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Published: Saturday, June 15 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Nice, insightful article. Hayward has always conducted himself with class. His calm demeanor Is a real plus as he competes day in and day out against the best talents in the NBA. Hopefully Jazz management can surround him and the other young players with the talent they need to compete for a championship, starting with a strong, reliable point guard.

Good luck, Gordon, and Go Jazz!!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I didn't know Hayward shaved!

Burley, ID

@Jody Genessy

Thanks for taking the time to write a great article about Gordon Hayward and his family. It isn't often that we (as fans) get to know the man behind the basketball player.

West Jordan, Utah

@Go Red

A championship?

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

It is a good thing that Gordon's "hairy chest" did not get in the way of his shaving. Now if Corbin will just let the younger guys play and get a lot of minutes you might see one of them break out into a great player. You noticed I did not say "All Star player.' Today's All Stars are nothing but a popularity contest. Ming got voted in every year and the last three years he hardly played in a game.

Tokyo, Japan

@Little Andy

I agree..that it's a popularity contest...because majority of the vote comes from the fans...think about it...in yao ming's case...there is more than a billion chinese in the world...and he is their nation's pride...like Manny Pacquiao is to the Philippines...so yeah...they'll vote for him...even if he played just 5 mins the entire season...Allen Iverson has a ton of fans...still got voted in...and...im sure that the least likely to get voted in would be the players in a Jazz uniform...unless this team...surprises everyone and dominates...they won't get the attention they deserve...the good side is...we dont have a lot of bandwagon fans....like the Lakers...the Heat and The Celtics...

Tokyo, Japan

this is a great article...and probably the main reason he was drafted...its because you know he'll try to make the right basketball decision...he isn't at par with a guy named John Stockton with that...but having a great family like he has...and the way he is raised...you know that this kid will only succeed...and i am pretty sure...if Gordon Hayward was a free agent...there'll be a lot of teams lining up to get him...a very heady and efficient player...plays solid D...and yeah...he needs to shoot more...we all know he could score...we all know he'd make the right decision...so i just hope he puts it up more...reading this made me respect Hayward a little bit more...and made me more of a fan of his...so i hope we lock him up...cause the kid can play...the coach just have to release the beast within him...he could put up a 20-5-5 line someday

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Gives a bit more context to the "wet willie" from Delonte West.

Hayward never responded because he has self control and restraint. Very tough to do and a rare quality these days.

I'm glad Hayward is on our team.

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