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Published: Thursday, June 13 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Burley, ID

Martin Luther King said it best:

"I have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."


That kid did a great job singing the anthem. Takes a lot of courage to be in front of thousands of basketball fans, and millions of viewers on TV.

Mapleton, UT

Not to split hairs here, but Hispanic is not a race, its an ethnicity. Second, this isn't an ethnically driven issue, but an ignorance issue centered on false nationalism. The people that show their ignorance on the subject will most likely remain ignorant, biased to their own ignorance and defined by that same ignorance. Perhaps the day will come when this will no longer be the case, but I doubt it in my lifetime. Obviously, you don't have to be an American to sing The Star Spangled Banner. If he had sung it poorly or with disrespect (as many do, including, yes, Americans) then that would be one thing, but the young man was stellar and respectful. What is more American than a kid with talent showcasing it and making something of himself/herself? For those that continue to call for a litmus test as to who is "American" please remember that most of us here haven't been around all that long and none of us will be here forever. The American value, however, is founded on more eternal principles. Thank Heavens for that.

Montrose, CO

Thanks< Fan of the Game, Night Owl of America, and rvalens2, for the positive comments. I feel as you do. I also commend the young man for his mature and thoughful comments on those who stooped so low as to slamming him for his racial background. I thought this was the United States, "melting pot of the world". My own heritage is very mixed and I'm proud of them all.

Bountiful, UT

Racism is alive and well, consequently so is the need for affirmative action.

If you dislike affirmative action, behave in such a manner that it no longer is necessary and encourage your friends and others to do likewise.

The Short Bus
St. Johns, NFL

This is one of the best national anthems I've heard. that kid did a great job.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a very depressing story. I can only hope that the good people who judge others by their character far outnumbeer the small-minded people who would criticize a talented kid because of his ethnic background or someone who makes a special effort to bridge a language barrier to help others. The slimy tweeters and commenters referenced in this story should be ashamed.

City, Ut

A segment of our country continually scream those of Latin decent must learn English and embrace American culture --and then when one does as they command, this is how they treat him. :(


These are just cowards hiding behind their twitter accounts. Most likely in real life they wouldn't say these horrible things. It is easy to say those things when there is no accountability.

Just ignore these people instead of giving them press.

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

Wonder if the Tweet-haters know:
* the skin color of the original Americans?
* the language of the first Americans?
* language of the first American explorers?
* the country/ethnicity/lingua of the first country that sent the first explorers?

Give them all a 5th-grader's history test:
Whether Spain, Spanish, Norwegian Vikings, French-Canadian trappers, or the original "Indian" dwellers/occupiers of North America:
When was English first spoken here?

Yup, we got the cream of the melting pot soup here for sure.

Tremonton, UT

First, let me say, Wow! What a performance! This kid has a wonderful voice, and fills his song with emotion. You can see patriotism in his body language.

It is so sad to see such ignorance in our country. It breaks my heart to think that such a wonderful young man would be submitted to such mean comments. I like to think that the people of our great republic have come so far since the 1960's, in developing love, or at least respect, for others. But comments like this show that we still have a very long way to go.

Each and every one of the authors of these negative comments should be required to read and consider the fine response that this young man gave. He has certainly been raised well. Obviously great parents and grand-parents. The sort of people that any community or nation should be proud of.

Murray, UT

He did a great job on short notice. I could see the anger coming over the years. Tell someone they are racist for wanting laws enforced, and see the resentment build. Especially when no one calls people out for using race to get a political advantage. He is a victim of bad politics and ethnic/race baiting.

Is anyone surprised? seriously?

Salt Lake City, UT

Uhm the kid was born in San Antonio. 65% of the population of San Antonio is Hispanic (some of them with family that was in San Antonio when Texas was a part of Mexico, then Texas, then the USA.) Many of these young Hispanic Texans don't speak Spanish because their parents and grandparents didn't speak Spanish. I lived in San Antonio for two years and the patriotism of the good folks in San Antonio (and not just the white ones) is very apparent. Kudos to this young man for representing his city and nation with pride!

Honeyvale, CA

I would be curious to know how many bigoted/racist comments were tweeted… I hope this isn't the case of a media grasping at a chance for sensationalism. If so, the story damages mainly this young man who did a great job. I just don't see the problem with him being proud of his Mexican and American heritage. My family dresses up in Swiss outfits once a year and celebrates Swiss Days in my home town. (We are proud Americans.) Is that a problem? Unfortunately, there will always be the arrogant, less-bright who feel they are powerful when they put down another.

Honeyvale, CA

btw--I don't agree with the affirmative action comment…it just splits our nation now. My experience is that the 'hired because a minority' less qualified co-worker was a great person but shouldn't have been hired due to lack of qualifications (the person was encouraged to find a different job 2 yrs later). Employers should hire based on qualifications. (I am a minority btw and affirmative action just hurts us.)

Centerville, UT

I think he did a great job singing a very difficult song. I am much more concerned with the lack of patriotism shown by the professional basketball players. I realize they may be nervous about the game which is about to start but most of them do not even look at the flag nor do they place their hands over their hearts. They could be setting a positive example to many thousands of people about appropriate behavior during our national anthem. Yes, I realize that is not their job, however, most of them are American citizens. What's with that?

Riverside, CA

I agree with Sundance Kid. There are always ignorant people out there who take advantage of the opportunity to say stupid things on the internet. I don't believe it's very reflective of NBA fans.

Santa Monica, CA

I speak to young people all the time. Kids of many different races, religions and socio economic backgrounds. This is what they tell me they do not want to become or be, in any way-connected to. This is what the Republican party has turned into, I tell them. And with that, they choose to stay as far away from the GOP as they can. = Obama/Biden 2012

Murray, UT

What I know, is that most of the negative comments I have heard about Mexicans-hispanics, has come from the mouths of republicans.
republicans blame the mexicans for all or our countries problems. If we can just get the mexicans out of this country, everything will be happy days.
Oh, just the illegal mexicans, they say. then they pass laws that target all people of color.
Words matter, what starts as political statements, turns to hate speach, and then to violence and discrimination.
There are just too many good people in this country, who think otherwise, that will not allow this kind of thought, to win.

Riverside, CA


I'm life-long GOP and I agree with a lot of what you say. There is a lot of hostility toward Latinos due to illegal immigration. I wouldn't doubt that the ignorant tweets came from individuals who are so poisoned by the hostile rhetoric that they can't even see a Mexican child without being angry. I believe that's a big reason why the LDS Church has made such moderate statements on the issue.

Regardless of the position on immigration (and I'm in favor of immigration reform), we can't lose sight of the fact that these individuals are our brothers and sisters. I still believe there are relatively few who would spew hatred at a Mexican-American child.

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