arguments" would get more coverage if they were actually based on something otber then false prapaganda. It's hard to give equal report ing without ignoring tbe facts when the opposition to gay marriage abandened fact and reason so long ago.

DN Subscriber 2

The only thing surprising about this story is that it was actually written... and printed!

Media bias most certainly exists, and is itself proof of the bias that infects nearly every college campus, and most of secondary education as well. All that enthusiasm for "diversity" in its varied facets vanishes instantly upon the utterance of any conservative thought, or challenge to the liberal dogma.

American Fork, UT

If you want to make this into a big news story, then fine. Gay people are winning the PR war. Suck it up; at least they're in touch with who they are, and not arguing from the viewpoint of a fantasy world.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Pew study: News media inserted bias into gay marriage debate"



Surely, this ranks up there with headlines like, "Flash: Recent evidence reveals that water is wet!"

Glendora, CA

Not only media bias exists and continues, but the gradual brainwashing of our children in the public schools in many parts of the nation, particularly on the east and west coasts. On most college campuses today, the new rebel is a conservative.

Omaha, NE

To All who say this type of story is obvious.

This type of story that is "obvious" is DEFINITELY worth printing. There are lots and lots of people out there who don't think there is a media bias. Every year 17 year olds turn 18 and a huge percentage of them don't know there is media bias. Some of them don't even know what you mean by the idea "media bias." There are plenty of 20 somethings that haven't seen enough hard core proof but are starting to suspect. This is hard core proof. Can't deny 5-1 very easily. Plus journalists themselves often think they are doing a better job at not being biased. They remember the "1" statement they said and lose count of the "5". Great story.

Huntsville, UT

You poor, poor conservatives. The big, bad media is out to get you and make you think equality is actually a good thing.


Eagle Mountain, UT

To claim there are not news organizations that try to form societal opinions would be naive. That being said, what is at play is largely supply and demand.

If there was a demand for more coverage in favor of "traditional marriage" the law of supply states it would be there.

The liberal bias in the media can largely be attributed to the fact there is more demand for a liberal media rather than a conservative one.

Mission Viejo, CA

Speaking of bias.. Please, read the actual link. It doesn't speak of bias at all. This article misrepresents the study and it's this article, not the study that claims bias. The study found more statements supporting marriage equality, but as a reflection of shifting positions on the subject.

Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go, DesNews, you took a Pew Research study and portrayed as something completely different than what it really is. (That wouldn't be "bias" now, would it?)

The Pew headline reads, "NEWS COVERAGE CONVEYS STRONG MOMENTUM FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE." That's not "bias," that's a statement of fact. Get the difference?

From the actual Pew article: "Within the media debate on the subject, this report found that those arguing for same-sex marriage had a more consistent message than those arguing against."

That would be because equality is an easy and honest message to share. Opposing equality based on irrational fear is always going to be a tough sell.

The Pew article concludes with this, "The findings show how same-sex marriage supporters have had a clear message and succeeded in getting that message across all sectors of mainstream media."

Again, that's not bias, that's reporting facts.

Kearns, UT

Bias in the media? Wow, who would have thunk. Besides, Homosexual marriage is the current flavor of the month.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

Way to go Des News. Never let the facts get in the way of a good (biased) story. Classic!

Kaysville, UT

The media, journalists, press and professors at many universities have been setting the state since the 1960s to get this type of coverage. The Democrats have benefitted from this type of coverage with the immigration issue, also. Hillary did this type of move when her President was our President, not her. She knew it would come up when she was running for office and would get the people to vote for her based on a biased press. Biased and based are only one letter apart but the press uses the "I" version to not have it based on a strong foundation.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Candide, Tolstoy,
TOO funny!!!

no, I don't think the religious will accept infanticide or the abondonment of traditional marriage as moral as do the securalists.

I think it sad the gay marriage folk depend on a lie to further their cause. I fail to see how using a lie is using reason or fact to support their position.

Huntsville, UT

@lost in DC;

And yet you constantly use "god" as your own argument. LOL. The irony, it burns.

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