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Published: Monday, June 17 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Swedish reader
Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to Europe! This kind of bombardment intended to more or less nail you to the wall is something every member here has encountered when others find out that they are members of the LDS Church. Of course there are also lots of people who treat you with respect regardless if they agree with the Church's stance on things, and people who are genuinely interested in knowing what you believe. Unfortunately, the media sometimes tends toward this kind of behavior, too. It's a small comfort, but anyone with an open mind and heart hearing this interview will think the interviewer was behaving badly.

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

Well.....we can either be angry.

Or....we can know that Satan is scared by what we are achieving in the Lord's vineyard and smile thinking about our eventual victory over all that is evil while we keep working dilligently to prepare the way for the Lord's Second Coming.

I choose the latter.

Goodness and truth: you simply can't beat it.

Woods Cross, UT

Julie, you (and your family) are so celestialized. Well done.

Salt Lake City, UT

Having 10 seconds to answer questions with eternal implications. Sure sounds like a set up to me.

Hopefully, as "Swedish reader" said, those who are honest enough to be interested in the truth will see the truth that the interviewer had no interest in the answers at all, only in pushing their own veiled connotations.

Incidentally, to "Swedish reader", "Hur står det till?" :o)

Northern, UT

While I can appreciate the stress that a situation like what you described could create, those questions, or any questions about the church, are not difficult to answer. Just answer them honestly, candidly, and directly. Truth is truth, we don't need to market it in a certain way or present it in a certain way, just say what it is. There is nothing secret about the church...NOTHING.

And to our friend Red Corvette in Sacramento, no problem. I, and millions around the world, have asked themselves these questions and have understand the answers. If you are wondering, I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

Danbury, CT

All missionaries going out would do well do read and practice their answers (in 10 second soundbites) to Alex' interview. We all need to get better at preparing to discuss why and what we believe. The challenge is discerning why they are asking and answering in a way that is respectful and brief (see Elder Ballard's talk a few years back). This is not just something members in the UK need to be adept at, it is for all of us.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

All publicity is good publicity.

Jerri Burk
uaa, NM

I 2nd the comment " well done." All of us need to brush up on our responses, and I haven't personally had to respond in a couple of minutes. We can become a master at it. Although with 3 little children, our time is limited.
My oldest grandson is serving a mission in the UK at this time and I KNOW he is challenged with these questions and comments daily. He is growing in his knowledge as a result. I am proud of him .
On a side bar....I personally do not feel it is appropriate to leave a comment using a " screen name " What is wrong with your real name?
Alex and Julie use their real names , as did President Hinckley and many others.

City, Ut

Good old Red Corvette--has all the answers, yet can't resist making snarky comments to belittle those he dispises. Why is that Red? ?

Ivins, UT

I love Alex, what a brave soul! I have been under fire myself and sometimes responded how I meant to and sometimes, not so much. I have learned a lot from those situations. If the question, or accusation really, is about doctrine, I have learned to politely suggest checking Mormon.org or LDS.org which allows a person to study all they want. People sometimes want to start a bible bash or test my knowledge in an effort to make me look bad, so I feel no shame ignoring them, if possible, or reminding them to show respect - in a respectful way of course. It's not like they really want the answer anyway.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Until the Mormon church is open about what you do in your temples and until you answer hard questions about blacks and your priesthood, Mormons will always be viewed with caution.

And for good reason.

Note moderators I have broken none of your rules. Just because I post something that your church would not like to hear is not justification for not posting it.

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

To those who want to know what happens in LDS temples, I would say all you have to do is read the Book of Mormon (sincerely), pray about it (sincerely), then act on the answer by getting baptized. Then after a year of showing your conversion is sincere, you can enter the temple. Once there, you will find what every other Latter-day Saint knows: it's not a big deal. The reason LDS leaders have to persuade and cajole people to go to the temple is because it's more than two hours (at a minimum) out of what is often a busy day, and it's not particularly interesting. Those of us who have exercised faith and made time to go on a regular basis despite not reasonably having enough time to do so nevertheless find our lives blessed in other ways--like, my garden is doing FAR better than it has any right to do. ;-) But that doesn't make temple attendance itself any more exciting or newsworthy.

With regard to the history with blacks, you can always ask a black member about it. That's far better than getting up in arms about it yourself.

Florissant, MO

Chris, you are more then welcome to know what goes on in the temple, become temple worthy and attend. Oh, and maybe you don't know, blacks do have the priesthood. Now one thing you might not know, one of the reasons Mormons were driven out of areas was because they did not support slavery. Hmmmmm, so has our country answered the hard question why they owned another person for such a long time and didn't give them rights?

Florissant, MO

Dang it!!! I focus on someones comment and not on saying that I really admire and respect that Julie and Alex are willing to be out in the spotlight and stand up for what they believe.

Alabaster, Alabama

Just tell them that you are not there to debate religion. Tell them the Church has many resources available both online, and through its missionaries and members, for anyone who is interested. Tell them the best way to get to know us Mormons is to attend our Church services and visit with our members.

Also, tell them that Latter-day Saints are first and foremost Christians. So, if anyone knows the Bible then they know a lot about us. Further,you might want to let them know that we are called Mormons because we also believe in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, along with the Bible, as the Word of God. Then I would just let the rest go unanswered.

I would also let them know that if they want to pile on with loaded, obscure, false-premised questions which are designed simply to embarrass the LDS Church and its members; then, they need to submit their questions in writing and wait to get a written response from someone authorized to make such responses.

LDS Revelations
Sandy, UT

@ Just an Observer-

"With regard to the history with blacks, you can always ask a black member about it."

Actually I think this might help one understand how black Mormons feel about the Church and priesthood ban now but it likely would do little to address the reasons/doctrines behind the ban and the Church's current views on those past views. The Church's intentional vagueness on this topic has made it tough for anyone to understand what took place and the reasons for it— unless thy are inclined to research on their own— let alone where the Church stands now on things such as skin color as a mark of curses and such. Until there are some honest, public and frank discussions of these items these questions will continue.

LDS Revelations
Sandy, UT

President J Reuben Clark once said of the LDS Church:
"If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed."

Likewise Elder Hugh B. Brown said:
"Now I have mentioned freedom to express your thoughts, but I caution you that your thoughts and expressions must meet competition in the market place of thought, and in that competition truth will emerge triumphant. Only error needs to fear freedom of expression."

I think this is good to keep in mind when members of the Church get asked tough questions by those outside the faith. Certainly any belief system that cannot stand up to scrutiny is not worth much. Does that mean this this fun for believers?Nope. But I think it comes with the territory.

Salt Lake City, UT

@The Caravan Moves On
"we can know that Satan is scared by what we are achieving in the Lord's vineyard and smile thinking about our eventual victory over all that is evil"

Someone's being overdramatic today...

@Just an Observer
"To those who want to know what happens in LDS temples, I would say all you have to do is read the Book of Mormon (sincerely), pray about it (sincerely), then act on the answer by getting baptized. Then after a year of showing your conversion is sincere, you can enter the temple. "

That's like saying all you need to do to have access to gov't classified records is to get a job with the gov't and get a security clearance high enough for it. Don't we still call those secret programs? I almost think you're making the opposite case you were trying to make.

Salt Lake City, UT

Julie, you are an amazing woman. I was like you being alone at church Doug was on the Stand from when Stephen was a few months old. Five kids it's hard but you can do it. Here we are and the kids are all grown and Doug still sits on the stand Stephen is 23 next month.
You can do it girl you ARE strong!!!! And the best part it is worth it!!!!

Richland, WA

As a practical matter, we Latter-day Saints should be prepared with an "elevator version" of our testimonies that we can offer to people when they have only a minute or two to listen to us. Personally, I would state that we believe that the Churchof Jesus Christ, as He established it with the original apostles Peter, James and John and the rest, has been restored with its full authority and doctrine to the earth, and that includes the ability to continue receiving revelation from God just as the ancient Christians did. I would be happy to talk to you more about the LDS church--here is my phone number and email address--and you can also visit Mormon.org to find out more about Mormons and what we believe. You will find me there, including the answers I wrote personally to many of the questions you are asking today, but don't have time to listen to my answers.

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