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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Beaverton, OR

The question is inane and misleading. The same question was posed to Romney in one of the presidential debates. In both cases it was purposely asked without context apparently to inflame passions about equal pay for [un-] equal work. It is against the law for employers to pay differently in the same job, based on gender. It is not illegal or unfair for people who have spent fewer years in the workforce to be working at lower level jobs and thus make lower pay. The questioner would have you believe that an employer is paying a woman less for the identical job, and a man, more. Poor Miss Utah was the victim of an insulting and difficult to answer question.

Salt Lake City, UT

She did great and I'm standing by her.

Most of the critics have never been close to being in a situation like that and bumble around when they have to give a talk in church.

We need more people building each other up instead of being so critical.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's not the answers that matter, it's how the contestant handles a public speaking task onstage under pressure. She did not do well - that's a fact. It does not mean she's a bad person. But, it does mean she did not have what it takes compared to the other ladies.

South Jordan, UT

She is a beautiful young woman, and is in a contest that recognizes women for their beauty. If you want to see intelligent answers to questions from bright and interesting young women, I'd recommend inviting a few sister missionaries over for a chat.

Redlands, CA

So I'm supposed to take a question from one of the "Housewives" show seriously? I'd put the idiotic question, and entire debacle, back on the questioner.


What does it say about society?

There are very few women in the construction trades. How many women are electricians for instance? How many women are plumbers for instance? How many women have a trade in concrete, tile, roofing, siding, heating or carpentry?

In the forty years I have been in the construction industry, I have yet to see a woman pulling concrete forms off a foundation wall, lifting them out of a foundation hole, (forms average about 85 pounds), and then loading them onto a truck, then unloading them in new excavation hole, setting them up, tying the re-bar, pouring and finishing the concrete into forms and then wake up the next morning and do it all over again, every day. It's a dirty smelly, sweaty job.
Women do NOT want to do this job...women do not have the masculine inclination necessary for the above job... It is just a fact of nature and not some sort of societal anomoly.

Payson, UT

This is USA paegant, not Miss America.
It's about beauty, not whether the answer was right or wrong.

Question was so easy as are all pageant questions. Answer should have been prepared - " we need to work together to create a better world for all of us. This means combatting inequality wherever it exists. This is what will bring peace to our world."

Despite being a lame politically charged question, which has no place in a pageant, this was still a hilarious video clip. Too bad she's representing us. Wish it was someone else.

American Fork, UT

None of them ever bungle the bikini portion of the contest.

Pheonix, AZ

@Mona: "Poor Miss Utah was the victim of an insulting and difficult to answer question."

She was a victim for sure. But the question was not that difficult.

The answer is: Many women stay home to have babies and raise families. Which means they are on the job less than men... Which means on average, they get paid less since much of wages are based on raises for time on the job.

Salt Lake City, UT

She's an intelligent young woman. I think that the problem was that she had a prepared answer on the educational system in the US that she had planned to give. After being asked the question on wage disparity, she started to use this planned answer and shortly into it caught that it did not fit the question. This is the point that most people think she got flustered. She just came to realize that the answer that she wanted to give on education was not fitting the question that was asked.

If she had only been asked the question that teen Ms. South Carolina had been asked about not being able to find the US on a map, she would have nailed it.

Overall, I think she did a good job.

Taylorsville, UT

I don't think the question was misleading but it is confusing and has no basis and logical answer at all. Women making less is because they work fewer hours, more time off, personal choices that are woman make. There is no pay abuse and there is no way they can prove there is a disparity in men's and women's incomes because it is confidential information and there are no number being presented to back up this idiotic claim.

College jobs of today are not high tech nor high value nor productive. When a nation does not produce a product it has no value and no need for college degrees. College degrees are a means to keep young people out of the job market to manipulate the unemployed and jobless economy. Students taking school loans also feed the debt based financial systems with inflated debt growth, not economic growth.

Illegal aliens cause profound pay losses 50-100% and low wages and jobs has not been included in the studies on wages and incomes levels of registered americans and never included in these phony studies claiming sexual discrimination.

Tooele, UT

@wwookie: You can say what you did..but ask yourself would you have been able to keep your composure and train of thought in the same situation. It's a whole different ball game to sit down and type out what you think you would respond to that stupid question while sitting down versus being in front alot of people and with TV cameras, etc all around you. Who knows maybe after you answer somebody might say what you said about her, "Too bad she's representing us. Wish it were someone else." about you. I think before slamming Miss Utah you should make an attempt to put yourself in her shoes.

Lafayette, IN

Fortunately for those of us who see all beauty pagents as pointless, and contributing to pressuring women to value being pretty over being people of quality, why can't we grow up and stop having beauty pagents.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

There isn't a wrong answer. She is there to look marvelous.

Ft. Collins, CO

I am standing with Red. She is a brave and beautiful young woman who followed a dream. I commend her for that. If I were her, I'd try to find a way to turn all of this attention into something good.

Gregory Hill
Richboro, PA

The question is one that Ms. Powell would no doubt answer very well in less stressful circumstances with more time to think about it. She is a lovely young lady, and this awkward moment should not define her life, or lessen her very real accomplishments.

Farmington, UT

I was there in the live audience. The reason she "lost her way" is because the audience didn't like what she was saying, and many began to moan/groan. It was quite audible from my seat and I know she heard it. I'm sure that hindered her. It's too bad, because the group I was with were proud to cheer for her.

I think she should use this as a stepping stone to become a spokes model and prove to the world she is smarter than the woman everyone saw for a few seconds on TV.

Cache county, USA

Nene leaks has shown to be a mean gal. But, not sure if she developed this question on her own.

Provo, UT

Dumb quesion to begin with. She is beautiful and it takes guts to be on that kind of stage with so many people watching. I know she probably doesn't read these comment boards, but if you are reading this Miss Utah, don't sweat it. I have no idea what I would have said. I am a sports fan, and I played at the collegiate level. All I can say is shooting a foul shot in my backyard was much different than doing it in front of 15,000 fans. So,just keep on keepin' on, don't worry about what the critics say, you have plenty of supporters.

Danbury, CT

Kind of like the NFL cheerleader who became Exec Asst in our firm years ago, and had no idea why she was hired because she couldn't write a coherent sentence, Miss Utah got a long ways on her looks. Let's be honest, she's a stunner and the reason most people here are willing to give her a pass is she is beautiful.

I would advise her to work on thinking on her feet, practice interviewing, and most of all...have a real POV that she's passionate about. Most of us struggle when we haven't thought through things and/or don't care about the topic. Interviews like this are to see how we think and what we care about. I hope she uses this experience to add some skills she will need down the road.

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