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Published: Tuesday, June 11 2013 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

To "boost it's score to a...931"
Holy smoking ghost! Mendenhall really has put the schools values into the football program. Hire him for another 3 and it might get boosted to 929.

Lincoln City, OR

I didn't get to see the scores for the Utes Rugby and Diving Team... Do you have those?


Way to go Utah football score of 966 is second in the PAC 12 to Stanford. Props to you all. Keep up the great work.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And consistent with all other things in the FORMER rivalry,

Utah won.




Pac 12 Proud University of Utah utes

Bountiful, UT

Wow, BYU really needs to improve its APR. For an academic institution of its quality, there is no reason they shouldn't be doing a whole lot better than those scores - especially the football team. BYU's rolling average is scary close to the probation line.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

What we learned:

Coaches don't need to have a preachy list of "priorities"


Kids can be good students(See university of Utah), be good in the community(See university of Utah), AND win BCS games(see University of Utah)

Some coaches try to use excuses for not having won significant bowl games by claiming they focus on other areas.

Clearly that does not need to be the case.

Utah is the better academic team.
Better football team.

Enough said.

No need for preachy list of "priorities"


Layton, UT

This might explain why Austin Collie is so desperate to stay in football.

Go Utes.

Idaho Falls, ID

Way to go utah football - if you can't win at least you can knock out those killer exams in your General Studies majors.


As someone who is familiar with classes at both BYU and the UofU there can be no doubt that General Studies at BYU were far more difficult.

There were some classes at Utah that were difficult, but looking at all the classes I took at both schools I had to work 10x's harder at BYU just to achieve passing grades let alone a good grade.

I didn't take any upper level classes at the UofU and I have heard they are more comparable to BYU in difficult, but just looking at the general classes BYU is much more intense and rigorous to the student.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

The Knignt Commission gives BYU a 100% for Men's and women's basketball and a 100% for USU basketball. BYU gets a high 93.7 for Mem's football, Utah has inproved to around 40% for football UU played Pitt in the Fiesta Bowls pundants renamed it the "Shame Bowl" as both teams were graduating less than 20% of their football players the lowest of any bowl matchups. The NCAA figures cover fivef years for each athlete meaning that missionaries are shown as non-grads if they take 6 yrs to complete their eligibility. That should no longer be a problem with missions before the clock starts.

Provo, UT

Not surprised at all that Utah's football APR is so high. Coach Whitt legitimately cares about each one of his players and knows each of them by name. I've talked to the man 3 times in my entire life and he didn't even hesitate to remember my name, my major in school, and where I served my mission. He doesn't have to say that football isn't his #1 priority because it's obvious by the way he lives his life that he knows there are more important things than football.

Las Vegas, NV

Congratulations to ALL programs.

Go Utes!!

Frisco, TX

@cb - Just curious, who is your new rival?

Las Vegas, NV

Poyman - Just as at byU, Rugby is a club sport, so no - you would not see it in the APR. If the team was to be included in the APR report, my guess would be that it too would pass with flying colors, just like all the other Utah teams. Thanks for showing your interest in all things Utah, though. We appreciate it!!

As far as using missionaries as a crutch, or an excuse for low APR, Utah deals with the same issue, though not to the same degree. I am sure this problem will be lessened by the reduction of the missionary age to 18. Most missionaries will go on their mission now before they enroll at school, which now will have zero negative effect on APR, if I'm not mistaken. If byU still hovers around 930 in future years, then they will have a problem, and it cannot be blamed on missions.

Go Utes!!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

And if the numbers DO improve for BYU as the mission age situation begins to settle, it will be a no-news thing, right?

Layton, UT


Whoever it turns out to be, they'll be more competitive than byu. lol.

Go Utes.

Korea, AE


Yet, you come to the boards to be preachy...

To BYU fans.

Seems like you have become what you profess to hate.

I love how BYU is wrong to set a preachy list of priorities, yet you come to preach the gospel of utah football as you see it.

Layton, UT

@Y Grad / Y Dad

Wrong, you guys make a big deal out of any and every little accomplishment you can come up with. lol.

Go Utes.

Mcallen, TX

APR has been ruining our public schools.

Why would the NCAA want such a time bomb?

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Aggie football team is improving in the classroom and on the field. Maybe both the Utes and Cougars could go to Logan and how to recruit athletes that are also students!

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