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Published: Wednesday, June 12 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

Dumb thing to do, but it's true.

North Salt Lake, UT

It was just a tweet. Give me a break.

Omaha, NE

True story, "its on the internet" but supposedly U boosters have been contacting Y recruits seeking to have them play for Utah State in an effort to place blame on Boise State because they are pretending to be Southern Utah University Professional NFL players. Crazy but true.


Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Your not to smart if you dis BYU.

Plano, TX

Seriously Welker - spend 10 days in Provo , look at the scenery - campus and chat up people on campus and tell me you'd tell someone to spend their college career in Lubbock at TT. Good grief ! Guns Down !

Las Vegas, NV

Welker was a fool for doing what he did. Because of his high profile, and his experience with the system, he should have known better.

That being said, what he did was no different than what many byu boosters did that same day. All of the boosters that tweeted this kid in response to Welker's tweet are guilty, just the same as Welker. Don't wish for penalties on Texas Tech, it might come back to bite. But it most likely will have zero consequences one way or the other, because every program has boosters that tweet recruits.

I doesn't take much for you to be considered a "booster" by the NCAA. If you are a donor to the school or if you have season tickets, for example, you are a booster.

Regardless, I hope the kid goes anywhere but Texas Tech, even if it means byu.

Go Utes!

Tooele, UT

Wouldn't those BYU fans tweeting the recruit be guilty of the same offense as Welker? Just another reason to stay off twitter and facebook with recruits.

Provo, UT

RBB, you made me laugh. I have driven through Lubbock. Wow. People really live there.

Lincoln City, OR

I'm a huge BYU fan who spends half the year in Texas... Believe it or not, Techville is a popular place for young Texans...

The term "College Town" takes on a whole new meaning in Lubbock and to be honest with you, I have never talked with or met a former Red Raider that didn't absolutely love his or her former school... The Alumni following for this school is almost cultish... Saturdays in the fall for Red Raider Alumni are considered holy days and these people fill up stadiums, local sports bars, and fellow Red Raider Alumni Living Rooms with big screen surround sound TV/Entertainment systems like no other school alumnis that I've ever seen... And the world stops for them while the game is being played.

If you're a young recruit it can be easy to get caught up in all of that ... SO DON'T UNDERESTIMATE their ability to excite and sign potential players (particularly QBs and Receivers)

Lincoln City, OR


While Pitta is listed as a TE and appears as the starting TE on the the teams depth chart, J. Harbaugh will also use him as a mid-range Receiver (10 to 20 yards) and bring Dickson in at the TE position and often line them up on the same side of the ball... If you watched the Super Bowl last year you saw several plays where this occured... Dickson lines up on the line of scrimmage and Pitta will line up in a wing or slot position... The guys who broadcasted the game even spent a few minutes talking about the fact that the Ravens considered Pitta a "Hybrid TE/Receiver...

Not that any of this makes any difference in this conversation, but when a remark is made that there are no BYU Receivers in the League... It deserves mentioning... And, I fully expect Collie to be back on the field this year for somebody... In fact, I would not be surprised if P. Manning lobbies for him and he ends up a Bronco.

Omaha, NE


Good points but Pitta is a TE. He may play roles similar to Vernon Davis of the 9ers or other TE in the league, he is still a TE. I like how they create mismatches with the use of Pitta. Most LBs are too slow and DB are too small. He is a heckuva player.

Truthfully, I hope that Collie doesn't get picked up by a team. His view of life is very shortsighted. Ask Jim McMann (sp?) what he thinks about concussions.



'The funny thing about all the "good intentions" of those campaigns was that in the end Jabari himself thought it was "too much" and it actually pushed him further from BYU rather than closer. Fans / Boosters need to leave the recruiting up to the coaches.'

Oh, so he was headed to BYU until he thought it was or would be "too much"? Thanks for clarifying, I was under the delusion that he had decided he wanted to play for Coach K.

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