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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

@atl134: The point is that there is nothing to get worked up about. I don't know what goes on in many organizations; why should I have to? I think it's reasonably well-known that the temples of the ancient Israelites were far more restrictive than LDS temples; only the tribe of Levi could perform the ordinances there (someone correct me if that's not accurate). Perhaps the Philistines of the time complained about not knowing what was going on in those darned secretive temples, but was it their place to do so?

@LDS Revelations: My point regarding blacks and the Priesthood is that nobody knows how that came about. A lot of us who were old enough to remember didn't like it, the same as most black people. Not knowing why has nevertheless not stopped those of us--including blacks--who were concerned about it from believing and moving forward.

Clovis, CA

Not everyone can qualify for top secret government clearance. All can qualify to attend the temple.

Provo, UT

Chris B:We are very open about what happens in the temple. Nothing is secret but sacred. If you want to know become a member in good standing.

Anchorage, AK

Red Corvette posted: They are all honest and valid questions.

Me: Yep, they are. To bad the interviewer wasn't honest and valid in his approach asking them. Alex really wanted to answer, but wasn't given a chance.

I've seen youtube videos of LDS missionaries being stopped on the street and this very same "attack" approach applied to them. Really, the only answer to such contentious actions is to turn and walk away.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Alex should feel no shame for how he handled his responses. We didn't hear it here, of course. But he is a good man of integrity. He can hold his head high and never fear. And mom power to you! We (moms) can all relate to you description of church and family home evening. Made me laugh!

Centerville, UT

It doesn't seem too difficult to me to answer some of these questions.
-'What is the Church's stance on gay marriage?' The Church opposes it because is runs counter to the plan of God according to the doctrine of ancient and modern prophets. If you don't believe that, that's fine. It's a free country.

-'What goes on in the temple?' Baptisms for and in behalf of our dead ancestors as well as marriages and endowments for and in behalf of our dead ancestors. It's really that simple. We don't divulge the details or wording of the ceremonies because they are sacred to us, even if they aren't to others.

-'Why did the church posthumously baptize Holocaust victims?' Because someone who meant well thought it would be a good idea.

-'Why didn't the church give Black people the priesthood until 1978?' I don't know, but my guess is that the church members at the time were ready for that kind of a change. We all have prejudices to overcome. ALL of us.

Springville, UT

Zzzzzzzzzz What? Huh? Oh, uh, zzzzzzzzzz.

Johnny Moser
Thayne, WY

There have been movies about what goes on in a Mormon Temple. Some of them pretty accurate some not worth the electrons that they equate to in cyberspace. No matter how many ways the temple is explained to someone the only way you really understand the Mormon Temple is to go. I am not talking about sneaking in and watching, because that experience won't be any better than watching one of the attempts to mimic it on film. To understand the Mormon Temple requires more than a few 10sec soundbites and that requires more than a fly-by of the Mormons.
Just an Observer is telling you THE way to know what goes on in the temple. Anything less than that approach is like buying a Gucci purse in Chinatown; it looks the same, it might even smell the same, but all it is, is a cheap imitation.

American Fork, UT

The 'freethinker from Utah' sticker on my trailer gets me some looks, too.

Glendora, CA

Having served in Germany, that situation was a typical snippet of what we had to face, in cities like Heidelberg, where atheism is the official religion. Welcome to Europe, the spiritual famine persists over there, and is growing in America too. It's now trendy to criticize all faiths.

Logan, UT

Any publicity is good publicity. Nobody has anything to be ashamed of. I enjoyed the article.


I will never understand the slobbering over the "secret temples!" Usually by very provincial ex-members, or just as sheltered non-members who has spent their whole lives nowhere but in the West. Try looking up the practices of BILLIONS of varied Coptic Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, and Shintoists in this world. All of them have sacred places that nobody but the most initiated is allowed into. All of them.

Hey, when I was at Graduate School in California I lived right across the street from a Hindu temple that featured ARMED GUARDS out front to keep the uninitiated away. Mormons don't have that, now do they?

Riverton, UT

To Chris B. and atl134 (part 1), since it is apparent in most of your posts that you are both set in your ways against the LDS church for something that offended you in your past, this post will mean nothing to you, but may help someone else understand about the sacredness of temples.

The best analogy I can use is that of your own homes. Would you let just anyone into your homes, even those that try to destroy you. How would you know if someone where trying to do you harm, unless you talked (interviewed) them first to know if they would be a safe guest.

Look at the history of the Nauvoo Temple. At the point that "everyone" could come into the Nauvoo Temple, those people that first entered desecrated the temple. So if you invite just anyone into your house, how do you know that they will not desecrate your house, steel your property, make fun of your most sacred family heirlooms, etc.?

Why do people have to be worthy to enter the Temple, because we believe that it is a sacred House of the Lord.

Riverton, UT

To Chris B. and atl134 (part 2),

Look what is being done to those things that some believe are sacred today. The family is being redefined; white males that are 35-50 are the demons of humanity - no matter what good they do; the list can go on and on.

Again I say, as has been said: anyone can go into the temples if they fill requirements to do so, just the same as you filling requirements to belong to a bank, be able to drink, or any other worldly thing that has regulations surrounding it. I believe the requirements to enter the temple are easier than any that I have just metioned.

Lexington, MA

Thanks so much to Alex and Julie for the wonderful way in which they demonstrate and live their values. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to speak to Debbie Osmond and pass along my appreciation for her husband Donny and the wonderful representative he is for our church, and I gratefully extend the same thanks to Alex and Julie.

Is there an internet link where I can hear the interview?

Beaverton, OR

Julie, cheers to you and Alex for standing tall under public scrutiny, and for you holding down the fort alone. Thousands of us have been in that position and know it's tough.

Draper, UT

The BBC is notorious for it's "ambush" tactics. (Remember what they did to Jeffery Holland?) Per Red Corvette and Chris, the questions they asked Boye may be legitimate but their MO is reprehensible.

Clatskanie, OR

There are many doctrines which when taught out of order, are not accepted. There were many doctrines and mysteries of the Kingdom of God that were revealed to Joseph that the Saints did not understand and did not accept. Christ admonished us not to cast our pearls before swine. We don't have to answer every question posed to us.

Boise, ID

To Red Corvette who said, "They are all honest and valid questions. So sorry if they make you feel uncomfortable, because they should. You should be asking them yourselves."

You must have missed the part of the article that said we solid LDS already HAVE struggled to understand comoplicated issues like these for many years. We love the truth we learn as we do this. The problem isn't the questions or what can be learned from the answers, but that one cannot condense those deeply important answers into a few seconds of a sound bite, especially during the pressurized and unexpectated snake pit of a brutal interview. You've got to know that philosophical studies of any kind, such as this, require much time and desire to master. The "journalists" know this and they probably have already heard at least a portion of the answers before. The intent was to embarrass a decent person--that worked--and undermine truth in the process--that didn't happen.

Springville, UT


I agree with your Swedish reader, Europe can be quite combative. After living in the UK with my British husband for about 8 years, I've come to understand that the British are very blunt, don't beat about the bush and they also tend to go on the attack when someone like Alex (a UK homeboy) does well. They seem to have it out for those who do well and you have to put up with quite a lot from the British press if you want to make something of yourself.

That being said, I'm sure Alex has seen it all before. It was probably a bit of a shock after the "niceness" of Utah. By the way, my British non-member husband LOVES it in Utah and calls himself the best Mormon non-member you would know.

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