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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 5:45 p.m. MDT

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play by the rules

Yes John, please resign already. Mr. Obama, Holder, Brennan, Biden, et al please do the same. Time to clean house. No more career politicians. 12 years maximum in public service with no pensions and no lobbying when you are done.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Heard a radio ad this morning asking us to call our representatives to tell them impeachment would be a waste of time and taxpayer money. Bad strategic advice as it will actually speed up the process.

Clearfield, UT

Seems like the Eagle Forum's support of Swallow further demonstrates how out of touch the Forum with the Utah public and threatens to become an organization that nobody needs to listen to.

Kaysville, UT

yes please! we need to go back to the time when public service was considered an honor! you served, and then went back to your daily job. Career politicians is what has ruined our government. giving someone that kind of pension for a minimum of 4 years service is ludicrous. In house cleaning needs to be done through out all of D.C. otherwise this country as we know it will fall. sad times.

Kaysville, UT

John believes we're dumber than he is. He has the King's new clothes mentality and so does his predecessor. It is a shame that he has taken us down this road for almost 6 months when both he and Mark Shurtleff deceived the people in the campaign when Integrity was jeopardized along with ethics that the top elected officials knew about. Shurtleff didn't push the Governor on his $13M and $85K endeavors as they are both guarding the hen house.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The tea party has no ethics.


Would be nice to have term limits of 12 years for ALL politicians except the President of the United States who is already limited to 8 years.

After a maximum of 12 years, (8 years for the President) return to their former job with NO lobbying and NO pension except Social Security when the politicians has paid into Social Security the same minimum time that everyone else must contribute to qualify for Social Security.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

If he were a dem in a deep blue state, the legislature would be considering giving him an honorary citation rather than considering impeachment.

We see how dems protect their own through denial and obfuscation, even when they lie to the courts or sell guns to mexican drug gangs.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, Allen, you want someone to take twelve years out of the time they could be working to advance their career in the private sector and spend it in public service instead. Okay, so say people would choose to do that, would your twelve years include both state and federal positions? In other words, if someone served eight years in state government then got elected to a federal position would they only be able to serve four years there? What about if the president had already served eight years in another position, would he or she then be eligible for only one presidential term? And clearly the constitution does not support your scheme, so it would have to be amended. But obviously the founders did not concern themselves with the idea of term limits. And when you get right down to it, why should I not be able to vote for whomever I want? Who are you to try to tell me I can't vote for someone?

And also, what in the world does this have to do with Swallow? It's his first (and last I'm sure) term.

Northern, UT

What is Lockhart's reason for delay? Have some courage already and do the right thing. Wow, what does it take in this state for politicians to see past the party line?

Kaysville, UT

Swallow had a by far better candidate running against him that wasn't tied to the corruption of the current administration but the people of Utah decided to elect Swallow solely based on the "R" next to his name.
Too bad our fellow citizens don't listen to the LDS Church leaders that constantly remind their members to investigate the candidates and select the best that are offered.
Anyone that votes a straight ticket is completely out of touch with reality. It is impossible for one political party to field all the "best" candidates.
AND, we DO need term limits in all offices. Absolute power breeds absolute corruption.
Am I right in this statement Mr Swallow?

Salt Lake City, UT

Could we please have the facts? Allegations by felons and others who are not under oath are not the substance that citizens of Utah need to make our judgment. Party affiliations are of little interest to me. Having someone of low character in office is just as bad as railroading someone out of office because there might be blood in the water.


Accused, tried and convicted by the media using testimony from a convicted felon.

We no longer need the judicial system. Bring on Nancy Grace and the public opinion polls.

DN Subscriber 2

After weeks of innuendo and wild allegations, some folks do a poll.

Essentially we have nothing more than documentation of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The news media trumpets UNPROVEN and still under investigation allegations from dubious sources. The inevitable chorus of "resign or be impeached" begins. The poll asks "Hey, been following the news?" and people say "Yes, Swallow must indeed be the devil incarnate"

Did the poll ask if respondents were aware that:
a. Swallow himself was the first one to ask for an investigation?
b. One of more of the accusers are convicted felons?
c. None of the allegations concern conduct since he was elected to the Attorney General job?
d. There is a concept called "innocent until proven guilty?"

Essentially we got a current events quiz for the low information voters, and proof that you if a lie is repeated often enough, a lot of people will believe it.

If proven to be guilty then he deserves punishment, but this media circus lynch mob prior to any investigation results being released is despicable.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Swallow buries his head in the sand when it comes to the evidence. Does he deny he is on the recorded conversation? The conversations alone are unethical at best and criminal at worst. The conversation alone are enough to raise the issue of fit for office. The fact that there are several parties alleging the same thing only increases the probability that Swallow is a bad actor.

Unethical - for sure.
Criminal - probably but to be determined.

He needs to go. And the longer republicans delay the more it hurts them. Clearly the public doesn't trust swallow. The party should show they don't condone this kind of behavior and cut him loose.

Orem, Utah

Yup, smells like a lynch mob to me, too.

Way to go, "intelligent" citizens!

Brigham's Brother
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal actions. No one is saying Swallow should go to go to jail without a trial. We are saying we don't want to be represented by a man who does the things Swallow unquestionably did, as shown by recording of his own voice.

Let the criminal side play out how it will, the people don't want politicians who play lawyer ball with the rules for their own personal advantage. No one is saying the recording were taken during his time as AG.

All you Swallow stooges advocating for him can't overcome the peoples' desire for honest AND ETHICAL leaders. Swallow has abused the public trust and he needs to go - either by impeachment or by resignation. The people have spoken.

lex loci
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Cries of "lynch mob" and "innocent until proven guilty" are misplaced.

Mr. Swallow was recorded attempting to extort money from someone under government investigation, promising government favors for money. We do not have to stand for this kind of representation. There are several parties alleging the same story with similar facts. This behavior is unacceptable.

Mr. Swallow, please do the right thing and resign.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Swallow really wanted a piece of the pie from Jensen, which puts him in an advantageous position considering the extortion angle which the former AG and lameduck AG currently chaining himself to the office obviously did.
The company you keep, and all the other metaphors for dishonesty are applicably to this ethically devoid AG.

Do they know about the boat? Is there a paper trail? Do they know about the resort weekend?
Do we really want our AG to every say these things like this, when he thinks no one is listening?

Funny how the same folks saying wait and see are the same ones calling for Obamas Head.

Kearns, UT

DN Subscriber 2- Let's look at this:

a. Swallow called for the investigation. There is some question on the timing- the US attorney acknowledged about a week after his "call" that there was an ONGOING investigation. Had the investigation already been started? If it had, this was just a PR move by Swallow to make himself look good.

b. Accusers are convicted felons. Yes, but now two new people have stepped forward who aren't felons and corroborated the story. Besides, why was Swallow hanging out with these people- he doesn't deny that he was.

c. The conduct didn't occur since he was elected. So? He suddenly cleaned up his act, so everything he may have done prior to being the AG shouldn't count? Some of this may have happened while he was the chief deputy to the AG. Either way, why would we want a person with questionable character as the AG?

d. "Innocent until proven guilty." In a court of law, yes. You cannot have constitutional rights taken away unless you are proven guilty. Impeachment is different and can stem from the loss of public trust in the officeholder due to unethical or questionable behavior.

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