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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

I'm curious why they would be doing that at school anyway? Sounds like one less irrelevant (to school) celebration a teacher has to worry about.

Bernard GUi
Puyallup, WA

Because the school is an extension of the family.

American Fork, UT

We celebrate way too many of these 'greeting card' holidays. Stick to schoolwork.

West Point , UT

Another case of a minority group's feelings overriding the majority's rights. Good for the parents of this community for standing up and letting their voice be heard instead of being pushed to abolish something that celebrates the family. I have no problem with same sex marriages, and gays and lesbians wanting that right...but if you want that right than there are consequences and you have to accept that. One consequence is that you may feel left out of parties or social events involving the majority (Jehovah Witnesses accept this as a consequence for not celebrating christmas, but they dont tell everyone else at school that they cant celebrate it). Most children aren't members of a gay family, so it's not the norm for most of them. Does that mean they have no right to celebrate their fathers and mothers because one gay couple complains? I fear for a society that allows the hurt feelings (not rights) of the minority to overrule the rights of the majority (there's a big difference between my rights, and what offends or hurts my feelings...a difference that seems clouded in this age of moral relativism).

Salt Lake City, Utah

I am baffled as to why the child of the same-sex parents felt unable to celebrate either Mother's Day or Father's Day - the child may not be able to celebrate both holidays, but they would be able to celebrate one of them two-fold.

I am also baffled by the idea that the single mother cannot (willnot?) discuss Mother's Day with her child but instead makes the school responsible for her feeling appreciated by her child.

The nice thing about a "Family Day" is that it would recognize all the many different families that exist in our modern world - single parent, step-parent, same-sex parents, a mom and a dad. With the way the world is changing, it might not be such a bad idea - unless you are a greeting card company.

@ Cougsndawgs: What "right" is being overridden? How does having a "Family Day" celebration instead of separate Mother's and Father's Days not honor the family?

the truth
Holladay, UT


Well duh...the right to have a mother's day and a father's day celebration.

West Point , UT

"What "right" is being overridden? How does having a "Family Day" celebration instead of separate Mother's and Father's Days not honor the family?"

The right of a child to celebrate his/her father or mother should not be infringed upon because it causes feelings for a child of a same sex marriage. The same sex couple has to recognize that their choice is going to cause these feelings because their child is not in what would be deemed a normal family environment when compared to the family environments of other children. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying gays or lesbians shouldn't be allowed to marry...I believe the constitution protects their freedom to choose who they will be with. What many people misunderstand is that regardless of freedom of choice (rights) there are consequences to the choices we make. I also never said a "Family Day" doesn't honor the family, but many children enjoy the different gifts and celebrations of a Mother and a Father. Their right to celebrate both with the inherent difference between Father and Mother shouldn't be infringed because a same sex couple had hurt feelings or complained.

Rexburg, ID

Another reason why I oppose gay marriage!

Nibley, Ut

so what is going to happen to this child when they enter the real world and people actually celebrate mother's and father's day?

Meadow Lark Mark

I think this is another way that I have to change my core beliefs to bend to the rights of a minority. Why do I always have to be the one to change. Honestly the sperm has to come from a man, and this is true whether there is a marriage or not. Two men cannot procreate without an egg, and two women cannot procreate without a sperm. Why is this? Why is this true for our species? There should be a mother and a father. This is right. From the start of time there has been a mother and a father. Why are we trying to destroy them now? I get tired of the voices of the minority usually trying to overrule the voices of the majority. It's not right that I should have to totally bend my views until I have no idea what I believe. I have no problem with other views living what they believe, just stop trying to make me live your views!!!!!

Henderson, NV

Hmmmm. Last time I checked, every single person comes from a mother and a father.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

Meadow Lark Mark,

Why? Because inherent to moral relativism is the desire to force your beliefs on others. People who think morality cannot be fixed believe that all acts should be tolerated, except the ones they don't like.

It's hypocrisy at its core.


In the real world my boss doesn't participate in my celebration of Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Neither of those days have any basis in religious teachings beyond "honor thy father and thy mother" - which should be done every day, not just once a year.

And I have never seen anything that says you have a right to have the school tell your children to give you a gift nor have I ever seen anything that says children have a right to make cards for their parents during school hours.

Face it - the majority of posters are behaving the way they are accusing the same-sex parents of acting - their feel bads are hurt and they are offended that someone would dare challenge the status quo.

No rights are being impacted - you are just offended.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can see where some kids that don't have a mother or father at home, for whatever reason, might be hurt while watching other kids making cards for their mother or fathers. I can see it being reasonable to celebrate a more general family.

But, no, instead of worrying about the feelings of little kids, lets make sure that some parent gets their validation of their child's love through receiving a card made at school, and that some other people don't have any purely imagined rights to celebrate mothers or Father's Day at a school taken away. Oh and that someone else isn't forced, forced! I tell you! to live a lifestyle they don't want to.

What a joke.

Vernal, UT

So according to mark we shouldn't celebrate Martin Luther King day because not everyone is Black. We shouldn't celebrate Valentines day because some kids might not have a valentine. We shouldn't celebrate Easter because some kids don't beleive in Christ. We shouldn't celebrate Memorial day because it might bring up sad memories for kids. We shouldn't celebrate 4th of July because not everyone at school is America. And on and on and on.
If we do nothing because by doing something we might upset someone we will never accomplish any bad, but we will also never accomplish anything good.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

And political correctness just keeps boxing We The People into an ever tightening corner. When will We The People stand up and say, "enough is enough"??

Yes, THEY are cramming their "religion" down all of our throats.

Deep Space 9, Ut

Why can't single mothers and lesbian couples with children celebrate Father's day?

If they have children wasn't a father of some sort involved? Why can't they celebrate diversity? If a child has 2 mothers, then that means they can make 2 cards for their 2 mommies. If they don't have a father in the house, why can't they celebrate the fact that a man gave up some DNA to create them?

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ Tom in CA: The PC movement started when Conservatives wanted to make sure their children were not exposed to anti-war propaganda during Vietnam or curse words they find offensive.

The interesting thing about the Conservative PC movement versus the Liberal PC movement - Conservatives get offended at things that challenge their world perception and hurt their feeling - things they find personally offensive, Liberals get offended at things that exclude or injure others.

Every argument on here against "International Family Day" and in favor of Mother's Day and Father's Day is based on this is the way things have always been, or a non-existent right to have mothers and fathers honored on separate days and have that honoring supported by the school.

There is not a single rational argument presented for why those two days cannot be joined and all families celebrated together.

Columbus, OH

"If they don't have a father in the house, why can't they celebrate the fact that a man gave up some DNA to create them?"

Are you actually serious? So if some guy gets a girl pregnant and skips out on his responsibilities, the school should take time out of the curriculum to tell the kid to celebrate the fact that he "gave up some DNA"?

I grew up with several kids from single-parent homes. I know it was hard for them to color a card for a father that wasn't in the picture (in school, you don't have the option to simply not do an assignment) and hear other kids talk about their dads. This school didn't tell anybody not to celebrate Mother's and Father's Day, they just decided they wouldn't take out class time to do it. I don't see how having a "Family Day" where they can talk about mothers, fathers, and grandparents and the sacrifices they make to raise the child is a bad thing.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Kalindra - here's a single, rational argument - because it's a harmless (actually, beneficial and respectful) tradition they want to keep. Why do they owe you more of a rationale than that? What single, rational argument do you have to present that it should be changed? Let me guess - because it makes sense to you, and that's the way you want it.

Well, Kalindra and a very few gays want it changed - stop the world! I highly doubt more than a small minority among the gays that are offended by the Mothers and Fathers Day celebrations, but we need to change cherished traditions to satisfy a small minority of a small minority.

Some people just need to be firmly told sometimes to grow up and find find a real cause.

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