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Published: Sunday, June 16 2013 5:15 p.m. MDT

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We deserve to be in a Major (currently called BCS bowl) game every year due to our Legacy football reputation among the college football elite. No one has as many fans nationally and internationally as we do and our TV ratings in bowl games proves it.

CO Ute

Wow, I get to make a post before the normal barrage of Y vs. U banter begins.
BYU has a large national following and is a good draw for most of the bowl games. They should have no problem locking into games for the future, assuming they can win enough games to be eligible with an improved schedule. On the other hand, not belonging to a conference is going to relegate them to either a miracle season leading to a BCS type bowl or a third tier game.
The big conferences will have ties to all the second tier games (beyond what are now BCS games)once the new system shakes out.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sadly BYU will be unable to secure much beyond second tier level bowls so long as they stay independent. Cougar fans better get used to Poinsetta Bowl, Kraft Fight Hunger or Boise Famous Potato Bowl bid invites that aren't any better than any bowl Utah State can be invited to. But then again isn't it the "fairness doctrine to Utah State" that has landed BYU in the league alignment mess that it find itself in?

River Falls, WI

BYU will not get a lock into any upper tier bowls but this shouldn't be too disappointing, it's been a decade since any Utah team went to a upper tier bowl that wasn't a BCS bowl. BYU has just as much access to the BCS bowls as almost any other team (they have to be a zero or possibly one loss team) so I say go ahead and lock in the lower tier bowls that are either regional (near Utah) or great vacation destinations.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Michigan, USC, Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, UCLA, Oregon, LSU, Texas, Nebraska, ND, Stanford, and others all have larger fan bases than BYU. Schools earn their way into BCS level games, something BYU has yet to acomplish. Mildred you really need to get out of Fillmore more often.

Salt Lake City, UT

The second tier bowls are a joke. Why in heavens they even exist really escapes any intelligence other than to have a reason for a football team to have a free vacation.

Rexburg, ID

Um Silent Lurker,

Did you know that BYU's fan base ranks #43 out of 120 FBS college teams? Oregeon ranks #45 and Stanford ranks #69. Utah ranks #67 and Utah State ranks #119.

In fact, BYU's fan base is larger than those of eight PAC 12 teams, and 77 FBS schools in general. BYU's fan base barely missed the top 1/3 by only a mere 0.025.

Source: New York Times Sept. 19, 2011, "The Geography of College Football Fans (and Realignment Chaos), by Nate Silver.

Gilbert, AZ

Dear Pragmatic,
I can respond to your post in one word: exposure. And that is pragmatic!

Sorry, that was more than one word.

Sandy, UT

Who cares?

BYU will be bowling and Utah won't.
BYU goes 11-1, 12-0 they're in a big bowl.
Otherwise, they mix it up with nice destinations for BYU's fans.
Outside of the 4 team playoffs, it's all window dressing anyway.

Seriously, El Paso or Boise versus Vegas,Phoenix, LA, Frisco or San Diego?
It's all good.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@bluto - I agree completely. BYU builds in an out if they make a Playoff game. Else they just spread the BYU brand to the rest of the country and show it off. It's pure genius, build the brand on their own terms. BYU has built the mechanism to fit in with the power schools and they've done it on their terms. Other schools grovel to join a major conference and usually don't do very well. So good for BYU, and we welcome exposure and bowl games!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Love the quote of Mr. Holmoe, "As an independent....." What did he say? Great doublespeak! Some 67 words to say.... in effect, BYU will take anything it can get!

Frisco, TX

I know it's difficult with the conference tie-ins, but I would love it if BYU could somehow find a way to lock in a two tiered tie-in. Meaning, if we win 6 - 9 games, we go to a Poinsettia type bowl, but if we win 10 or 11 we go to a Holiday type bowl. I know the Holiday bowl is not as happy getting the #5 team from the Big12, now that it's only a ten team conference as it was when it was a 12 team conference.

Payson, UT

RE: Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mildred in Fillmore (Salt Lake City, UT) First notice the city SLC not fillmore. Second, is a Utah fan make interesting and sometime funny remarks about BYU football and their fans.

Third, you should of left off Oregon and Stanford both with small fan bases. Finally "Schools earn their way into BCS level games, something BYU has yet to acomplish. " that is not true Most schools did not earn their way to BCS conference it had more to do with location.

St Louis, MO


I never thought of your question as a real head-scratcher. The lower-tier bowls exist to make money. Cheddar. Bread. Gravy. Shekels. Currency. Cabbage. Clams. Dinero. Can you imagine? I know, I know . . this is a stunning revelation.

I'm probably no more excited about "The Kwik-e-Mart Bowl brought to you by Code Red for Men" than you are, but these types of bowls are making money for someone or they wouldn't keep playing them. No skin off my nose.

Sandy, UT

@Who am...

Every school takes what they can get.....Hello?
At least BYU has a bit of a choice in the matter, instead of having it slotted in for them.
Gone are the, 5 years in a row in Vegas, for BYU.
And Utah can certainly forget about a Rose Bowl...see Arizona.
Remember with BYU, it's not about the money (they have plenty) it's about Exposure, extra practice and BYU's National fan-base..

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


A tiered bowl tie-in for the benefit of BYU makes no sense for the Big12 or any of the power conferences.

Why would any power conference allow their 5th team to be displaced by a 11 win mid-major indy like BYU... they wouldn't.

Relationships with power conferences are far too valuable to the Holiday Bowl and other 2nd tier bowls to even consider a contingent tie-in for BYU.

There a reason that only the BYU faithful mention the tiered tie-in option... because it only makes sense for BYU.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Have to read Holmoe quotes 2-3 times to make sense of them.

The bottom line appears to be that BYU will wait for the power conferences to make their deals and they hope to scoop up the left-overs.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"At least BYU has a bit of a choice in the matter, instead of having it slotted in for them."

Funny... BYU's options are indeed slotted in for them.

It's called the left-overs.

Salt Lake City, Utah

As an Independent, BYU is two for two in bowl game invitations.

As a bottom of the PACer, Utah is one for two in bowl game invitations.

The so-called "left-overs", as in fun trips to San Diego and San Francisco > the couch potato bowl...

just sayin'

Rexburg, ID

Hey Howard S and all other Ute "fans" commenting on this article:

Since Utah joined the PAC, I hear it is in negotiations to tie into a new bowl.

The bowl is called the "Welcome Doormat" bowl. Possible sites include Pierre, South Dakota, Helena, Montana, or Rio Lindo, California.

Good news for you provided your team will ever hit .500 again.

Have a great day.

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