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Published: Sunday, June 16 2013 5:15 p.m. MDT

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River Falls, WI

RE: Spokane Ute

"My point is that Utah can play in the Sun, Alamo, Holiday, or Rose Bowl. All of these destinations are an impossibility for BYU... Playing as an independent provides one option: fight hunger bowl. Understand?"

I think I understand what you're saying... Utah, despite playing in a "power conference" can never play in the capital one, chick-fil-A, outback, gator, or cotton bowls. That is because those bowls have tie-ins to other conferences. Meanwhile, BYU can't play in the games tied to the PAC12. Is that right? Good think I got a PhD, that was a little tricky.

Unfortunately for you and the other trolls, BYU has had options for playing in various bowls, which is why they have played in different bowls each of the last few years. The difference is that as an independent they have to negotiate bowl contracts before the season, not after (hence this article).

So while BYU will likely play in San Fran this postseason, Utah will be lucky if they make it to New Mexico.

Hyrum, UT

@Elmer Fudd:

What I'm trying to prove is that Utah has not been nearly so dominant over BYU these past few years as many of your fellow trolls are trying to people believe.
Case in point, in last year's game BYU had 312 total yards to Utah's 245. BYU had 25 first downs to Utah's 14. The only reason for Utah's win was fewer turnovers, which is often just a matter of good or bad bounce of the ball. There was certainly no dominance by Utah when they won by 3 points. And there was a similar story in 2010 when Utah won by only 1 point.

The other point I'm trying to make for those people having a hard time understanding is that these win streaks come and go. Before Utah's current 3 game streak, BYU won 3 of the previous 4 games. It goes back and forth. There really has been no dominance either way in the past decade or so. The last real dominance was between 1972 and 1992 when BYU won 19 of 21 games against Utah. And yes, I know... that's now ancient history... just like Utah's BCS bowl wins.


"CO Ute


Wow, I get to make a post before the normal barrage of Y vs. U banter begins.
BYU has a large national following and is a good draw for most of the bowl games. They should have no problem locking into games for the future, assuming they can win enough games to be eligible with an improved schedule. On the other hand, not belonging to a conference is going to relegate them to either a miracle season leading to a BCS type bowl or a third tier game.
The big conferences will have ties to all the second tier games (beyond what are now BCS games)once the new system shakes out."

This could not be more accurate though I actually disagree on the miracle season scenario. Part of the job of the selection committee is to ensure only teams within current BCS conferences participate in any such bowl games / playoff games...in order to keep the funds concentrated.

West Jordan, UT

Mediocre at best bowl tie-ins are one of the drawbacks of independence. Any educated Cougar fan understands this, but most that I know are willing to accept this trade-off in order to have the opportunity to play teams from all over the country and have their games carried by ESPN and rebroadcast the same day on BYUtv, something they did not have in the MWC. Yes, Utah is in a better situation playing in a power conference with far superior bowl game opportunities, but until they actually demonstrate they are capable of competing in a power conference their fans don't have much to pound their chests about other than beating their supposedly "former" rival 3 out of the last 4 years.

Korea, AE

I love it when u fans pound their chest and say..

"we did do something, we beat you 3 out of four times!"

Wow!? Man, you sure showed us. Oh, that put me in my place.

That changes everything. Gosh, you're a national powerhouse.

I bet they talk about you all the time when other teams are playing...

I bet they bring u up in the national media...

I bet they talk about you when they put together lists like I don't...
quarterbacks, National Champions, Dynasty teams, individual record holders, feel good stories about talented kids from Africa taken in the first round, people on covers of magazines, etc.

oh wait, that's not u.

At the end of the day, wow, I gotta say, you've done, well, let me see, um, add none, carry the one...


oh, As and ASU and BSU grad a well, I like it when you tell BYU you own them.

I guess since you will always own BYU, we will always own you. Good logic.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I still dream for miracles.

I would like to see a bowl tie in that
would include ND, TCU, Baler, BYU, SMU,
and all other Church based schools.

In the event, any of the said schools would
be invited to a BCS Bowl invitation, that/those
schools would be excused from this tie in.

The top two remaining teams would be
in this Church Based Bowl.

The other eligible teams would be excused to
accept invitations to play in other bowls.

Maybe a Provo Bowl one year or another
year at ND or Bailor, TCU, SMU, or other
Church Based School could be our Bowl
Location on alternating seasons.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

As a BYU (mostly) and a Utah (kinda) fan, I have to say that the hyperbole is well, hyperbolic. Both BYU and Utah have "good" programs. Neither has earned a BCS game of late. BYU never has. While BYU's defense is top notch, the offense is not. Utah had a couple of awesome years and is now getting hammered. Neither team is currently turning heads. That could all change in a season. If BYU gets it's offensive stuff together, they could be terrific. If Utah could resume its 2008 form, they will blitz through the Pac-12. The trash talking between BYU and Utah right now is over which team is less mediocre. But patience!! I believe that one or both of these teams will soon move to top 10 status.

Highland, UT

@spokane ute

None of us care about the payout, we don't get any of it and BYU runs an athletic department SURPLUS. We care far more about destination and playing in a bowl game in America's armpit is hardly something to brag about.

Oh and utah was not in the alamo bowl last time I checked, not that the alamo bowl is all that fantastic either, but nice job trying to turn utah into something with "almost" and "one major (lol) upset away" excuses.

p.s. The "major upset" line was the funniest one. No one buys that spin. LOL!

Mesa, AZ

Naval Vet--

"I didn't rescind such respect until AFTER it turned out that at 8-5, Oklahoma was grossly overrated rather than the Top-5 program we all mistakenly made them out to be in the preseason."

Not unlike '84 PITT, which byu similarly struggled against and which likewise finished the season, UNRANKED, but not before enabling byu to erroneously vault up into the rankings, LITERALLY, out of nowhere.

Thank goodness this EPIC mistake will never again be allowed to be repeated! LOL

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Nice to see an honest post and BYU fan. I concur, and yes Utah does need to start beating the upper tier of the PAC 12. They are competing, but they need to turn the corner. Last season was dissapointing to say the least. Utah beating BYU 3 in a row and 8 of 11 doesn't say much for BYU, now does it? Both programs need to play better; let's not kid our self.

Rexburg, ID

Re: Bleed Crimson @ 12:58 pm

I am not flattering myself, just stating fact. Also, I don't like gambling and point spreads is gambling. A team wins heads up or it loses heads up. BTW, I made no mention of point spreads at all, just that the Vegas boys favored BYU over Utah.

You need to read the rest of the comment about final rankings in the polls.

Check out those final rankings especially 2011 and 2012 when BYU went indy and the Utes went PAC-thetic.

BTW: Final rankings in the polls reflect the totality of a team's wins and loses during the season. Once again, the final BCS rankings include SOS.

So, you know, Utah ranked #60 and BYU ranked #55 the the BCS final rankings.

BYU beat Utah State, Utah State beat Utah, Utah beat BYU. So who was the best in 2012?

Utah State, BCS final ranking of #22. They earned it even though BYU beat them; they were a better team overall last year. Utah trolls have to come to grips with facts.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Can't make it any simplier. Utah could play in one of 7 differen't bowls this year; as the PAC 12 has many tie ins. They could play a team from the BIG 12, MWC or BIG 10. BYU is locked into one bowl vs. PAC 12 #6. I have no idea what the Chick Fillet, Out Back or Gator Bowls have to do with our conversation?

I'm not sure why the sarcasm has to come into play? A simple concept and a fact any way you spin it. Utah has a wide variety of bowls and destinations that they could end up in; BYU has one.

I also find it amussing that you have already penciled BYU in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Check out your schedule; it's far from a given.

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

Well Howard S., if you have to read a quote 5 times to understand it, maybe that says more about the reader/commenter than it does the guy who's worth quoting in the article.

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

Spokane Ute, who cares? Independent schools are the least tied-down programs. BYU schedules many games with teams all over the country, while Utah is tied down to playing the same teams throughout the season. And those pac teams showing they are too tough for Utah, anyway, keeping Utah from tying down a bowl game at all. Besides, outside of a handful of BCS bowls you have 70 options for a bowl game that are all basically on the same tier. Maybe Utah will come play BYU in an upcoming bowl game instead of running away from rivalry competition over the next two years.

Elk Grove, CA

Ute fans seem to be too preoccupied with Cougar football. BYU football will be just fine schedule and bowl wise. We can do independence and will eventually thrive as an independent. That's the luxury of being a private university with a unique mission. I could care less what the Utes do, or whether or not we play them after this season. The BYU/Utah game
might define Ute fans, and all of their anti-BYU/anti-Mormon rhetoric, but the game doesn't define Cougar fans. BYU football's main mission is to provide exposure primarily for the LDS Church, and true Cougar fans embrace it.

West Point , UT

AZUTE & Naval Vet:
NV-"I didn't rescind such respect until AFTER it turned out that at 8-5, Oklahoma was grossly overrated rather than the Top-5 program we all mistakenly made them out to be in the preseason."

AZUTE-"Not unlike '84 PITT, which byu similarly struggled against and which likewise finished the season, UNRANKED, but not before enabling byu to erroneously vault up into the rankings, LITERALLY, out of nowhere. Thank goodness this EPIC mistake will never again be allowed to be repeated! LOL"

What would OU have done with Sam Bradford the rest of the year. Lets not forget BYU held him in check when he was in that game, before blasting him out of it. If you're honest you will say they would have been much better than 8-5, and BYU had to face Bradford, while many of the teams OU lost to didn't. AZUTE: yep, that epic mistake will never be allowed again, and 2008 was a great example. Utah sky rockets into the rankings at #17 after beating a great Michigan team by a duece...oh wait, Michigan went 3-9 that year and had one of their worst seasons ever...sound familiar?

CO Ute

As usual, an article about BYU with no mention of Utah turned into the normal back and forth from both sides making the same posts again and again. Couple of follow up thoughts.

@Naval Vet - I am not LDS but I do recognize that the Y has a very large fan base (Mormons like to watch the Mormon school play) which is attractive to the third tier bowls as I mentioned above. Not right, not wrong but it is what it is. Still, the Y has a miracle season and goes to a big time bowl or go to a third tier game (if they achieve 6 wins).
@tators - pathetic to talk about total yards as if that matters. The scoreboard has favored the team from SLC 8 of the last 11 times the team played. No argument will change that.
@WiscCoug - if you really went through over 500 posts on an article and also all the post n 8 others to look for comments from Naval Vet, you should get a hobby.
And finally, lets continue this discussion after BYU posts 6 wins in a season that doesn't have more than 2 games from WAC or similar teams.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Spokane Ute

Can't make it any simpler. Utah's chances of playing in any bowl in 2013-14 are about the same as they were for 2012-13... slim and none.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The elephant in the room as Cougar Nation desperately tries to allege relevance in the modern era of college football is that...

wait for it...

Major college football is defined by... and will continue to be defined by the five power conferences... and every power conference in the country has rejected BYU and its WACish history, backdoor NC trophy, individual awards, worldwide fanbase, legacy, and popcorn popping stadium.

None of it matters to the power brokers of college football... and yet the Cougar Nation continues to cling desperately to the fading illusion of BYU relevance.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Like it always does, this thread has deteriorated into "neener neener neener," and "oh, yeah?"

What do we know?

BYU has TWO bowl choices, and realistically only one, and they've done pretty good at getting there. They've played in games against teams that are meaningless to our Ute friends. There's a surprise.

But seriously, we're taking smack from bowl-less Utah??? You have six bowl options, realistically one, or none. The PAC whatever HAS six bowl tie-ins, but how many have gone unused in recent years because the PAC can't get enough teams to six wins? Does that slipper fit any princesses around here?

You want to talk 3 in a row, 4 of the last 5 (6)? Go ahead! Can't stop ya. But Utah has NOTHING, when it comes to bowl smack. Go scheme and dream that MAYBE you'll join us in the Kraft Mac&Cheese bowl. If you catch several lucky breaks.

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