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Published: Friday, June 14 2013 8:40 a.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Would love to see Collie in the slot with the Niners. Great hands, dependable receiver for Kap to throw to...hope this happens. Good luck AC.

West Jordan, UT

Coming from a Ute, I would love to see him at either team. New England or San Fran. He is a Great player and deserves another chance!


Omaha, NE

I hope he decides to do what is best for his family and his personal overall health,not just now but in the future. Maybe talk to Jim McMann (sp?) another former Cougar who had a string of concussions.


Layton, UT

Wookie, I'm with you. Why is he so determined to risk his life?

Farmington, UT

An article on a BYU player that has 75% of the posters to this point saying "Go Utes." Amazing how obsessed the Utes are with everything BYU. But at least the comments were civil, so thanks for that. I hope the Utes media day goes ok for them.

Good Luck, Austin, you brought us many good memories, including the phrase "Collie's still open." Sorry, couldn't resist......

West Point , UT

@Wookie & ekute:
I feel the same way, but apparently it was his wife that encouraged him to try out and keep working out to get back in the league. I would say it was probably a case of Collie being cranky and ornery at home and his wife had had enough. My experience being married says that's probably what pushed her to cave and let him try and play again lol.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Austin should talk to all of the other receivers from BYU who made it in the NFL, to see what he should expect as far as a long term career in the league.

Oh wait...

Madison, SD

It wasn't football, Jimmy Mac was always like that.

Herriman, UT

I don't think he is risking his life at this point. Jim McMahon played in an era when very little was known about concussions. If he doesn't pass certain exams, he won't get to play. The league will step in if he has another concussion.

Idaho Falls, ID

I would LOVE to see him go to the Niners. Make this happen!

Kaysville, UT

Well, all the Ute comments were civil until Chris B joined in. didnt your mom ever teach you, if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all? As a BYU fan and a 49er fan I would LOVE to see collie suit up for Harbaugh! when Collie is healthy is one of the best set of hands you could have in the slot. Good luck Collie!

Go niners!
Go Cougs!

Sandy, UT

@Chrissy B

No, but he can talk to all of the All-American quarterbacks, tight ends, O & D lineman, running backs, linebackers etc.. who are among the 125+ current or former BYU-NFL players, 55 of whom have played in Super Bowls since 1984.

Or a Super Bowl and 2-time NFL MVP from BYU.

Or BYU's College Hall of Famers.

Or the long line of NFL coaches with a BYU connection.

Or best of all....Peyton Manning.

Or maybe, he should just talk to you about your universal T-ball trophy and 9th place finish at the Pinewood Derby?


Layton, UT

"Wookie, I'm with you. Why is he so determined to risk his life?

Unfortunately, a player like Collie could earn in one season what an average wage earner can earn in 10 years. It's all about the Benjamin's. Money can make people take risks that aren't necessarily in their best interest.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

do you not realize that your pettiness here destroys your credulity on the other pages (even from those of us who generally agree with you on other posts)?

would it be that hard to just say good luck?

good luck Austin

South Jordan, UT

I think Austin Collie's family is from the Sacramento area if my memory is correct. They would be thrilled if that is so, to be able to watch him play for SF. We loved watching Collie play for the Cougars. He was magic!


Do tight ends count as "receivers"?

Provo, UT

I like Collie in SF.

He is slow, for a receiver, but few can run precision routes and have such reliable hands.

Go Collie!

Cottonwood, CA

Niners don't really need sot receiver. Right gy wrong team. Ute fans see your therapists for buy insecurities.


Collie as a Niner would be a great fit. Plus he is from Sacramento, so he could play in front of friends and family. Make it happen Niners!!

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