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Published: Wednesday, June 12 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Dumb comment from someone that should know better. Not a fan of his anymore.

Not sure how Texas Tech could have stopped this. Can't see punishing the school for a dumb comment from someone that matches his own omment. If TT did this I can see an issue but do not punish the school and the players for someone elses mistake that really they have no control over.

Let the kid decide where he wants to play football.

Olympus Cove, Utah

AZ Blue & Red

This is exactly the type of illegal recruiting activity NCAA rules are supposed to prevent. It may only be a minor violation, but it's a slippery slope when boosters start recruiting players.

South Jordan, UT

AZ Blue & Red - great comment, very balanced. I applaud your comment.

I take it you don't spend much time on the boards at sltrib.com, I probably would have noticed. Not as much blue-red balance over there.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wes Welker < Zach Thomas

Overton, NV

RE: AZ Blue & Red

I agree that Texas Tech could not have stopped this from happening. But that is the nature of NCAA rules.

He may have a good point about BYU not putting a lot of receivers into the NFL, but he chose the wrong forum to share his opinion and may end up costing his alma mater.

Of course, the reason BYU doesn't put impact receivers into the NFL is because they rarely have athletes of Collie's caliber. Plus, when BYU's offense has been really good, they usually lean heavily on the Tight End position. And BYU has sent some pretty good TEs to the NFL.

Plano, TX

Boosters and alumni "encouraging" athletes to participate in a certain university's program MUST be controlled by the university. If they can't control them, you end up with an old-school SMU. Welker has been through the system himself---he knows better.

Sandy, UT

As a die-hard BYU fan I don't have any problems with Welker's comments. He's just trying to recruit a kid to his alma mater and saying the same things to the kid anybody else would. That said, rules are rules and Welker is a booster and therefore limited in what he can say.

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

I am just anxious to know about Welker's 50 other reasons. Somebody needs to do an interview and get those on paper.

Baton Rouge, LA

I agree that it is inherently unfair to punish Texas Tech for Welker's actions. Problem is, there is no other way to address it--no other approach would have any teeth. It's the threat of disciplinary action against the school that keeps boosters under control and compliant.

Lindon, UT

I totally agree with hamaca. That's the nature of the NCAA and its rules.

Lincoln City, OR

I am guessing that both Collie and Pitta (who often plays as a reciever in addition to his TE duties) would take issue with Welker's statement, but they also know the rules and won't pull a Welker stunt...

Furthermore,Kurtz will be replacing Cody Hoffman from BYU who will be a first rounder next year...

So what happened with Tech's big Reciever in the 2013 draft??? His name is Darrin Moore and he wasn't selected... He signed with Dallas after the draft was over and is a long shot to even make the team.

Who does Tech have for their future? great question, Since Kurtz will already be busy leading the Receiving attack for the Cougars...

Nuff said.

South Jordan, UT

Someone hurry and defend BYU. Hurry.

West Point , UT

It almost sounds to me like Kurtz kind of blew Welker off. If I were a WR I would look at the here and now in terms of programs. I'm sure Cody Hoffman talked with Kurtz and showed him what it's like to put up big numbers as the go-to-guy at BYU. I also agree with poyman...Hoffman is a 2nd round pick at least, and possibly 1st round whereas TT has not had a great NFL type receiver since Crabtree and honestly don't have a real strong history themselves in draft picks at the WR position. And who does Welker think he is anyway? It's not like he's a star, and he wouldn't be the receiver he is without Tom Brady. I hope Kurtz will take what he sees and follow his heart on this one, and not some 5'7 system receiver.

CO Ute

Dumb move by Welker. If the young man is smart enough to get into BYU, he is smart enough to know how many receivers the program puts in the NFL or if that even matters to him.

What I do find ironic is some of the posts above trashing Welker as a receiver. Just because he made a poor choice in his tweets doesn't have anything to do with his NFL skills. Yes, cougsanddawgs, he is a star. 10 years in the league, 5 times with more than 100 catches, 18 games with 10 or more catches, a very talented punt returner, and a salary over $9MM a year. If Collie put up the same numbers you would have him in the Hall of Fame.

Taylorsville, UT

It's actually kinda nice that Welker sent the Austin Collie article. A great example of a WR who tore it up at BYU and then had some success in the NFL. If Kurtz read the article, it would probably push him MORE towards than BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID

Welker drops another one.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Recruiting should be fair and I agree that booster should not recruit, but how do you stop it? We had a young lady in my ward who was being recruited for track at a number of PAC 10 schools. Everyone in the ward wanted her to go to BYU. She is a sprinter and her mother was on the Olympic team for the Philippines. She choose to go to Washington State. She didn't want to be any farther from home than that.

A major problem we have in this country is we hold one person or entity accountable for something that somebody else did. A young lady gets off of a bus, and a drunk driver hits and kills her, we sue the bus company when we discover that the drunk driver had no money. They use the excuse that the bus was not perfect to go after them. (What bus or person is perfect for that matter?)

We should only hold people accountable for what they do, not for what others do.

Sandy, UT

As a Ute, I'd pick Provo over Lubbock - 365 reasons.

St. George, UT

Thank you, Wes!

Kurtz will some day thank you, too, for pushing him over the edge to BYU history!

Layton, UT

BYU is a great school. I hope he comes, if BYU wants him that is.

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