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Published: Friday, June 14 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Tempe, AZ

Trite article.

Payson, UT

Utes are gonna be good for years to come. This will be the first year out of a rebuilding year and hopefully winning seasons continue to be the norm.

USU has a great chance to do something special this year. After week 1, hoping Anderson can put together a long winning streak and lead his team to bowl success.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Utah ranks 11th in the Pac-12 in returning letterman, and dead last in returning starters. We're a very inexperienced team so EVERY conference game will be a big game for the Utes.

I hope our boys are really hitting the weight room this offseason. We're gonna need all the strength we can get to run the gauntlet of the most challenging schedule in the history of the entire STATE of Utah (much less just the Utes') college football.


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Of course it was trite. Utah comes in third.

Omaha, NE

wwookie, you are a fake :) Anderson is the coach at Wisconsin now :)

Okay, now for the truth. Steele is actually incorrect. USU is the most experienced in the country. He did not count that fact that every player on the team has played with a football since birth. In addition, the coaches were coaching when they were toddlers. The U on the otherhand, they are actually dead last in experience as their entire team has only be playing football since college (true story). Okay enough of the sarcasm...this article is kinda goofy but I'm sure there is some relevance to the census report conducted by the US every 10 years :)


West Point , UT

USU is going to be tough this year. I agree Utah is going to get better, they're just young as the articles says. BYU is inexperienced on the O & D line and that's where they will have to step up if this season is going to be successful.

BYU Fan in DC
Washington, DC

Wow! Really fishing for articles today. Pointless stats

Omaha, NE

"Utes are gonna be good for years to come. This will be the first year out of a rebuilding year and hopefully winning seasons continue to be the norm."

Like the last two years? They have no experienced QB, lost most of their good defense, and lost their good RB. They aren't favored in most of their games this year. A winning season by one game will be successful.

"USU is going to be tough this year."
Doubtful. USU played in BY FAR the weakest conference and still barely won some of their games. Then their coach bails on them. Don't buy into the USU hype.

Cedar City, Utah

USU doesn't have experience at head coach. Utah and BYU both have experience at that position. So anyone but a USU fan tell me how USU is ranked higher? I don't understand that.

Germantown, MD

Read the article. You might understand why. They weren't talking about coaching staffs.

The WAC this last year was actually ranked as the top non-aq conference this last year. They had 3 different teams in the top 25 at one point or another and finished with 2 teams in the top 25, USU and San Jose St. By the way, San Jose's only losses were a 49-27 loss to USU and a 20-17 loss to Stanford, who won the Rose Bowl. USU's only losses were 6-3 @BYU and 16-14 @Wisconsin, who played in the Rose Bowl. The third place team in the WAC, LouisianaTech's, losses came to USU, San Jose and a 2 point loss to Texas A&M. USU's conference wasn't as weak as it had been in the past. And against those weak teams in the WAC, USU dominated. Only close game was against Louisiana Tech in Louisiana.

Cedar City, Utah


The headline clearly states "USU ranked 2nd most experienced team in college football". The experience starts with the coach does it not? When it comes to USU articles I really don't need to read the whole story. The headline and your comments tell me all I need to know. Why are you braggin about the Aggies dominating the WAC and clearly saying the WAC has weak teams? Did you ever think there was a good reason USU "dominated" the WAC? Just keep making it easy for me friend. Just keep making it easy.

Mesa, AZ

"San Jose's only losses were a 49-27 loss to USU and a 20-17 loss to Stanford, who won the Rose Bowl. USU's only losses were 6-3 @BYU and 16-14 @Wisconsin, who played in the Rose Bowl. The third place team in the WAC, LouisianaTech's, losses came to USU, San Jose and a 2 point loss to Texas A&M. And against those weak teams in the WAC, USU dominated. Only close game was against Louisiana Tech in Louisiana."

@byu? Huh? byu's lone decent 2012 win? usu by 3 at home, beating nobody else, literally.

WAC w/merely 7 teams w/ bottom 4 were downright horrible, including UTSA against #125 SOS. If you'd paid attention, you'd know how night/day Stanford became, replacing Nunes w/Hogan. ZERO comparison.

WISC struggled mightily to beat both UNI/UTEP at home last September, too, and was notorious under Bielema for routinely starting their seasons w/inexplicable struggles. bStanford/WISC were entirely different teams later in the season against significantly tougher-opponents, to boot. SOS.

SJSU/LT/usiu were solid teams last year, but your "analysis" was severely skewed, to say the very least.. Also, LT gambled/finished bowl-less.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Hey, a weak conference does not equate to a weak team. USU was really good last year, and Boise State has been great even though they are in the WAC. I don't know how good USU will be next year, but don't be surprised if they do well again next year.

Utah will struggle this year, and to a lesser extent, so will BYU. But the future looks great for the Utah teams (although with Anderson gone, USU's future is questionable).

Logan, UT

The Aggies are the most experienced in terms of players returning and starting. Phil Steele, a guy who writes for the Orlando Sentinel (so I doubt he's homering to anybody in Utah), does not take coaching into account (to my knowledge).

Besides, every conference has their share of weak teams as well as the strong ones. I don't see how some on here can get so bent out of shape over that. The top half of the WAC was very strong last year considering USU and SJSU both finished in the top 25.

I hope the naysayers of the Aggies become very disappointed come August. Those same naysayers sure were disappointed last season lol.

Cedar City, Utah

Good one Sambone. That is the type of thing I would expect from an Aggie. There was one reason and one reason only why you were the top of the WAC. Look at the teams you had to play and there is your answer. Now look at the WAC 2.0. The one team you can't beat from the original WAC is back on your schedule and will be number one in the new WAC. Sure you have some ok players returning. But the experience needed to lead the team at HEAD COACH is gone. Never to be seen or heard from again. Do you dispute that?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Stang is to Aggies as nv / Chris B / et al are to Cougars. Cannot allow a single positive thing to stand. I reall don't get it, but soon enough the waiting and the speculation will be replaced with actions.

Come on, kickoff!

Logan, UT

People on here bag on last year's WAC, but the WAC finished as the top non-AQ conference last season according to ESPN. I think what's truly funny is that both LA Tech and SJSU had some very quality wins under their belt last season and many on here refuse to see that. The Y lost to San Jose thanks to Nelson's ineptness, and I highly doubt Utah would have made a contest out of it.

Wells is more experienced than many are giving him credit for, too. He has 15+ years of coaching experience in multiple conferences, and he did an excellent job as OC for us last year.

I'm not too worried. We have solid talent coming back. We have great facilities. Fundraising is up. And we have a great dual-threat QB.

Life is good.

Highland, UT


I spent the last 5 days in omaha at a 12u baseball tournament then went to the osu/MSU and Indiana/Louisville CWS games on Saturday. Hung out around the stadium again for a few hours yesterday until we had to catch our flight at 5pm to head home. Loved it! 1st time there, other than driving through, and 1st time attending the CWS. I'd recomend it to anyone. We actually stayed in Council Bluffs at the Marriott Sringhill Suites. Do you attend the CWS at all?

As for the article it is an interesting read. It appears the Aggies have quite a bit of experience returning as does BYU. utah not so much. In BYU and USU's cases that is a good sign, in utah's case not having much back from a bad team might be a positive as well.

Woods Cross, UT

LOL! Another attempt to sell papers during a slow time between camps.....

If this swiss cheese analysis was statistically useful and probable, why even have a regular season... Just cut to the final chapter & sign up USU for the BCS championship right now.

It's just another bored sports writer playing with his keyboard.

Can't conceive quite yet that thx to the Orlando Sentinel the phone lines to the Las Vegas sports books are jammed with calls putting The Big Money on the USU season results.

North Salt Lake, UT


Analysts pay attention to the number of returning starters because that is a good sign as to how the team will play in close games or road games or games against tough opponents.

Seniors and juniors know the playbook, they have practiced the plays, and most important of all they have been in big games before and know what to do. All things being equal, a senior-laden team will play better than a less experienced team.

For a more pertinent example, I can't figure for the life of me why people assume Utah will beat Utah State this year. Most of the Utah State players who won the close game in Logan last year are back, while nearly half of the Utah players will be starting a game for the first time in their college career. Assuming the game is close, that experience will make the difference in the fourth quarter. Or more likely, the game will be over long before then.

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