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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 11:30 a.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

She should of lost simply because of her dress. Highly inappropriate for a BYU student.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Sad to see someone compromise standards.

Orlando, FL

I think we're wasting our breath talking about the Miss USA pageant and standards. Mr. Trump is not known for his respect for women.

Provo, UT

With that answer, she could run for office in Utah.

Twin Sister

I am also disappointed that some of the Mormons in the media spotlight compromise their standards when it comes to modesty and other widely known LDS standards. These members of the Church plainly profess to be practicing Mormons and yet their dress and conduct do not reflect those standards. Yes. It is disappointing that they are willing to compromise their standards in order to achieve their worldly purposes.

Farmington, UT

It's too bad she will be remembered as the Miss Utah that "flubbed the answer". She should be remembered as the Miss Utah that went farther than any other Miss Utah for many years.

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

I get flustered, choke, and stammer at Toastmasters meetings when I must get up in front of 20 friends and talk about ridiculously easy topics, such as my dream vacation or the last book I read. I cannot even imagine speaking extemporaneously on television before a national audience. Miss Utah has nothing to be ashamed of. She was a good sport and was courageous to compete. We should admire this in people and not focus on their occasional stumbles.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

They should ban politically loaded questions in beauty pageants.
When Carrie Prejean was asked about Gay Marriage, there was no way she could answer that question without offending a large percentage of the population.
This question about financial compensation for women is also a loaded feminist question. What if she had said; "Women get paid less because they interrupt their careers to take care of families and therefore do not have as much experience as their male counter parts, so this is not unexpected." Wow, she would be in the bulls eye.

They wanted her to say that our male dominated culture is just mean to women. She probably does not believe that.

Female models make more than men. Live is so unfair.

Brooklyn, NY

People saying she isn't representing her standards need to go back to Sunday School for some primary lessons. Leave the woman alone and quit being meddlesome and acting like the moral Gestapo. She is acting on her own free will and is probably a very decent human being.

Just like other juxtapositions in modern life such as LDS business owners that decide to sell alcohol at the their grocery chain or an LDS athlete that decides to play sports on Sunday, she is allowed to make decisions without it being an implication on you. Worry about things you can control like yourself, your own actions and how you want the world to perceive you. Allow others to do the same without being a moral armchair QB.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Call it stage fright. Even seasoned actors who know their lines verbatim can freeze up and their minds go blank. It's so easy, anyone can do it. That it happened to her at her moment to shine is humiliation enough without it being played over and over again for ratings until it starts to look like news media cannibalism.

Salt Lake City, UT

She can wear what she wants. Sometimes I think modesty was invented just to blame women for the actions of men.

Dr. Doug
Littleton, CO

Or at least as a Dumbocrat.

Altamont, UT

Immodest or not...that is one UGLY dress!

Angel Heart
Charlotte, NC

I don't know why so much is being made about Ms. Utah's answer, did anyone listen to Ms South Carolina's answer to her question? She thought is was ok to leak or expose critical top secret documents to the public. I would rather have Ms. Utah representing America anyday than Ms. South Carolina with that response. No wonder she came in 5th.

layton, UT


Almost a vapid as Miss South Carolina

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

This girl competed in the Miss USA pageant, as Miss Utah USA--NOT Miss Utah. HUGE difference.

The Miss Utah pageant (a Miss America preliminary) is beginning tonight in SLC and continues through Saturday evening.

The Miss Utah contestants are competing for some significant scholarship monies. They perform a talent and are judged on their resumes and goals as well. Some contestants in the Miss America system are heading to med school, some are teachers, some in law school...one Miss Utah participant this year has completed a year of pharmacy school. This is a far cry from the Miss USA pageant criteria.

This is not to disparage Miss USA participants, but the achievement bar is not nearly as high for them as it is for the Miss America preliminaries. Miss America winners at all levels raise money for the Children's Miracle and perform a significant amount of community/state/national service.

No matter the contest, it is STRESSFUL to be on national television. Give the girl a break, for crying out loud.

AND...you will see some athletes (swimmers, tennis players, dancers, track and field participants, etc.) wearing less than she is in that dress.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Or a Redumbocan.

Springville, Ut

Downtime, Johnny, and Twin Sister,

Please enjoy your self-righteous crusade. I am sure it is quite enjoyable to tell others about the moats in their eyes as you head into the temple or the chapel with huge beams jutting out from yours. What magnificent examples of good, faithful Christians you are to all the rest of us. Thank you for your example.

This is nothing compared to young lady a few years ago who went on about the need for better maps. At least Miss Utah explained that education is important rather than saying it's important we have better maps in schools.

Twin Sister

The reason her immodest dress is an issue isn't because she is from Utah or primarily because she is likely LDS. The primary point is this: She is a BYU student and they sign the Honor Code which includes their pledge to wear modest dress not only during the semesters they are enrolled as a student but also during those terms or semesters when they are not enrolled but are still continuing students. This dress obviously doesn't stand up to the modesty requirement under the BYU Honor Code. When a student is found in violation of the Honor Code, they have a hold put on their record and they may not be able to register or attend school in a future semester.

And, yes, some people on the swim team wear less clothing than this, but that is because a swimsuit is used for a specific sport and there are no other options. She has many more options in her choice of dress. This wasn't her only option.

Springville, Ut


Feel free to lodge a complaint or "sighting" of a violation to the Honor Code office. I'm sure they'll roll their eyes at you just as much as the Prophet, President Samuelson, and people with an average amount of common sense do.

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